30 stunning game character designs

A survey conducted by a recognized institution in 2007 has come up with the result that online games are one of the favorite pastimes of about 30 millions computer users from all over the world. This figure has undoubtedly augmented in the course of time and the present figure must be even greater. Thus there is no denying the fact that online games are really popular among the computer users irrespective of the age group.

Owing to the popularity of the video games many multinational companies are persistently developing better and more adventurous online games in keeping with the demands of the people. The characters in these games are also erected by the creative geniuses i.e. the web designers. Those web designers who specialize in creating different video game characters are no less than the artists whose main focal area of work is the canvas. The designers of the ingenious games character are multi talented as they have to focus first create the image with the help of pen and paper and thereafter compose the graphical representation of it as well. Most of the characters of the online games are a product of vivid imagination, thus all the designers should be a creative genius to attain success in their career.

For the benefit of the fresher in this genre, we have compiled a list of the best game characters that have been developed so far

1. Nemexia Noxis

2. Hero Knight

The zombified remnants of a hero from long before.

3. Kepu

4. Lightning Demigod

5. The Executioner

6. Queen of Night Elves Colored

7. Call of Juarez

New Key Visual that we’ve done some time back for our Client Ubisoft and game – Call of Juarez – The Cartel.

8. Marmoset Test

9. Majordomo

10. Inferno Juggernaut

This is one of the concepts I did for Heroes of Might and Magic VI. It’s character for Inferno fraction in his basic and upgrade form.

11. Prometheus

12. Demeter

13. Dead Space

Dead Space fan art, just using a gal instead of Isaac.

14. Raziel

15. Armor

16. Sternberg

17. The Beast Master

18. Hera

19. Valkyrie Armor

Valkyrie armor concept for the Half Life 2 mod Project Valkyrie.

20. Michael

21. Zeratul

22. Osborne

23. Henchman

A henchman character modeled and textured for a game.

24. Chaos Librarian

Concept for a Chaos Librarian for the game War hammer Online: Age of Reckoning.

25. Poseidon

26. BIO-EX

Creature Boss design for a personal project of mine trying to introduce a more darker Tokusatsu/Sentai show. I was very inspired by Keita Amemiya of Garo and Onimusha fame. And yes its very video gamey aspects with the weak spots but hey, maybe played too much Dead Space and RE5.

27. Beyond the Wall

28. Fantasy Art work by Hong yu cheng

29. ALP

30. Blade hunter

A close look at these thirty examples will certainly help the designers to get helpful insights that will be extremely crucial for the designer’s future endeavors.

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  1. shohag says:

    Awesome collection

  2. sharif says:

    All the character are amazing!!I think a picture is worth a thousand words sometimes…! Thank you so much!

  3. Ashik says:

    All character designs are really impressive . Thanks for post this . can you tell me how can i find character Reference For 3d Modeling ? 25 Number character is really impressive for Game Playing . Thank you again.

  4. K Bharath says:

    The game character designs are freaking awesome especially the Beast Master.

  5. antonita says:

    Very Stunning characters..Looks elegant..

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