30 Mind-Blowing Photorealistic Artworks

One of my favorite things I like to do on this site is share the work of amazing artists. These artists were chosen because each has the ability to create artworks so realistic that they look like the original pictures. There are some critics that only recognize their technique and skills, saying that creating stuffs from photos isn’t "true art". I disagree, how about you?

Alyssa Monk

Alyssa Monks’ paintings explore the tension between abstraction and realism, using different filters to visually distort and disintegrate the body. Strokes of thick paint in delicate color relationships are pushed and pulled to imitate glass, steam, water and flesh.

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Dan Witz

Dan Witz is a Brooklyn, NY based street artist and realist painter. He grew up in Chicago, IL, and graduated in 1981 from Cooper Union, on New York City’s Lower East Side. Witz, consistently active since the late 1970s, is one of the pioneers of the street art movement.

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Halim Ghodbane

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Jeremy Geddas

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Rob Hefferan

Rob Hefferan is an exceptionally talented figurative artist. His work not only captures the unique character and warmth of each subject, but transcends form to suggest the living, breathing essence of the individual.

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Wayne Forrest

Wayne Forrest is a photographer and artist. His work ethic comes from 21 years of Service in the Canadian Military. No messing around and getting the job done. He uses Adobe Illustrator to create his drawings which also known as vector graphics.

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  1. S3bY says:

    Wow..On some of them I can’t even make the difference between painting and reality!

  2. Jew Mark says:

    They are all truly inspired

  3. Rahul says:

    Last one was sexy 🙂

  4. arts says:

    Cool artworks… i like them all.

  5. Excellent site, thank you ..

  6. Jeremy Darko says:

    There’s no way those are vectors . . . unbelievable what people do with gradient mesh. Creativity Takes Courage.

  7. Dzinepress says:

    amazing photographs and as my experience all are treated by photoshop.

  8. Amazing collection! I like the last one!

  9. jules says:

    jaw-dropping artworks! :O seems they were really taken by lenses. 🙂

  10. omvaishnav says:

    Really Nice photography…….!!

  11. amazing photography. I especially like the Wayne Forrest one. Hot and Sexy 🙂

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