50 Most Creative Anti-Smoking Advertisements

Many anti-smoking ads in the past are rather gruesome with rotten body parts that terrified people. Those messages are straight forward in showing the final consequences if continue to smoke. Now these ads have gone into a different approach where they are creative and inspiring to look at. In your opinion, which is a more effective method?

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  1. jessie meagher says:

    i love to smoke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jason Richie says:

    For years I been struggling to quit smoking. Just learn about a Los Angeles based quit smoking clinic called Freedom Laser Therapy. According to their main company website they’ve been in business since 2003. Craig Nabat, the former smoker developed this new at home Freedom Quit Smoking System. The guy’s commercial says it takes 10 days to actually quit smoking. It looks like it could help me stop smoking. There is a free trial offer to try it. Anyone heard about this? Looks legit to me.

    • khaled al boushy says:

      hey jason,
      how r u ? i hope u r still holding on 🙂
      can u tell more about this regimen plz or send to me the website.
      k thanx any way . waiting for ur email

  3. Bon says:

    I really could care less if someone wants black lungs from smoking. As long as I don’t have to smell your pollution or look at your nasty habit littering my domain, do your best at shortening your lifespan.

    About the ads…
    These are great creative ads. However, I think if you take real life photos of a smoker’s addiction, that image carries the strongest anti-smoking message to everyone else. Ad’s have a dreamy quality. Stark realism isn’t dreamy (like an unflattering paparazzi celeb’ pic). An ad that doesn’t use Photoshop is stark reality. Truth. No hype. Not glossy. Have you ever looked at real-life smokers? It’s an unfortunate addiction. They’re controlled by this habit (physiological addiction). It controls their waking life. They experience miserable withdrawl symptoms if they can’t have their next fix. They get consumed by a routine. This habit makes them socially less appealing. They’re difficult to work with (impatience?? needs a fix!). What a sucky life! Their money gets wasted. Their time gets wasted. Their brains become trained to fixate on nicotine. And, to top it off? Lung cancer awaits. Not that I really care!

    I’m all for anti-smoking campaigns because smokers are dreadfully disrespectful. Crowding doorways puffing away! Littering streets with cigarette butts! If smokers would band together and perhaps I don’t know??? Display some manners!!! I’d let you happily smoke yourself to death. If you smoke in a building and plan to eventually sell it? Have fun! You’ll be restricting that stinky place to smokers as your only buyers, thus limiting its value. Gee, have fun!

    If anyone has seen the anti-meth PSA’s that were like mini-horror flicks? That was a great campaign, imo. Those ads were affective in design showcasing how ugly meth addiction can be. They bypass logic so the viewer’s limbic sense reacts to the message. Pretty effective on memory retention, imo.

    • Cindy says:

      Shorten lifespan? Nobody knows how long they will live smoking or not. Do you?
      You want real life photos?? You can’t tell the difference between a smoker or non smoker by looking at them.
      What a stupid statement. I don’t smoke, but I’m not a whiny baby like you are over people smoking outside.
      Would you rather they smoke back inside like they did for many years.
      Some people have a smoking problem and yours is self-righteous arrogance.

  4. smarter says:

    Just had to say, most of you are rediculously unintelligent, uninformed and stupid. Especially Sue and the dumbass saying there’s no proof smoking kills and if it did it wouldn’t be legal. The latter is just hilarious to me, but I also have to say that, as a smoker I have dealt with people preaching to me about quitting and thinking they know more than me. Not only is it just not that easy to quit for many many people, but being preached to about it by a bunch of people so very much less intelligent than myself actually makes me “need” to smoke more. Smoking IS very bad for you, but its been blown out of proportion. Best thing we can do, I think, is at the least remove additives and allow much less nicotine into the final products, at least then they won’t be as harmful or addictive. We’re already much to deep in this for any type of ban to be effective. Now please, educate yourselves and study language skills before commenting on my habit which I wish to end, but can’t. I see so many of you claiming to be so smart, and even sometimes making a great point or two, but yet misspelling so many simple words and speaking in such an incoherent manner…if you really want to get your points across well, be coherent, spell properly and above all, educate your stupid ass selves before making idiotic generalizations like a bunch of jackasses and talking out that same ass, having no fucking clue what your talking about, before someone like me gets more personal and seriously fucks up your mental stability by forcing you to realize all the shit you hate about yourself, consciously or subconsciously, like you people tend to try to do to the poor smoker who kinda likes it, kinda hates it, understands better than you and knows more about the subject.

