50 Extraordinary and Attractive Billboards

I always like the creativity found in advertisements. Let us check out the large billboards this round. Most of them will capture your attention, whether driving on the road or walking along the train station. Some will even change themselves according to weather and time! Which one do you think is the best?
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  1. Eddie says:

    Outsading Billboards! You have put me in a spot to beat all above with my billboard for my upcoming business. Great minds does great things.

  2. Abel says:

    Awesome creativity and nice idea generation………like there is no need for words,good job

  3. TANNYCHAI says:

    this is amazing

  4. zeprider1 says:

    There are no pop-ups. Unless you ask for them.
    These are awesome.
    Thank You.

  5. Tim says:

    Nice pictures, seen a lot of them before…

    But did anyone else think those pop-up ads on EVERY picture, are really fucking annoying???

    Why do people do that, I never read them. I just look at the picture before I scroll so they don’t popup.

  6. Hyderabad says:

    Thanks for sharing bro…i liked the above images.

  7. Shams says:

    I am really astonished for watching this scenery.

  8. avijit says:

    nice ideas and perfect input every were.

  9. Timothy Lee says:

    I have an original Coke Max Appeal #86-27-sr billboard poster
    still in package sent to me in 1986 by Perry/Gugler size 125×272″.
    I have not been able to find another for sale or on display anywhere,I believe this the last one remaining that wasn’t put up and striped down.I am going to call it the” ONLY ONE LEFT IN THE WORLD” untill some one can dispute this by producing another one .IT is still in the package with the shipping label

  10. Luis Gueningsman says:

    Heya i’m for the first time here. I came across this board and I find It truly useful & it helped me out much. I hope to give something back and help others like you helped me.

  11. Paleo says:

    a lovely set of pics you have displayed here – did you really take them all with a standard camrea?

  12. patti says:

    That one with what looks like a person behind a white screen is near my house. No one around here knows what it means or what it is for? Any ideas?

  13. Richard says:

    very interesting billboards.will like to connect with you

  14. Such a nice collection. thanks for sharing.

  15. CV Template says:

    The Billboards were serious eye candy! What a creative world this is..thanks for sharing this with me..

  16. Denim Geek says:

    Some quality ideas here, very original. Can see a few people running into the Nike park advert.

  17. ck says:

    Amazing Bill Boards, Wats the technology used. Need to discuss.


  18. Andy Webb says:

    Fun boards. I imagine most are Photoshopped concepts rather than actual real-world billboards?

  19. Angela Webb says:

    Thank you I was looking for some inspiration!!! Great collection.

  20. buy proxy says:

    I love your blog! Let me know if you need any writers I can work for free.

  21. ooty says:

    grate collections thanks

  22. saudi says:

    all images are looking like 3D images, Grate. Thanks for sharing

  23. Mastermo411 says:

    I love these! I’m looking to make my own and saw this idea. Here’s a link http://bit.ly/dhM318 – Does anything like this exist? Thanks for your help/advice.

  24. Nikunj says:

    Awesome billboards advertisements great for inspiration

  25. saudi says:

    all the images are cool 🙂

  26. saudi says:

    Nice images, all images are looking like 3D. thanks

  27. Tamil Q says:

    It is very good article & nice.

  28. ooty says:

    All pictures are looking grate. thanks

  29. ooty says:

    Is the photos are real or graphics, any way all are very nice. Thanks

  30. Tamil Movie says:

    Very nice collections. all are very nice

  31. Lekan Salaudeen says:

    High sense of creativity displayed there. Will like to partner with you.

  32. amazing! *-*
    loves it.

  33. This is terrific, my son loves star wars lego and consistently bugging me over it – this post has cleared some of my queries. Time for additional browsing!

  34. Ava says:

    Thx for the valuable information.

  35. Kazan tatar says:

    Oliver Kahn from billboard (hungryforads.com) – super! If passed, it would have stopped

  36. AVE Geamma says:

    Accomplished, practical posts. I’ve already “Twittered” it and forwarded your link to my clients to spread throughh their offices. I consistently accretion from such post.s Thanks for sharing
    signature: http://faciaffirtyo.livejournal.com 😀

  37. Very interesting ADs
    I love your collections

  38. My favorite one is the giant goalie. I believe it’s from the 2006 World Cup in Germany. Awesome pics!!

  39. mallard39 says:

    The Quitplan billboard with the cigarette butt was on I-94 east of Rogers, Minnesota. Very cool!

