Animal logo designs

Logo design ideas have become a great place to look for inspirations and creativity. This is a series that will look at different types of logo designs including crest logo designs, people logo designs, nature logo designs etc. In this first article, we will take a look at beautiful animal logo designs.

Dog logo designs

Dogs are one of the most used animals in logo designs. That being said, there are many ways to present a dog, ranging from cute to the unexpected. Here are some of my favorite dog designs for logos.

Source: Buzzdog group



Source: Wi-Fido

Cat logo designs

Besides dogs, another popular animal logo design is cats. Again, we can see a wide variety of how cats can be used for logo ideas and inspirations.

Source: Cat Adoption Team

I like the above cat logo for its clever use of type font to show the shape of the cats. Creative and cool! Considering the theme of the organization, it is a very appropriate design as well.

Source: Catflower

Combining the theme of a flower with a cat. It is bloody brilliant and one that I liked very much.

Source: CataJob

Cleverly mixing the ‘O’ with the image of a cat, this cat logo is very different from the usual cat related logo designs that you can see in the market.

Wolf logo designs

Wolf logo designs are not something that you see often but they can be quite cool if you use them correctly. Most of the wolf logos either picture the head of a wolf or its body. The designs that are presented below is more unusual and should give you more inspirations if you happen to be working on a wold logo design.

Source: Michael Nagy

It is almost a FCUK type of logo design with a simple and yet powerful image of a wolf outline. Compared to the usual wolf silhouette design, this has more style to it.

Source: Michael Nagy

Another design by the same designer. This time, he combines a colorful and a more cartoonish take on the wolf logo, which is again brings out the uniqueness of the brand.

Elephant logo designs

I had a harder time looking for cool elephant logo designs as there are not many of them around. Most of what I found are not really stylish so picking something is unique and powerful is actually quite challenging.


Source: Elephant bar

Source: Jimsbee

Bull logo designs

Bulls typically represent strength and power. It is no wonder that many companies who want to express such traits used bull as their logo designs.

Source: Bull New Media

I liked the powerful image of the bull depicted in front of a red background. Silent, fierce and powerful. All convey in a single image.

Source: TrailsCrossing

Horse logo designs

Horses are beautiful creatures. Using them as logo designs convey a sense of elegance and beauty. Here are some of my favorite horse logo designs.

Source: Unknown

This is a great horse logo design that I discover in the freelancer marketplace. I couldn’t locate the name of the designer but it is a great design that shows the power and elegance of horses.


Rabbit logo designs

Rabbit logos are typically more fun and most of the design are humorous in nature. Below are some great examples of such design styles.

Source: Tie Kepejai

The bunny logo design shown above is an classic example of how bunnies or rabbits can be used in a more humorous context. At the same, the uniqueness of the design has also been preserved.

Source: Kim, LogoMoose

Bird logo designs

Finally, we have the birds logo designs. When it comes to birds, there are so many different types that I probably another post just to cover all. Since I probably will not do such a post, below are some nice examples of bird logos.

Source: Mcguire Design

Great eagle logo design that shows the power and dignity of the ultimate aerial predator.

Source: Logoinstant


Hope you find some inspirations with these animal logo designs!

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