    • Max says:

      Smarter – Sue is correct. There is no proof smoking kills. If smoking killed, all smokers would be dead. Smoking is linked to deaths. The same way many things can be linked to the same death. There is a big difference between killing and linked. The courts allowed the term “smoking kills” to be used for ads or whatever, for legal reasons after years of pressure from activists. As for not being legal if proof, that is correct if based on the food and drug laws. For example, if a food product is proved to kill, it’s off the market very fast. As for the rest of your comment, I agree. Many people are followers and believe any propaganda, especially if based on fear. In many cases, but not all, a follower lacks ability to use logic against propaganda. With smoking and other things, much attention is drawn towards health for deception using fear. The real problem is smoking is a nasty drug addiction from which many sources profit. Smokers are the victims, yet made to appear as the bad guys. Topics on smoking said to be scientific evidence would not require a scientist if true. Especially when smoking has been around for over 100 years.

  5. jinn says:


  6. Steve says:

    I smoked for over 25 years, switched to chewing tobacco then small packages of snuff, and finally to electronic cigarettes. The recent release of anti-smoking ads caused me to review this website. I am still researching but believe the medical community supports the theory nicotine enhances plaque buildup on blood vessel walls and affects the flexibility of the vessels…all fall under the heading of cardiovascular disease. In short, ED. To my knowledge, no commercials illustrating this long-term effect have been created during anti-smoking phases. If you want to hit users “below the belt” so to speak…you would think the medical community would start with something close and personal to everyone. If nicotine consumption does not cause damage to blood vessels (i.e., contribute to ED), then e-cigarettes may be the holy grail for smokers; provided science proves e-vapor is not carcinogenic. Correlation is not causation…paraphrasing Mark Twain’s remark “If that thermometer had been one inch longer, we would have all frozen to death.” I know cigarettes/pipes/cigars damage the lungs and believe those devices along with chewing tobacco and dipping snuff cause throat cancer; whereas cigars, snuff, and chew cause mouth cancer. I have used them all…religiously. I have never met a nicotine delivery method I did not like, excluding gums. Correlation is not causation, as Twain pointed out, however, people have known about the adverse effects of tobacco for over 200 years. The medical community uses worst case scenarios to scare people straight. Perhaps they should shift their focus to affecting sexual prowess, as most of us enjoy that facet of humanity. In the meantime, I think I will refill my cartridge with e-liquid, pop a Viagra, and go wake up my wife. I am certain she will be happy to not smell smoke on my person, if not the wake up call.

  7. LoopdiLoops says:

    I quit smoking surprisingly easily nearly 3 yrs. ago. I smoked for 37 and I am grateful I am healthy. I try to steer clear of cigarette smokers, ashtrays, etc. To me its all filthy and many people don’t care how it affects other people.
    Like 2nd hand smoke – smokers don’t want to hear it. They bellyache and whine their rights aren’t being infringed upon and if someone’s bad habit is going to invade my space, you better believe I will say something about it. Its a nasty, dirty and disgusting habit. Glad I quit.

  8. Ockin says:

    It is obvious that smoking is bad for your health, I do however think that the issue of second hand smoking is blown out of proportion.

    I’ve even seen articles on third hand smoking (smoke settling on food), and fourth hand smoking (smoke landing on a table, which you then touch).

    Even though these chemicals obviously are toxic, how toxic actually are they compared to things like car fumes?

    In my opinion it is as much someone’s human right to smoke, as it is to eat fatty food, and spend all day watching TV. It is obviously bad for you, but it is the individuals choice to make.

    Someone below made the stats that “all the smoke someone produces in a day is enough to kill 25 rats”. This is an example of how stats can easily be manipulated.

    For one thing, where was that information pulled from. People like to throw scary statistics around, yet they are very difficult to trace to a scientific source.

    This might be a strange way to look at the question but how is the toxin ‘enough’ to kill these rats; are these rats smoking, being injected, or fed the toxins?

    If you take the toxins out of 40 smokes and then feed it to a rat all at once then the rat would probably die. Sound scary? You could probably say the same thing about allot of substances. I’m sure a bottle of Vodka is enough to kill 25 rats if you consider their size compared to a human.

  9. Beenoo says:

    I would like to print these ads for a local anti-smoking event. How can i get the permission from all the artists to print?

    • Sue says:

      I don’t smoke but I don’t see any events against overweight people and that kills too.
      How about mind your own business!

    • Don says:

      Sue, you are clearly an idiot.

    • Sue says:

      Prove it!

    • Alex says:

      There are events around obesity look at everyother commercial on tv.

    • Tom says:

      No there isn’t. Name one commercial?

    • Ted says:

      Alex…no there isn’t!

    • Alex says:

      then what are the ads promoting 60 minutes of physical activity a day, or the ads about healthy and balanced diets, and as a matter of fact i saw a celebrity commercial trying to provent childhood obesity on tv this very weekend. You obviously dont pay attention.

    • Tom says:

      Those are ads on fitness and health for all, not ads campaigning “against” obese people.
      Why would anyone who does not smoke such as myself care about what smokers do? Save the world?
      Many who call themselves anti smokers are not in it for reasons of health but pure discrimination judging from some
      comments made.
      Otherwise they’d go after the governments to make it illegal instead. That is the answer…not insulting smokers who are the victims.