  40. Gizelle says:

    Great collection, as usual!I especially like the Nike billboard.

  41. Great selection! Though I think some of these are fake…

    • Designer says:

      NO they are not. “Fake” and “shopped” seem to be the catch phrase for the cynical. Just because its looks really good does not mean that its to good to be true. Many man hours, lots of money, and the creativity of some very clever artist went into all of these. If you think that one is fake then google it first before you post your skeptical disapproval. I think that you will find that most of these can actually be traced to the ad agency or even the actual designer.

    • Designer says:

      Except for the PSP ones those have been going around for a while. They were done by a PSP fan. Sony does not take credit for them.

  42. Luiza says:

    I like,

    Brasil, SP

  43. darcysky ui says:


  44. Gbo says:


  45. Zep says:

    Has anybody checked out the other stuff from the author of this site?
    He has a great beginners tutorial on photoshop and a bunch more stuff.
    Look at the top of the page.~~~~~~
    I’m trying to figure out the dead lady
    at the bottom of the stairs.(#30?)
    What is this an ad for?
    Look close up.
    She is lying next to a sign that appears to have a picture
    of her lying next to the sign- white rectangle=stairs and
    a blue circle.
    I guess she fell down the stairs due to her left heel being broken off.

    What the heck is it an ad for?

    • Sue in VA says:

      It is to caution people to wear proper shoes and to be careful going down the escalator. Heels can be dangerous and can get caught in the escalator, causing a fall.

  46. BuZz says:

    (Why did the Texas-themed one have to contain a punctuation error?)

  47. Incingiva says:

    Im new here and i enjoy music and movies alot , Hope lots of ppl like me here 🙂

  48. Frank-02128 says:

    I’m going to explore Taxes

  49. Sheila says:

    IMPRESSIONANTE, criatividade como eu nunca vi!!!


  50. love says:

    just let love be

  51. Jymmi Sparkz says:

    Isn’t the English language great? It preoccupied all the above people with the corrections issues, rather than comments on the subjects. Nit-pick as you must all you perfect English majors, but try to lighten-up. Geez I hope I spelled everything and phrased everything correctly…

    • Observer says:

      With ya Jymmi. This is a great site, lotsa fun, but the English Language Nazis need to lighten up. They’re billboards for cryin’ out. Most are about fun in advertising and half (?) of them are from other country’s (I know – “countries” is correct, I just did that to piss them off). Relax and enjoy, grammar-heads!

    • Brad says:

      It just makes no sense to me. Why spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a billboard when you can’t have someone who knows how to write take fifteen seconds to proofread it? It’s lazy and distracting for the “English majors” (or, you know, people with decent educations), not to mention a bad example for kids. Using proper punctuation wouldn’t annoy or put out anyone.

    • milK says:

      I’m with Brad on this. It’s just sloppy and a waste of an otherwise good advertisement.

      Though besides the obvious punctuation error on the Texas billboard, what’s extraordinary about it apart from showing a nice female?

  52. steve says:

    These are very good, but you should see the ones hanging on the walls of the Congressional Gay Caucus! Wheeeeeeee!

  53. 白左 says:

    GREAT collector!
    Those are good

  54. Dianne says:

    While some of these are, indeed, very cool, (how did you get permission for some of those 3D boards?) the one that really speaks to me is the simplicty of the Denver Water board – a lesson we could all take to heart. Thanks.

  55. Nyxxie says:

    What’s with the girl at the bottom of the steps? What is that advertising?

  56. Rob says:

    The moose’s bower? My geese’s feathers?
    What about her’s, hers, the pet bird’s?
    Don’t do the I before E or I will get weird, neighbor.
    So strange. I take the kids to school and I go to church. If I am picking up pamphlets I am going to “the” school or going to “the” church. You never go to hospital or library, pamphlets or not.
    Is there really green paint in that parking lot?

    • Michele says:

      Rob, you are so ignorant…other languages or countries have different speech patterns. If you had spent ANY time listening and out your corner of the world, you might be aware.
      Little of your comments make sense.

    • Designer says:

      Yes they painted the van and the lot. They did this in several cities.

  57. Daniel says:

    Can somebody explain why the ad for Leclerc is in this list? It’s the ad showing a lady showing her legs and the french text “why spend more”. What’s so original about this?

  58. Juan says:

    Did he Died?

  59. cbusdude says:

    The Nationwide billboard is in downtown Columbus,Ohio! They always have really creative signs up. We also had the mini cooper billboard too.

