40 Funny and Creative T-Shirt Designs

Interesting designs are everywhere. Some can be really simple looking yet able to deliver a strong message across to the public. T-Shirts are part of our daily lives. Let’s see how the professional designers inject their creativity into them!
Advertising Media
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Innovative Designs
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Funny Illustrations
Computer Related
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  1. Mahbub Al Hasan Zia says:

    I am owner of an small knit factory. These designs givings me new ideas to live…….

  2. rahul joshi says:

    hello..i want to know more about the innovative t-shirts..
    actually i want to order in bulk for our college events..but the only thing is that our logo must be printed on it.

  3. Fontmeme says:

    wow, a great collection. very awesome designs.

  4. kenny Tolman says:

    The hangover baby is my design. For more designs visit my website at deliveralalldesigns.com or crazydogtshirts.com who i made it for.

  5. luckyluckersons says:

    Awesome post! Some really creative stuff in there!

    ChickenSashimi on Redbubble has some really unique designs too. Check them out http://tiny.cc/ocrcd

  6. Jason says:

    These shirts are great! There are some cool and great designs. I also really like http://www.normginatees.com. They have some original and really funny t-shirts – also, be sure to read the LEGEND of Norm Gina himself.

  7. mau says:

    hey. dya know where i can get the shirt that you featured, specifically the one just below the caption innovative designs ie the black shirt with the white underarm holster? thanks!

  8. berni says:

    I know of a site where you can design your own shirt…if any of you are creative enough maybe you can copy the designs..uhmm, do they have copyright for those designs…love You Tube My Space and I will Google your Yahoo!!! anyway, maybe you can check this out…http://www.inkandembroidery.com/

  9. ogotlhe says:

    im in Botswana and want to make my own tshirt label,how can you help me?I also want to buy some of those of those rocking t’s

  10. EzJai says:

    Wow i LOVE the blinds tshirt..:) got to get one

  11. Aleen Boling says:

    This is abnormal, but I can only see 50% the post, is this the site or my online browser? I think I should restart.

  12. Really creative designs 🙂 I love Fed Ex T-Shirt but the others are creative too.

  13. Manisha says:

    Awesome tees… M in love with all but esp. You tbe my spcae and i’ll google your yahoo… hhahahahahahaha

  14. that awesome, im very like batman hoodie, looks sexy :), very inspired me, will try to make it for my self, very thank you for your post 🙂

  15. Keith says:

    haha so amazing! I love the fed ex shirt and the advertise here one too, good post.

  16. Those are some sweet shirts. The one with the bikini on it is amazing looking. Way better than the cartoon ones I’m used to seeing.

  17. zeptimius says:

    I own and love this T-shirt: http://www.mojolondon.co.uk/manufacturer/?name=alpha-t
    It’s a shirt that comes in a bucket with a set of velcro letters, numbers and punctuation marks, so you can make and change the message on your shirt whenever you want.

  18. priya says:

    it’s a great jobs.keep it up

  19. This site is a new idea I have not seen yet. Cool deal.

  20. Great piece of writing which I found really fascinating. In my view although and unfortunatley so, the greatest technique to clean window blinds is to take them down and give them a sponge bath in the shower using pinesol or lysol or something along those lines. any sort of cleaner will be okay.

  21. deepak says:

    how to buy both t-shirt
    tell me

  22. alice says:

    Where can the silhouette shades/headphones/holster shirts be found?

  23. marcio says:

    hi, how can i make an order?

  24. Sarah Elise says:

    you can find a lot of these shirts at http://www.threadless.com. threadless is a great websites where creatives can post and vote on tshirt designs. popular shirt designs will be printed and sold. it’s a wonderful way to support the artistic community. if you like shirts like these, try that site. as a young creative myself, I suggest that everyone who liked this post visit the site.

  25. Jazumin Tan says:

    Can you let me know how to buy these T-shirt.. I really like it..

  26. MeMo says:

    i like it soo much,
    how can i get these t-shirts =)

  27. Ann says:

    where to purchase the shoulder holster and sunglasses shirts?

  28. ben says:

    great,very beautiful

  29. Hazel says:

    I have that “Go Japan” shirt from Threadless… It’s a fave! These are all awesome shirts!

  30. Great T-Shirts. Just added a I Love Twitter for all Twtter lovers http://su.pr/9l00pc

  31. taco says:

    love the shoulder holster and sunglasses shirts..No link to the shop?

  32. sreekumar Lekshman says:

    Very Interesting ideas on T-shirts

  33. Corey says:

    Really cool list. Thanks for posting!

  34. matt says:

    where can i find the sunglasses and mp3 player ts

  35. jeremiah says:

    Hey, where can I buy the shirt with the shoulder holster?

  36. Fiz says:

    My dad bought the Google Myspace… T-shirt at some random roadside shop in Bangkok. Pretty good quality too.

  37. asfddsa says:

    I want the You tube my space and I’ll google your yahoo shirt!

  38. Oyunlar says:

    very nice thank you so much

  39. bellering says:

    Fantabulous designs! I love it, almost ALL of them. The window blinds surprised me a little by being able to ‘unwind’ HAHA another great work!

  40. momoneys says:

    I want the list in a monthly subscription!

  41. dorela says:

    So cute! so cool!

  42. Johnson Koh says:

    Yup. I will try to find out the shops and post it up here 🙂

  43. Tyler says:

    These are great, i cant find any on google and desperatly want to buy one, can you put links back to the website they were found?

  44. These designs make me want to think up some of my own. Brilliant designs!

  45. Curtis says:

    These are great tees! I love T-Shirts. The first one on the list seems like it works only with a specific look but very creative anyway

  46. Stuart says:

    I want them all haha, can we actually order any of these Koh?

  47. Bariski says:

    Damn they are cool. Now need to know where to place order 😀

  48. Adorei!!! Muita Criatividade!!!!! Eu quero uma pra mim!!!!

  49. dGjess says:

    hahahai want to have those shirts!

  50. Mars says:

    wow i love those shirt

  51. Julian says:

    I love all of them, I laughed quite a bit reading them.
    Too bad you didn’t link back to a website each shirt could be bought from. I would have liked to get some.
    I guess I have to go to Google.

  52. slypeppa says:

    These are some of the coolest T shirts i have ever seen. I want one

  53. mega says:

    Nice list, thanks for that.

  54. z says:

    Where can i buy these?

  55. Harshit Shah says:

    Really very funny pictures..

  56. robb says:

    LOL ‘your ad here’
    that’s gotta be the best.

  57. sundar says:

    Cool….and Funny T-shirts design…Fantastic 🙂

  58. zamani1326 says:


  59. Dicky says:

    Hey, funny t-shirt designs here. The FedEx one is quite creative, looks like the guy is carrying the envelope all the time. 🙂

  60. MonsterTruck08 says:

    You Tube My Space and I will Google your Yahoo!!!

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