Android app interface design inspiration

With android marketplace being now widely adopted, I am sure that the demand for android mobile website design work has never been greater. So, if you are a designer who needs some inspiration for android app design, here is a gallery showcase of some great examples that you can learn from.

(Note: all images are from

Search interface design

Search interface is now one of the most common things you will see on any android app.  A beautifully designed search interface should be clean, with be able to display the information needed without being cluttered.

Magic hour for me

I loved the hand drew feeling of the fonts as it makes the whole search experience a bit more personal and cosy.

List interface design

Another crucial element related to android app is a list. The list can be for anything including the things you favourited, the things you liked, your friends etc.


Hipster’s design take a more photo oriented approach. It is great for showing off images but needs a lot of scrolling if you want to see more information or images.



Vimeo takes the opposite approach of hipster as it shows a more compact listing. The images are definite much smaller but you can glance at more information within a single screen. If you have to display more stuff, this approach might be a better solution.


AirBnb is the middle ground between hipster and vimeo. You can definitely see more info per screen than hipster but the images are bigger than vimeo.

Profile interface design

Profile page is where the user changes the way he or she wants to be presented to the world. For some, this might be the most important page so make sure your interface design


I liked the foursquare design for knowing what important info to displayed first. It is easy to try and squeeze it everything but when it comes to mobile UI, less is definitely more.

Activity interface design

Finally, we have the activity page which shows users what are the things they have done. Typically, an interaction designer will work on this page to make sure that the right behavior is being encouraged by showing users the numbers that represent these behaviors.


Soundtracking has a clean and standard kind of interface, that is similar to Facebook feeds or Twitter streams. It does the job well which is why so many people copied it.

Social Cam

The interface for social cam is a bit more different. It does what it lets out to do which is encourage more people to watch videos from friends. It is good take on an otherwise normal interface.

I hope you enjoyed these designs inspirations. This is such a new area that I will definitely showcase more such works in the future.

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  1. Hisman says:

    wow thanks for the lists..
    I also made article in my blog about android ui inspirations, please take a look for more inspirations

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