  60. Rob says:

    Apologies to Meredith et. al.
    “It” is the only word that is the exception to the rule. It only has an apostrophe as a contraction. A Meredith I haven’t seen in 35 years invited me on Facebook shortly after my last post.
    She always was good at feeding me humble pie. There are no coinsidences.

    • Kenneth says:

      Actually, “its” is not the only exception. No pronoun takes an apostrophe in the possessive case. For example, the possessive of he is his, not hi’s; of she is hers, not her’s; and of you is yours, not your’s.

  61. Rob says:

    They are some pretty cool billboards and then some. The Mexican violence one bothers me though. If it is a picture of a billboard on a pillar than his toe can’t be sticking out. If it is supposed a real guy then muggers can levitate. You can’t have it both ways. Yes, they use photoshop. A graphic of Texas does not normally float in the sky. Once more it’s “it’s” is correct.
    Just read the name of this website.

    • Maddox says:

      Wrong, my illiterate friend. Those rules don’t apply to “it”. It’s = it is. Its = belonging to it.


    • Katy says:

      Worrying. If we referred to Texas as “she”, presumably it would be “he’r” or “her’s”?

    • Marcin says:

      I think we’d all get the wrong message if the Texas billboard showed the girl’s ass and advertized “her wide open spaces”.

    • Rhetoric Dog says:

      On the other hand, commas and periods go inside quotation marks.

    • mouseandcat says:

      Actually, as far as punctuation pertaining to quotation marks goes, it depends what style of English you are using. Typically, in British English, punctuation is included inside quotation marks only when it is part of the quoted material. For instance, if you end a sentence with the title of a song, you would leave the period outside of it unless there were a period in the title, like “Three Blind Mice”. This little detail is just one of many ways that the British style of English differs from the American style.

  62. Alan says:

    The one for Texas has “it’s” for its.

  63. vegasdev says:

    The PSP adds are BS. The Star Wars one shows a shadow for the uprights but not for the board itself. I would guess the one on the roof also has incorrect shadows.

  64. Great list! The McDonald’s board must have taken some tedious planning to figure out the shadows!

  65. leodavinci says:

    Some very cleaver spots here. The only one I have any issue with is the Smart billboard.

    Citizens of Canada, Mexico, and the various nations of South America are all “Americans,” also. Even if only U.S. citizens find it offensive, it isn’t very “smart” to offend potential customers.

    Before I get accused of not having a sense of humor, does anyone think the Germans or Swiss (or any other country) would not be offended if the nationalities were reversed and the board ran in the U.S.?

    Come on… show some maturity.

    • Greg says:

      Canadians and Mexicans have never had an affinity or kinship to the phrase “American”; the people of the United States OF America claimed that moniker for themselves looong ago. Now, if it said “NORTH American nothing”, we *might* care. But I wouldn’t, seeing as I know American car manufacturers are crap anyway.

    • Gaines says:

      Did American auto manufacturing contribute nothing in the way of design and components used in those vehicles? Highly unlikely. Blanket statements are difficult to support and always wrong (a joke).

    • P.F. Bruns says:


      Quite a few American (as in U.S.) manufacturers outsource assembly to Canada or Mexico (or Korea, or…well, you get the idea). Which manufacturers don’t you like, and where do they REALLY build? 😉

    • crzybnz says:

      How come we haven’t seen this one in “America”?

  66. Meredith says:

    The Texas billboard should say “its,” not “it’s.” But I guess the men that designed it were too busy focusing on the daisy dukes to worry about proper grammar.

  67. George says:

    Nice pics but the Texas and the PSP feel fake. Like they were photoshop….

  68. Tony Yates says:

    Nice stuff! This stuff gets passed around quite often and are some great examples of creativity. same goes for “best posters” or “best promotions items”.

    It should be noted however, that many, if not most, of these have never seen the light of day. They are concepts and spec works designed by great people, great agencies, and a few great students.

    They look great and you would think that companies would see this and give the green light…but sadly this more often not the case.

    • Sherry says:

      The Cadbury billboard is real. It was up at Dundas Square in Toronto for several months. The building in the background is at the Eaton Centre.

    • Dianne says:

      I believe the billboard of the woman lying at the bottom of the stairs is from the Scotia bank theatre in Toronto as well.