    • rudi says:

      hm… im sorry for you smokers… smokers have a poor spirit…
      Do you idiots are even trying to compare smokers with obese people?? you are seriously?? omg you really are.
      Well let me tell you something yeah i hate smokers but you dont see me kicking your face in middle of the street, do you know bullys? yeah fat people know them, in a matter of fact most of the bullys probably smoke ahah (just a funny association), smoking affects other people arround you.. and yeah that makes me mad, smokers doesn t have any respect about that, TODAY.. fat people have other things to care about they dont need public campaigns against them.. because theyr hated by the new generation of stupid kids… that same generation creates a new generation of smokers by start smoking obviasly.. and why do they start smoking? because TODAY.. its cool… just that its cool… you dont need cigarrets no one needs…, with fat people… its clearly not cool to be fat.. its easy to understand that in our stupid society, so why people get fat? bad habits, sadness, metabolism, and etc.. smoking is just.. an habit… a stupid habit.. whats the bad habit that causes start smoking?? stupidity??? poor minded generation i would say…
      So.. do you idiots still want to compare smoking with obesity? 🙂


  10. You Stank says:

    Heres a FACT: 3 drops of pure nicotine placed in your hand will kill you. 65 mg of nicotine (equivalent to 65 butts) can kill you. All the smoke one person puts in the air a single day is enough to kill 25 rats.

    Life is short. Yea we all have vices but smoking does not have to be one of them. Do something healthy for yourselves If your BMI is higher than your IQ, for goodness sake you do not need any nicotine. For yourself, for your loved ones, for the planet, and for everyone who is exposed to the smoke you exhale, quit smoking!

    • Wendy says:

      You Stank – speaking of IQ you say “All the smoke one person puts in the air a single day is enough to kill 25 rats. “ if it did we’d all be dead and there would be no smokers alive. Do you think about what you read or make up?..you’re a bullshitter! …“save the planet” ? you need saving from your own stupidity. I don’t smoke but the crap you say is worse than smoking. Now go exhale some car exhaust in the streets…which will kill 25 rats in a room. But you’re more concerned with what others do so you can put them down ….right?

  11. Truth says:

    All over hyped over dramatic BULLSHIT. You dont like smelling the smell so you want to control me. FUCK YOU. Aint gonna happen bitches.

    Smoking kills? Yeah.. go ahead and prove it.. that or tell me why people who have never smoked, never lived with a smoker.. get the same exact diseases.

    • Jackie Norte says:

      That is the staight up truth.

    • guest says:

      You have got to be the stupidest person i have ever met.

    • Sue says:

      if this person is so stupid prove it and prove you’re not. he has a very good point and you’re too stupid to admit it or figure it all out.

    • Dear 'truth' says:

      1) smoking increases the risk of you getting the diseases that it is possible for us all to get… anybody can develop cancer, but smokers are more likely to get it, mutations cause cancer, cigarettes WILL cause mutations. There is scientific evidence for this.
      2) It smells disgusting, it makes me cough, it makes me smell, it affects MY health when people smoke around me. Which is inconsiderate in my opinion.
      3) It’s bad for the environment, although with the amount of things people do its not considerate, it still adds up and can be helped.
      4) It affects how you look and how you speak, when somebody is 60+ and sometimes people as young as 40, it is obvious they have smoked all their life- croaky voice, more wrinkly, yellow teeth- not attractive.
      5) I have smoked one cigarette, and didn’t feel any significant positive effects from it- how does this outweigh all these costs?
      6) Have you ever thought people aren’t trying to control you, but are trying to help you? Because maybe they don’t want you to die from cancer, they want you to be able to walk without getting out of breath.

    • Maggy says:

      Excuse me dear truth.
      You can’t increase something from nothing. Nobody knows what their risks are if they don’t smoke, so how can risk be increased?
      What smell? Nobody smokes indoors anymore! Most are liars about the smell, as they pass by a smoker outdoors. They are just prejudice and over self-righteous.
      Smoke from cigarettes has zero effect on environment. Smoking does not affect the way anyone looks no matter how old.
      People are not trying the help, they are discriminating.

  12. Alexis says:

    i think that carbon mixode is in tabacco and if u have it it might kill u or damage your brain so DON’T HAVE TABACCO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Rex says:

    I used to smoke four packs of cigarettes a day.. yea! i’m addicted to cigarettes and others say it’s impossible for me to stop smoking, but they’re wrong…

    I tell you a secret in order to stop smoking… it’s will power…when i decided to quit smoking, on that day i quit and now i’m a healthy man at the age of 60…try it…

  14. Jackie Norte says:

    Fuck all you fucking retard’s everyone that smokes knows what there doing to them self’s and officiously they don’t give a fuck ight.

