40 Minimalistic and Cute Movie Posters

Pedro Vidotto has taken some classic and iconic movies and transformed their promotional posters into minimalistic works of art. Movies like Fight Club, Where the Wild Things Are, Titanic and Toy Story all get the minimalist treatment and Pedro Vidotto does an amazing job with them. I wonder if they can be used for poster printing.

Let us enjoy some of his works below.

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  1. ccmny says:

    Great work!
    Look at these posters of classic films from Polish movie distributor:
    (sorry it’s official site but I couldn’t find separate gallery with them)

  2. edoluz says:

    ahaha what a lol the lion!!! ahahahahah

  3. Rob says:

    Really nice collection, beautifully minimalist. Excellent representations of each film

  4. ndrew says:

    yeah, i think they should change their poster with yours..
    simple but elegant..

  5. Amy says:

    These. Are so. AWESOME!!! I kept holding my breath as I scrolled down to each piece! Amazing work!!! Great compilation Johnson!

  6. deden says:

    inspiring… very nice… ok…

  7. I love these designs ! amazing !
    is it possible that you provide PSD version of these posters ? just the framework ( The Background, the poster , and the folded paper )

    Thank You !

  8. Matte says:

    Nice work!! Very beautiful!!

  9. sadhu says:

    nice… thanks

  10. It’s great, brilliant .WOW)) awesome
    really cute

  11. jeremy darko says:

    I mean . . . all in all it’s all a matter of opinion. I like some of them. I felt as if you captured the essence of most of them well to a minimalistic extent. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Jae Xavier says:

    awesome way of “reframing” original designs.

  13. Melissa joyce says:

    Amazingly well posters … thanks !

  14. acy says:

    Oh really cool ones. Great job and strictly minimalistic! I think the typo doesn’t fit for every poster.

    I also did a bunch of minimal movie poster remakes.

    Check them out: http://stuff24.de/blog/10-minimalistic-alternative-movie-poster/

    And tell me if you like them or not.


  15. Slade says:

    They are waaaay too much minimalistic, the bad thing about it is that he choosed really outstanding movies, and those need an outstanding cover or poster, but a few ones, like the one of Forrest Gump go smoothly with the movie.

  16. zammo says:

    maybe 3 or 4 good ones here (and i’m being generous)

    the rest are awful

  17. Dzinepress says:

    beautiful and really inspiring movie posters.

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