  69. AbbyW says:

    I really wish that Texas one was real. It would have been fantastic on my blog with a post title of just, “Really, Texas?” But alas, there is a copyright note in the bottom right corner of the picture crediting photoshoppix.com, which turns out to be a pretty cool site itself. I’m surprised everyone was quick to point out the grammar problem but not the fact that it very clearly credits Photoshop. Sorry, kids! Texas is not my favorite state either, but we’ll have to keep finding other reasons to detest “it’s” Daisy-Duked population.

  70. Jkennedy312 says:

    All of them were amazing; some pretty disturbing. Very creative and artistic, both the billboards themselves and the photography. Thanks.

  71. Casey says:

    Some of these are obviously photoshopped. The one from Texas even has “photoshoppix.com” at the bottom. The typo pretty much gives it away….

  72. Michele says:

    Amazing, provocative; who says ads can’t be public art? I do agree with the comments about the gunmen – on the poster, and on the billboard – and the child on the bottom of the pool. Unnerving. But they do serve their purpose of drawing attention. Thanks for sharing –

  73. Mike F says:

    That Texas one is embarrassing — there should be no apostrophe in “it’s.” Makes the state look illiterate. Did not one Texas tourism official catch that mistake before it went up on an enormous billboard? Hmmm. Maybe it is an illiterate state.

    • fernando says:

      Not just illiterate but also, and worse, apologetic to women sex exploitation…

    • Comish says:

      The Texas one is not real. It’s photoshopped. It says so right there on the lower right hand corner of the image. Hmmm. Is this the point to make a joke about “Who’s calling whom illiterate?”

    • Jeremy says:

      If you are correcting grammar before noticing the fine booty, then you need Jesus and a dose of straightness.

    • Myslef says:

      I think that that’s a photoshop rather than a real ad. Spelling mistake + a sexy message = something not from a Texas tourism board.

    • jay says:

      If you noticed the apostrophe…. You might be gay.

    • Kevin says:

      There was writing on that billboard?

    • Tex says:

      And then there’s all them out ‘o state dummies who think that just ’cause they seen it in a pitcher on the innernet that it’s fer real and then they ferget that half ‘o this stuff is just student portfolio and agency pitch werk. Hmmm. Maybe some folks just ain’t too shure about what’s real and what ain’t.

    • wiggyx says:

      Um, that’s pretty clearly a Photoshop. It’s even tagged with a link to a site about altered images.


    • Mike G says:

      Actually, “its” in the possessive form doesn’t have an apostrophe. Only when it is a conjunction.

    • Mike G says:

      Oops, I misread your post! I thought you said there should be an apostrophe. My mistake!

    • D. Hasselhoff says:

      I really doubt the Texas billboard is legit. Take a look at the photo – the sky and billboard frame is far too dingy in comparison to the image. Got to be a fake.

      Plus there is some ‘photoshop’ link in the lower right corner of the picture. Amateur photoshopper for sure. I could create a better fake using microsoft paint.

    • Cab00se502 says:

      the “it’s” is showing possession, so the apostrophe is needed

    • cheribom says:

      Sorry Cab, you’re incorrect, but who can blame you after seeing the same mistake plastered all over the internet (and real life, for that matter)

  74. Cory says:

    Good stuff. However, the ad of the kid underwater…not so cool.

  75. Debby Bruck says:

    Excellent collection of Fine Art Works. Innovative Minds. Some rather frightening. I would not want to be the child in the pool looking at someone face-down on the bottom. What about the parking garage and accidentally thinking that guy with the gun is for real.

    Do the PSP ‘transparent’ billboards need to be washed every day?

    The MacDonald sun-dial is quite innovative.


  76. Sushant says:

    Creativity at its best. I have never seen any such ads in my country.

  77. BigHen says:

    The McD board is nice, but the nationwide insurance is the best.

  78. rob says:

    Love the Mcdonalds one – clever!

  79. Excellent post. I really had a great time .. keep it up and looking forward to see more soon.

  80. Some great innovative examples. I also like the classic (and very old) massive bulls advertising Osbourne cognac in roadsides Spain. They are such cultural icons that they are now protected by law.

  81. Paulo Lapa says:

    Really nice collection.. There’s a good example of marketing.

  82. Aninha Gontijo says:

    Congratulations!!!So funny and creative!!!Fantastic Idea!!!

  83. very, very goooooooooood!

  84. robb says:

    LOL McD ads is cool. in fact, all of them who use the board itself are brilliant idea.