  15. Samantha says:

    im not here to change anyone.or even impact you.
    I could tell you my age, but most would thing young and stupid. But the honest truth is that adults like you dont understand the amount of information a child can process at any age. you make think we dont understand but we do.
    i was 10 when i lost my grandad, my little cousin 5. How do you tell your child that your never going to see your grandad again. They didnt need to tell me, i knew. his face. his eyes. his tears. you just know.
    i moved on fast. to fast. it must not have hit me.
    until this very day. i can have a solid cry about his death. i could cry for hours. Just the fact that im forgetting, im forgetting him. what he looks like, his smell, his voice, his laugh. everything.
    so maybe you can choose to keep smoking. or you stop. but that pain. that pain of a loved one dying will never leave. especially if it preventable. dont make the same mistake.

  16. Karlos says:

    As a recent non-smoker, I have to advise you (smokers) to give a try to Electronic Cigarette.

    I’ve been a smoker for 20 years, until I ordered a e-cig over 6 months ago.

    I’ve not had a cigarette since. Nothing else has worked for me.

    I wish I had known about these years ago. I had to get used to the funky taste, but I figured it was just like switching brands like I’ve had to do many times. Now, I don’t mind the taste at all. I don’t stink anymore; don’t have to go outside to smoke and don’t have an obnoxious car. I can just relax and enjoy my vaping experience anywhere.

    And a great creative here:



  17. Mitchell says:

    I could care less if people smoke or not. I do not smoke so it would be polite if people would stay the hell away from entrances to buildings and what have you blowing that nasty smelling smoke all over the place. Also quit throwing the butts on the ground. No one wants to clean up after your nasty habbit. Smokers of the world be more respectful to those that do not smoke. Just because you can no longer smell or taste as you should be able to does not mean that the smoke does not still stink. Keep it away from us nonsmokers.

    • Tom says:

      Smokers are outside because self righteous lying whiners like you put them there.
      You’re arrogant and you expect them bow down to your wants?
      Now that smokers are outside you’re still not happy because it’s your attitude that’s the problem not smokers.
      Smoking all over the place? Smell? The smoke dissipates in 2 second outdoors. As if it really bothers you?

  18. ahung says:

    warning ,danger for all u guys wo is beauftiful

  19. sam says:

    u r all stupid!!!!! im only 14 and im smarter than all u idiots combined!!! listen to the facts, they dont lie!!! over half my family died from smoking, ok? so stop being so immature and ignorant and selfish and stand up for whats right!!!!!

    • Jan says:

      A stupid person is one who believes propaganda without logically questioning it.
      If half your family died from smoking then why haven’t all smokers died from smoking?
      If it’s fact then there would be no debate about it because we’d see all smokers dropping dead. If not something else is wrong.
      Even though smoking is not good, most of what is said about it is propaganda created by media for reasons of profit or just pure bias people who like to discriminated.

    • Jackie says:

      Shut the fuck already we fucking get it shit we got it the first time you said it. People make mistakes get the fuck over it already. Ya its good to learn from others mistakes so that you don’t make them yourself but shit you don’t need to keep posting this shit over and over again. I’m pretty sure everyone is tired of you saying the sam shit over and over again. I’m not trying to speack for everyone just sayin. O ya BTW get a fucking life. AWWWW SHIIIIT ya I’m a bitch get the fuck over it. Ya well this is boring know and I’m pretty sure I got my point acrossed so I’m out dueces nigga.

    • Jackie says:

      I’m with Jan. That is so true.

    • Rick says:

      Jan: who can profit of the non smokers? What you said is the dumbest thing I ever head.

    • Jan says:

      Drug companies and governments profit by using non-smokers who believe the false propaganda created by them. They do this by seeking out self-righteous non-smokers as advertising tools to spread false fear and discrimination. This puts pressure on some smokers which results in smokers buying stop smoking aids which do not work. If they worked drug companies would be out of business very fast in that sector. Which in turn this makes high profits for drug companies and governments. Governments profit from the addiction and sales of smokes and drug companies profit from the so called cure.

    • Bradford says:


      “Governments profit from the addiction and sales of smokes and drug companies profit from the so called cure.”

      You are wrong. Just plain wrong.

      Or a tobacco company stooge.

      Which one, a liar or misinformed?

      The Chinese government maybe the only government in the world to profit from tobacco, but that is about it.

      Whatever taxes most western governments may collect from tobacco is mostly eaten up by direct costs to the health system.

      Then you add up the personal income taxe that is lost when a person who has a tobacco caused cancer has to quit work because they are to ill (alternatively add in emphysema, gangrene, or chronic obstructive pulomonary disease, etc etc).

      then add in lost company taxes because a small business looses profit while the smoking employee is off.

      Then, if you want to add in all the other social costs.

      Tobacco consumption is not good for economy (unless you are China)

      Your talk of drug companies is also flawed. Governments around the world are funders of the various anti tobacco and tobacco ceasation methods that you mention, whether through research and development or direct sponsoring of personal use.

