20 Cyborgs Besides The Terminator

Terminator Salvation is finally launched worldwide. I have yet to watch the movie yet but its trailer seem to fill with cool effects. The story still evolve around the cyborgs against humans and this sparked an idea where I compiled a list of other cyborgs with various types. Some are sexy, deadly, funny and many more. Enjoy!
Movie Poster of Terminator Salvation
Recap of the earlier John Connor
Amalgamate2 by MichaelO
Amalgamate by MichaelO
Athena by Nik Ainley
Body Shopping 1 by Franz Steiner
Body Shopping 2 by Franz Steiner
Intelligence is Sexy by Michel Turtchin
Maintenance by Cesar Bertazzo
Cyborg by Ales Kotnik
Cyborg officer concept by Mojette
Digital Beauty by Nick Deligaris
DWIV Machine Cyborg BeautiShot by Bogdanbl4
Hostile Takeover by Marek Okon
Humanoid by Passariello
Kate Moss Cyborg
Making of a Cyborg by ShidoEV
Nimhoa by Daniele Scerra
Oracle by Nik Ainley
Revolution by Aaron Zhang
TinkerToy by MichaelO

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  1. Thankyou, I never knew this, cheers.

  2. Lucy says:

    can i have the tutorial of body shopping 2 and amalgamate 2??
    i really wanna try it
    send the tutorial please

  3. This is a cool list of cyborgs artwork!

  4. orphicpixel says:

    whew amazingly hot

  5. Johnson Koh says:

    @Tabatha: Certainly it does! 😀

  6. dGjess says:

    michaelo’s work are really great. i always browse his gallery in deviant..tnx for the compilation..

  7. Bekey says:

    hah yea a really nice calendar :D!

  8. Mclovin says:

    Great recopilation!
    I will try do make one

  9. Tabatha says:

    These would make a great calendar.

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