  85. MolassesFatts says:

    That one of the spilled paint is from downtown Columbus, Ohio. Or at least an exact copy of it.

    • OhioBrian says:

      That’s the real one, in Columbus — not a copy. Leveque Tower is at the right-hand side of the frame. And yes, it’s pretty cool to see in real life.

  86. kj says:

    oh thank you bellering. i obviously wasnt paying very close attention

  87. Willie Orwonthe says:

    I think MaterialBITCH is gay…and should take off those stupid white glasses. Cool ads for sure. Dork.

  88. Gillian says:

    Is the Texas one advertisiing that all Texan women are constantly available for sex? Because that’s the message I got there.

  89. M says:

    Broken link previously… http://www.traveltex.com

    The PSP and iPod boards are my favorites. Excellent collection.

  90. M says:

    Re. “it’s” on the Texas billboard… that board itself is obviously fake; there is no “Texas Tourist Dept.” as at the bottom. Tourism is handled by the travel division of the state DOT (http://www.traveltex.com).

    However, living here, I can tell you that everything else on the billboard *is* real… 😉

  91. SRivera says:

    Awesome! Thx for sharing & to Guy from Alltop for posting

  92. mcangeli says:

    Some of those look photoshopped. Like the PSP ads and the lego one.

    I thought the McD’s billboard was brilliant….

  93. Some really cool billboard ideas! Here’s perhaps another useful addition: http://blog.socialmaximizer.com/innovative-billboard-rescues-people/ – This is a billboard which was actually used to rescue people!

  94. Brian Carrol says:

    Texas: Celebrating all “it’s” rich cultural heritage with a grammatically incorrect billboard. A credit to the United States.

  95. bellering says:

    Brilliant works (“,) Although I don’t quite get the Cadbury’s. I love the vacuuming hot air balloon’s idea the most!

    kj: the left eye (with the advertised mascara) is not running =)

  96. kj says:

    i really liked all of them… except i dont understand what was going on with the last one? am i just an idiot? what i mean is i dont understand why the mascara is dripping and what that advertises about the mascara.

  97. Chuck says:

    The Nationwide one (with the spilled paint can all down the wall and over things in the parking lot is located in downtown Columbus, Ohio (hometown of Nationwide Insurance). I’ve parked in that parking lot, right under the yellow wall, in fact. It’s a pretty immense canvas with which to play!

  98. Triumph makes me smile but I just love the advert for texas. must visit!

  99. patches says:

    Great ideas!! LOVE the one with the LEGO!! MaterialBITCH sounds like an idiot, what a dumbass….

  100. Chris Ronk says:

    One of the best collection of creative billboards on the net. Thanks.

  101. MamaLeOompa says:

    Honestly, I thought the McDonald’s one was nasty. In my opinion, it recommends what you should eat every hour. All that food that is shown on their billboard carries enough calories to give you a heart attack. Then again, it can also be translated as their menu in the morning. It’s probably the latter.

  102. Wingy says:

    Dude, some of those could seriously scare someone! Like the lady at the bottom of the escalator, or the child in the pool. I get creative advertising, but Jesus, think about the consumer first.

  103. Marly says:

    As usual, the webmaster correctly published!.

  104. Bob says:

    Yeah … life – like driving a bicycle. To maintain a balance, you have to move..

  105. Mars says:

    i loved those psp ads

  106. Marly says:

    Can I host a blog, a few of your quotes will take?.

  107. anime be not says:

    I wouldn’t say extraordinary really but they were out of the ordinary … oh wait, no no, let us go with your wording. 🙂

    Agreed. The McDonald billboard stood out the most to me. Clever!

  108. Stan Crane says:

    Verry creative and very enjoyable.

  109. Manz says:

    The “paint” design is brilliant! So is the McDonald’s one!!
    There’s loads of great creativity in this post… I instantly imagined someone running into the Nike one, and thought that the soccer one was way over the top.

  110. dGjess says:

    i like it..:D

  111. Garry says:

    eye tricking billboards!

  112. Corey says:

    Awesome collection! Thanks 🙂

  113. These are all gay. ::sip:: <3 mB

  114. Johnson Koh says:

    Thanks guys! Yea I think that McDonald’s board is totally awesome too 😀 Recommending us what to eat at certain times!

  115. Bariski says:

    Many of them are new to my eyes. Splendid work buddy.

  116. teemflmngo says:

    The McDonald’s board took me a moment, but blew me away once I realized what was happening

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