7 photo collage design ideas for your travel shots in 2016

There’s no need in a special occasion to make an eye-catching photo collage. This form of art is the best way to showcase your interests, to remove digital dust from forgotten pictures and, more importantly, to bring the fondest memories into your everyday life. Even if you’re born with two left hands, don’t have any materials or don’t know the techniques, you can still make a gorgeous collage!

Collage making is an easy and enjoyable artistic activity that is available for everyone. Whether you want to craft a cool collage to use it as a desktop wallpaper, post it in some social network, or print and hang on the wall of your house, you should know that there’re no strict rules. You can make a brilliant one out of three pictures or hundreds of them, out of vivid or monochrome shots. The only limit is the power of your own imagination.

Photo Collage Maker (get more information about the app here: http://ams-collage.com) is easy-to-use software that is equipped with tons of templates, frames and masks for making stylish designs in several clicks. With the help of this software, you can try your hand at creating border collages, blended collages, regular or irregular grid collages, photo mosaics collages and many other types.

Here we present a few photo collage design ideas for your travel photos or some related pictures taken from the Internet. Check out this themed collection and set off on a digital journey throughout the United States!





The first and the most obvious photo collage design idea would be to choose a template and then to customize it to your own liking. Ready-made templates come in handy if you don’t have any certain ideas in mind and just want to play with the program settings. The “Hawaii” collage is based on the travel-themed template provided by Photo Collage Maker, with a text caption, cliparts and other embellishments added as a finishing touch.




For all those who seek creative freedom, the collection of numerous layouts will set a direction without drawing any unnecessary boundaries. A regular grid collage is perhaps the easiest tool to create your unique design. The key point is to choose the right central picture and match the colors of smaller ones. This design embraces high-resolution landscape images and macro photography shots featuring a powerful and mysterious place, which is Yellowstone National Park.




Today many people use social networks to share their photo collage design ideas with the online community. This design is devoted to some important things that are essential to any avid traveler. The Polaroid layout and the wooden background image add a new dimension to the collage, while an inspiring quote from Jack Kerouac’s book is a like a cherry on cake and perfectly fits the occasion. Just imagine posting this travel set on Instagram and getting plenty of likes and gee-whizz comments!




New York is a city of great contradictions with prosperous Manhattan and dangerous Brooklyn, that’s why an irregular grid collage seems to convey the atmosphere of the Big Apple where everything comes in big portions, but doesn’t have to meet the requirements of symmetry. The combination of vertical and horizontal images creates certain dynamics and guides the viewer’s attention. The name of the city in a transparent bubble marks the collage center and binds its parts together.




Blended collages are usually made with the help of fancy masks and photo effects that virtually erase the boundaries between images. Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando is a fictional country of eternal youth and fun which is well shown in this jigsaw-puzzle collage. The design is perfect for multi-photo compilations and displays them in an entertaining manner.




Whatever photo collage design ideas you’ve chosen to realize, just let yourself engage in storytelling. This scattered collage is inspired by a road trip around the States and is assembled out of great shots taken on the way. The photo collection looks like it’s pinned to a wallboard and is thoroughly examined by all those who pass by and try to put all the images into chronological order.




With Tumblr gaining more and more popularity among active and creative youth, it’s only fair to present a special kind of collages typical of this social network. However dull and simplistic this seamless design may seem, it has a great potential. The key point is to select pictures that’ll reveal the city character and type in different fonts to set a certain mood. Such a collage will become a perfect combination of informative and artistic features.

The photo collage design ideas mentioned in this inspiration post aim to spark your own imagination. No matter if you crafted hand-made collages using paper and scissors or have no design experience at all, you’ll be equally glad to step into the shoes of a digital collage artist and try your hand at creating various photo compilations. Get the free trial of Photo Collage Maker at http://ams-collage.com/download.php and experiment with your photos!

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