      Research your arguments before you mouth off. Unless you are a tobacco company stooge, in which case you know the truth but just don’t give a shit.

      Have nice day!

    • Bradford says:

      I forgot to mention,

      The Chinese Government also happens to be the largest tobacco company in the world.

    • Jan says:


      “Governments profit from the addiction and sales of smokes and drug companies profit from the so called cure.”
      Not wrong at all. It does not take much to figure that out. If wrong then what is the sense in selling tobacco? For health? LOL
      Of course governments profit from tobacco…it’s called taxes? Hello!
      And no they are not eaten up in health system. That is a myth you read or you made it up.

      Drug companies are funders of anti tobacco, not governments. Why would a government be funders of anti tobacco and ceasation methods when the government is why tobacco is legal? Why wouldn’t governments just take tobacco off the market instead? That would settle everything wouldn’t it?

      You say “Tobacco consumption is not good for economy” ? Then why is it still on the market? Especially if it is such a big killer? Do you think about what you say? And you said “add in lost company taxes because a small business looses profit while the smoking employee is off”.
      What does “smoking” employees being off have to do with taxes or profits? Plus smoking employees are not off more than anyone else, a bias discriminatory comment to say the least.

      I suggest you do your research, try your own research and not propaganda you read somewhere.
      As for tobacco causing illness or cancer or secondhand smoke…you would not need to read stats or scientific facts if this were true would you. And is of why is it still on the market and legal? Which would bring us back to profits! Think about that a while before you mouth off! As for tobacco company stooge? what are you age 6… get real!

    • Charlie says:

      @Bradford excuse me, what health system?

    • Jill says:


      You say” The Chinese government maybe the only government in the world to profit from tobacco, but that is about it.” What planet are you from?
      All governments profit from tobacco…it’s called taxes! And you call others misinformed? Everything you write is backwards.

      You say “Tobacco consumption is not good for economy (unless you are China)”, then why is tobacco legal and selling on the market? Especially if it is not healthy as well.

      From what you say, if governments put tax money collected into health system (which is totally false), only the Chinese government profits from tobacco and
      Tobacco consumption is not good for economy, tobacco kills….then why on earth would it be legal and on the market? You’re nuts! and so is the junk you read and twist.

    • Tom says:


      Why do you make this comment “then add in lost company taxes because a small business looses profit while the smoking employee is off.” That is nothing more than a discriminating comment impossible to ever be determined. Impossible odds to figure out if any smoker is off more than anyone else. How does a business lose profit and taxes if a “smoking employee” is off.
      Jill is right, you’re a nut case!

      I suggest you do your research and stop mouthing off.

    • Jill says:


      You say” The Chinese government maybe the only government in the world to profit from tobacco, but that is about it.” What planet are you from?
      All governments profit from tobacco…it’s called taxes! And you call others misinformed? Everything you write is backwards.

      You say “Tobacco consumption is not good for economy (unless you are China)”, then why is tobacco legal and selling on the market?

      From what you say, if governments put tax money collected into health system (which is totally false), only the Chinese government profits from tobacco and
      Tobacco consumption is not good for economy, tobacco kills….then why on earth would it be legal and on the market? Are you nuts! If all these where the case there is no way tobacco would be on the market or legal. It’s all about money and so is the junk you read and twist.

  20. bob says:

    Nonsmokers. Baahahaha. Get a life. Cigarettes are a LEGAL product. I feel so bad for all the people who have been conned into believing that secondhand smoke kills people. How many people have you known that have died from smoking? Several probably. How many from secondhand smoke? ……..TIME’S UP, you don’t know any and neither do I. Acutally, no one does. Smoking CAN kill. We know this. Secondhand smoke does not. Kthanksbye.

    • Rick says:

      I don´t know any extreme idiot person either, but they are out there. You are the proof.

    • Mr Fact says:

      What about Roy Castle (Record breakers)? – he died of secondhand smoke from playing an instrument in smokey night clubs / bars.

    • Bradford says:


      How many from secondhand smoke? ……

      Marlene Sharp.

      Second hand smoking does kill. Tobacco companies knew this in the 70’s. Science proved it in the 80’s. The legal recognised this in the 90’s. Tobacco companies are now recognising this publicly:

      “British American Tobacco Australia supports regulation that accommodates the interests of both non-smokers and smokers and limits non-smokers’ involuntary exposure to ETS.

      “We favour restrictions on smoking in enclosed public places and we accept that there needs to be regulation. We support practical initiatives such as the creation of smoke-free areas, combined with adequate provision for smokers.”


      Over to you. Prove your statement “Secondhand smokedoes not [kill]


    • Joe says:


      One cannot prove a negative! Impossible.
      But you can prove a positive which means prove secondhand smoke kills?

