22 Self Portraits of Great Artists

Have you ever thought of including yourself in any designs before, such as drawing your own face or placing yourself in any photo-manipulation works? Here are the self portraits of some artists around. It’s pretty interesting to see how they use their favorite techniques to illustrate themselves in the way they want it to be. Personally like a lot on the ones from FinalFantasyEva and Great OHARU.

Do drop a line here if you have done a self-portrait before or seen some other great works as well. I will love to compile them into a bigger list. Hope you will enjoy this one. Click on images to visit portfolio sites of the original artists.

altered self portrait by jurithedreamer   Art Proj: Self Portrait by Karlee-bum
EC Self Portrait by eric   ID REIQ 2008 by reiq
me by chopstickmadness   me by hitomi-wind
me by johnnyrocwell   me by lintushadow
Me by yunyun-sensei   Myself Drawing Me by FinalFantasyEva
Self Portrait by Artgerm   self portrait by delroy26
Self Portrait by Zoo-chan   Self-Portrait by RohanElf
self portrait by a-neon-devil-breath   Self Portrait by MikePMitchell
Self Portrait in Watercolor by !shimbo-kun   self-portrait by brainleakage
Me by pesare   Me by cattish
Me by DavidLementeur   The Artist by Great OHARU

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  1. RaSh says:

    This inspired me to make my self portrait (not exactly.. it was more of a self caricature) which I used for my New Year Post.

    Lovely article!

  2. Johnson says:

    Yes Rohin. You should check out his gallery too! 😀

  3. rohin says:

    This is some sick artwork , love the simpson-like one

  4. sadhu says:

    very nice ya… i like these ^^

  5. interesting to see how people see themselves in the mirror or how they imagine themselves..interesting post, Johnon! 🙂

  6. Johnson says:

    Thanks for pointing out my errors 😀

    Actually I saw a lot more great self portraits after doing up this post. Think I will compile it for the next time.

  7. Yami says:

    I wish i had this talent ! There are amazing pics ! The only one that I’ve already seen was REIQ one, i love they drawings.

    Oh, and REIQ and Eric ones have wrong link, they linked with Karlee-bum.

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