50 Beautiful Portrait Photo Manipulations

Photo manipulation is fun to do where artists are able to display their creativity in the way they want it to be. The main focus for this post is portraiture. Here we can see how each artist created their works using all sorts of graphical elements to beautify a simple portrait.

Source: Muacks from Pauline Sho

Source: Crescendo from Jesar

Source: Gaia from Anthony G

Source: I Dont Want to Wake Up from Jesar

Source: Lets Dance from BabyFace08

Source: Burst from Anthony G

Source: Girls will be Girls from Elena Sham

Source: Self Reflect from He1z

Source: Ma Babe Vol.1 from Hicky2

Source: Electrical Storm from Orfee

Source: Artwork 2007 from Tim Vanhaeren

Source: Silver from Shinybinary

Source: Icarus from Shinybinary

Source: Artwork 2007 from Tim Vanhaeren

Source: Sacrifice from Tommaso Nervegna

Source: Werewolfs Night from Wojciech Pijecki

Source: Commemorative Poster from James White

Source: No Strings Attached from He1z

Source: The New Retro from James White

Source: The Lost Identity from NKEO

Source: Slick Corea Turbo Corea from He1z

Source: Back to your Roots from Brettuk

Source: Revitalised from Elena Sham

Source: Planeador from PoisonVectors

Source: Reawakening from Mosk

Source: Hammer from PoisonVectors

Source: Soul from Anthony G

Source: FTM Poster from Brettuk

Source: VII XIII from 3njin

Source: Green Trip from 3njin

Source: This Song is for You from Yuudei

Source: C No Evil from ShadowElement

Source: Can you hear me? from Pauline Sho

Source: Sweet Mind from Yuudei

Source: StarDust from Feel1

Source: Decompose from ShadowElement

Source: The Beginning from Mosk

Source: Drag from PoisonVectors

Source: Heaven Sent Club Poster from Elena Sham

Source: A Soul from ZBush

Source: Boy and Girl from ZBush

Source: Living Water from ZBush

Source: From Dust to Damnation from Vaporization

Source: Abstract from Vaporization

Source: Dreamstate Exigency from Vaporization

Source: Heaven Sent Club Poster from Elena Sham

Source: Spirit of the Underground from GunFireGF

Source: Freestyle from GunFireGF

Source: Abstract 2007 from WireStyle

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  1. Shane Harwood says:

    Photo manipulations have always intrigued and this collection is the same.

  2. Harmen says:

    Awesome, Mind blowing, Fantastic.Thnx dude for sharing with us.

  3. Logo Design says:

    Very good collection. Photo manipulations have always interested me.

  4. Sherlyn says:

    Stunning collection …hats off

  5. syeilendra says:

    amazing post

  6. Hector Matias says:

    Hola…!!! Feliz año nuevo con tododas esa creatividad

  7. logo design says:

    I am hoping the same best work in the future.

  8. Carine says:

    Beautiful Collection!

  9. Jodi says:

    Wow! This is an amazing collection.

  10. 夜间狸猫 says:


  11. Dhika says:

    I wish I had that touch.

  12. Eric Shafer says:

    Great collection Johnson!

  13. Ezza says:

    This stuff is great! But where to get all the portrait stock photos from???? I really must know!

  14. haha this post is just pure boss

  15. PSDDude says:

    Great Amazing Perfect !

  16. Zeljko T. says:

    Woow I am really amazed by these fantastic photos.Anyway of finding any tutorials so I can try in on photos of my girlfriends?

  17. bating says:

    so amazing.. love it..i really wish i could make stuff like that..

  18. Henrik says:

    amazing .. make a tut for something like that 😀 would love to learn how to make stuff like that .. looks so damn nice

  19. Amberly says:

    Breath taking manipulation.. Great job.

  20. the copyright of the breakdancer -photomanipulation “imagination knows no boundaries” is wrong copy pasted 😛 it says heaven sent from elena sham but it’s from me like the ones below.

    and thanks for the feature but it would be nice to inform me that my images are showcased outside from deviantart, next time please…:)

  21. Nina says:

    Great roundup, thanks for sharing 🙂

  22. Hola…!!!

    Que bueno son eso de fotografia retocada
    me gustaria aprender

    Santo Domingo,R.D. La tierra del amor y el sol.

  23. Johnson Koh says:

    Glad you guys like the post!

  24. Richie says:

    Stunning collection. I wish I could do that….

  25. Wow collection man, so very creative.

  26. Kevin says:

    Wow amazing post! One of the best so far! I love Heaven Sent Club Poster from Elena Sham and the Reawakening from Mosk.

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