    • Manuel says:

      Second-hand smoke contains a higher amount of toxic substances than direct smoke.
      The amount of the carcinogen dimethylnitrosamine present in direct smoke is between 5,3 and 43 nanograms,
      while there are between 680 and 823 nanograms in second-hand smoke.
      As a matter of fact, the amount of quinoline from second-hand smoke is eleven times greater than direct smoke.
      A staggering eighteen thousand nanograms.
      In other words, the health risk of people exposed to second hand smoke is greater than those who actually smoke.

      please read about, learn.

    • Mike says:


      if what you say is true then all non smokers would be dead and all smokers alive? what you read is very obvious bullshit! figure it out your self with common sense not some crap you read.

  21. tony davis says:

    You get more killing fumes driving your cars, lets get rid of cars, you fat bastard!!

    • Bradford says:

      Actually, no.

      The exception being a transport worker with a chronic exposure to diesel fumes.

      Having said that, I agree with the sentiment that fat bastards should get rid of their cars!

    • Sue says:

      actually bradford YES tony is right
      you missed tony’s whole point

  22. Mark says:

    what is worse then smoking is the lies anti smokers say about smoking, which would be about 95%. I am curious as to why and why not mind your own business. smoking has been around for over 100 years. it would not be if it killed. if you claim second hand smoke will hurt you or bothers you then you are a liar. be honest with yourself because one day it will catch up with you.

    • mark! says:

      are you claiming that second hand smoke has never hurt anyone? seriously? of course it hurts people dumbass… i know for a fact it has hurt me, last year my doctor told me i have smoker’s cough and i have never ever ever smoked a cigarette, plus i’m only 16! six fucking teen! second hand smoke will hurt both me and you

    • Karen says:

      not possible to have smokers cough from just second hand smoke, otherwise everyone would have it whos been around second hand smoke. I don’t buy your BS at all. Secondhand smoke was not hurting you and that’s a lie.

    • Bradford says:


      600,000 people a year die from exposure to environmental tobacco smoke.

      ps smoking has been around for far longer than 100 years.

      However, modern medicene and epidemiology developed a little of 100 years ago. These two marvels prolonged human life, which led to an increase in the number of people dying of exposure to tobacco.

      Guess what? Moderne medicene and epidemiology then proved that tobacco smoke kills.

      Please learn the truth before spouting tobacco company lies.

    • Kat says:


      600,000 die a year exposure to smoke? how do you know?
      You said “These two marvels prolonged human life, which led to an increase in the number of people dying of exposure to tobacco.”
      What a crook of crap! You need to learn truth and not stuff you made up in your head on drugs.

  23. HumbleNonsmoker says:

    I never smoked. Ever. Well, I once held a lit cigarette in my mouth, cuz my smoking cousin asked me to. But I never smoke. It’s the holiday now. There’s no school, so I gotta help out at my family grocery store. We sell cigs, yes we do. Legal ones, that is. I just hate cigarettes. But there’s something to love about them when you look it at my point of view. They’re expensive, people finish ’em up quick, and they’re a good source of income. There are only two things I hate the most about cigarettes. Hazard to the smoker’s health and hazard to others. Otherwise, I’ll bear the stench of second-hand smoke any given day. Who agrees?

    • Mike says:

      smoking does not harm others as that is a lie and a very obvious one. It actually second hand smoke started as a hoax. Then many selfrightious people came out of the woodwork.
      if second hand smoke killed then we’d all be dead.
      if smoking killed all smokers would be dead.
      Unhealthy yes, killing people no. drug companies sell by creating fear and use anti smokers to promote that fear.

    • tony davis says:

      If my father had not smoked 40 a day, he would have lived to a right old age. the old bastard died age 96, TWAT!!

    • Bradford says:


      You keep saying that if second hand smoke killed we would all be dead.

      That statement shows severe ignorance on your behalf.

      Tobacco smoke contains known carcniogens. that is a fact that tobacco companies do not deny. Another fact is that many of the carcniogens have no known safe level.

      What it then comes down to is your specific biology/dna, your period of exposure and the levels you wee exposed to.

      exposure + time = increased risk of cancer.

      Here is another fact though. Of the 600,000 people a year who die from exposure to ets, less than 4% doe from cancer.

      Most of the 600 000 will die from cardiovascular diseases. Not a nice way to die.

    • Tom says:


      Smoking cannot increase the risk of cancer if the risks are not known to begin with. Impossible! You cannot increase something from nothing.
      If 600,000 people a year died from exposure? You are very gullible to so called facts. If 600,000 died, why them and not others?
      I do not know a single person who has died from exposure and neither do you.

    • Bob says:


      What you call facts are nothing more then something you read on the net and believed it.
      In real life nobody has seen anyone drop dead from secondhand smoke and if you say you have you’re a liar.
      Try using your own brain to think and not so called facts you read.

