50 Artistic Song Album Cover Designs

Have you spend some time to notice song album covers before? I just bought myself a copy of Linkin Park New Divide album and love the lighting effects applied to its cover design. It leads me to doing up a list of song album cover designs which can range from drawings, abstract photo manipulations, lighting effects and many more. Enjoy!
Modern and Traditional Drawings
Cartoon Characters
Portrait Effects
Abstract Photo Manipulation and Effects
Cool Lighting Effects
Mix Photo and Illustrations
Colorful Blends

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  1. Gavin Browns says:

    the color of pictures are beautiful

  2. Wow some superb work here these are amazing, love all the colors and details, makes me want to go open photoshop right now.

  3. lorenz says:

    what a great tutorials.. best. 🙂

  4. Great collection….love that Madonna cover – a classic.

    Thanks for the post.

  5. jeprie says:

    very inspiring, thanks. gonna useful for my next design.

  6. Nina says:

    Great roundup, thanks for posting 🙂

  7. Colin Hall says:

    My favourite artistic album cover is ‘Odd’s and Sods’ by The Who. Although the imagery is basic, the money that they must have spent with the fake tearing effects … wow !

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  9. matt says:

    very cool thanks

  10. Johnson Koh says:

    @philipo: I’m flattered 😀 Will be planning a tutorial on CD cover soon. Thanks for supporting!

    @dGjess: Cheers!~

  11. dGjess says:

    wow!double package: music and art.

  12. PHILIPO says:

    your works are great but is just that i don’t have a tutorials to try my hands on them so can you add some tutorials to it?. because i want to be good in photoshop as you. will like to hear from you. thanks

  13. Johnson Koh says:

    Music makes the world go round!! 😀

  14. Garry says:

    interesting covers !

  15. MaxOpower says:

    some of the covers were great, like the one with smoke6ox or something, with the red drink on it. But the musik sucked, the only good thing was Coldply. Come on! Korean Pop, Madonna and Avril Lavigne.

  16. bellering says:


  17. Bariski says:

    Simply wow collection buddy.

  18. sadhu says:

    nice collection

  19. Sayz says:

    wow, SNSD new album… =), looks like you like Kpop a lot…

  20. Color combination can be picked from these cover design, nice collection.

  21. edoluz says:

    very nice selction!

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