  24. Jyn says:


    It’s a pretty simple equation. I can’t say anything cuz I’m a non-smoker but I have lived with a smoker ever since I was born. And, everyone who has a sense of smell can identify carbon monoxide and tar right? You know, the smell of the road stuff? Since birth, I have been breathing the amazing smell of poison. I’m pretty sure that kills you. So…

    Smoking=Breathing poison
    Breathing poison=You die
    Other ppl breathing poison=they die

    What’s my point?
    Smoking means, as quoted in a Singaporean movie,
    You die,
    I die,
    Everybody die.

  25. Jason says:

    I have never smoked but I have always been around family smoking while I was growing up, when my grandfather died in his 50’s from emphysema when I was 10, I then realised the effects of smoking at a young age, I work in a health service and one of education props we possess is a human lung in a glass container, this lung is of a smoker of many decades and is very black and damaged from smoking, I look at this lung and think about the people who did not know smoking was harmful until it was linked to many forms cancer, so many people died whil smoking companies became rich, today we are more informed and know the dangers of smoking, even today I still think about my grandfather and how he had to use an oxygen tank to help him to breath right up till he passed away.

    • Mike says:

      The term linked goes to infinity therefore irrelevant. Causes any cancers are inconclusive therefore impossible to conclude smoking does without knowing the causes of cancer in let’s say non smokers. If smoking caused cancer or emphysema all smokers would simply get those, but they don’t. When something goes wrong it is human nature to find something to blame as fast as possible and therefore smoking becomes a target. Especially when it comes to a death when people blame smoking very fast for reasons of closure. If 3 mice ate peanuts and one died would the death be blamed on the peanut? Not likely. Yet with smoking it’s reversed. All focus of smoking is directed to health and that’s the way the governments want it. The real problem is the addiction in which governments make billions of dollars from.

    • Bradford says:


      You are wrong on so many levels.

      You do not understand epidemiology and the link between tobacco smoke and diseases including cancer.

      I also find it funny that you deny the link between cancer and tobacco smoke when tobacco companies themselves have admitted to the link.

      And I love your LIE that governments are addicted to tobacco taxes. It makes you sound like and ignorant fool, or a tobacco company stooge. take your pick.

      Fact, study after study has shown that tobacco is bad for economies. the societal cost of tobacco ends up being roughly two to three times the amount of taxes collected. If you have any evidence to the contrary that is peer reviewed and scientifically sound I would appreciate you bringing it forward.

      And lets get your debate beyond cancer, because many of the problems that tobacco and ets cause go beyond just cancer.

      So what are you, ignorant, a liar or a stooge?

    • Jill says:


      “governments addicted to taxes? Where did he say that? Idiot…he said governments make money from addictions which mean taxes.
      Why is smoking legal if it kills like your facts say..dumb ass? Because the governments make a ton of money from the taxes…idiot! What facts?
      You misread what others said too and go in circles repeating same so called facts you read on the net with no common sense. You think you are some expert just because you got brainwashed by some junk science. Smoking is not good but thinking second hand smoke kills just because some so called facts you read said so, you have a problem worse than smoking. Just because some story on the net said it’s fact does not mean it’s fact.
      So Bradford…are you ignorant, a liar or tobacco stooge paranoid?

  26. Nadeem Khan says:

    Very nice I loved the one with the bullet and the cigarette !

  27. springer says:

    i smoke
    i may die from it
    or i may not
    who’s to say, you?
    all i know is that
    a lot of people live by this industry.
    who’s to feed them
    who’s to give them job alternatives
    when i quit smoking.
    will you?
    or have you even thought that far.
    your fast foods kills fast too.

    • Mike says:

      good point! plus if everyone quit smoking billions would be lost in drug company revenue and tax revenue. and then as you say there will be lost jobs.

    • sammy says:

      I’m sorry but i feel different u need to trust the world to get ride of the cigs i lost my parents when i was 3 to cigs they linked it but u need to believe us

    • Chris says:

      Why aren’t other smokers dying if thats the case? When its a hit and miss perhaps something else is the problem. the brainwash over smoking has gone on for so long many cannot even think for themselves and use logic. They believe what they hear without question.

    • someone says:

      if you like to smoke, fine, just do it, idc, but stay out from non-smokers while you are smoking.

  28. Sane Civilian says:

    Putting all (evident) health issues aside, civilians don’t want people smoking in front of them, to me it’s like stench-fully breathing down a stranger’s neck or farting in their face with added health risks, it’s anti-social, why leave your house so you can smoke in front of people who hate it?
    About the second hand smoking, I’m pretty sure the first known legit cause of lung cancer was smoking and it reduced with the reduction of smokers so is it not scientifically evident that second-hand smoking causes lung cancer?

    • Bill says:

      Oh…so they don’t have any idea what causes cancer but they know smoking does??? how much sense does that make. if smoking caused cancer all smokers would get cancer or be dead otherwise there must be something else causing it. yes it’s that simple. there would be no debate if smoking did all things said and you would not need any science to tell you so..hello! I don’t smoke but I think for myself and not something someone told me.

    • Violet says:

      Bill, seriously, maybe you shouldn’t think for yourself because you are not very good at it. “scientists” know what causes cancer. Who told you that they don’t?

    • Bill says:

      Scientists do not know what causes cancer of any kind. Otherwise then what causes cancer in non smokers? There is no information anywhere of what causes cancer except for those blaming smoking and that is inconclusive.
      To prove scentists don’t know is to prove a negative and that is impossible. It works the other way around.

    • Tammy says:

      Violet – who told you they did?

  29. chin says:

    i’ve been smoking since high school and im now im 46 years old and still smokes. there was a time i attempted to quit but it was kind a scary because all the people that were close to me who tried quitting just came back to it and some even died. instead of putting this kind of ads and treating us smokers like low life and dangerous people, put places for us to smokers to smoke without harming others. remember. we pay our taxes too! or if you think smoking should be stopped, then burn all the factories and jail people for life if caught smoking.bet you, lung cancer will not stop. probably in doing so, ban vehicles and other factories that emits super deadly carbon dioxide that probably is the cause casing these lung cancer in the first place.

    Another thing that they should do is put this warning labels and treat it as dangerous as tobacco to products like “butter”, Sodas and such. Cholesterol Kills too! More so with sugar. Boy, what a sad world it would be.

    solutions, i guess would be prevention. cause this would be better than cure.if they could construct super highways from the tax money they collect from us, why cant they build a smokers lounge on public utilities and implement a smoking area of places like resto, train stations, airports, seaports and such.

    • Mike says:

      I totally agree with chin. Plus the fact that nobody seems to understand that all this second hand smoke crap and based on divide and conquer for the benefit of drug companies. They use anti smoking as a seller for their products. As well we only know what we hear and read. If smoking was as bad as said to be we would not need to be told or need to get stats from so call experts would we. Think about it. It is all a money making game and so many get taken in by it all. Just like the Y2K scare.

    • mark! says:

      so idk about wherever you live, but I’ve been to many many many countries, by train, plain, boat, bus, you name it and every single one of them has had designated smoking areas in the airports, seaports, a lot of restaurants offer smoking and non-smoking areas.

    • Bradford says:


      I am anti tobacco, but prohibition is not an answer.

      prohibition would just turn smokers like yourself into criminals over night.

      There would be no control over the tobacco industry, and believe it or not even more carcinogens would be added to cigarettes.

      The cost of tobacco already outrips the cost to governemetns and socieaty, so forcing it underground would just mean less money for hospitals to treat the cardivascualr disease and cancers which tobacco causes, and even less to help sway a new generation of potential smokers away from the potentially lethal habit.

      and realistically all anti tobacco campaigns are aimed at helping children make the decision not to smoke your children, your nieces, your newphews and your best mates kids.

      and don’t worry about the obesity epidemic. Now that obesity kills more people in western societies than tobacco governemts around the world will start taking more and more severe actions against foods high in sugar, salt and fat.

      In fact, most food companies seem to be already implementing the stategies mapped out on the 14th December 1953 by the executives of big tobacco to lie and mislead the public about the dangers of smoking and prevent and delay real action against its use and promotion.

      Hey, maybe a strategy developed before you were even born has you brainwashed.

      I challenge you to look into it. If you are honest with yourself you may change your views.

  30. David says:

    Effective ads, but they are fact twisting anti-smoking nonsense. Yes, smoking is harmful, and causes all sorts of health problems and eventually death. This being said, there has NEVER been ONE report of second hand smoke EVER killing even one person. This is a complete lie. The anti-smoking groups (who I have found to be more deceitful and twisting than the big tobacco companies) are getting these second hand smoke numbers from looking at those who died from lung cancer or emphysema, and other illnesses often related to smoking, but who have never smoked. Although smoking causes these illnesses, there is no evidence that second hand smoke does.

    So stop the BS. Smokers know what they do is harmful to themselves, and they chose to do it anyway. I don’t smoke, but I very much enjoy the occasional hookah, or cigar, and find the effects very relaxing.

    • Violet says:

      Actually, Idiot, the world health organization has over 600000 reports of second hand smoke deaths every year and there is a famous case involving a woman named Heather Crowe which was able to scientifically prove that deaths were directly related to secondhand smoke.

    • Karen says:

      So one person out of billions over 100 years of smoking dies from second hand smoke? How is that possible.
      Plus this Crowe case came out of the woodwork at same time as the height of the anti smoking campaigns.
      Who are the 600000 others? Name one. Who do you know who has died from second hand smoke?
      They did not scientifically prove anything and it was propaganda started by drug companies.
      If second hand smoke killed we’d all be dead.

    • Mike says:

      Violet – if the world health organization said a fart kills, you’d believe it.

    • Bradford says:

      Mike, the WHO hasn’t said farts kill. What is the point of that statement?

      David, you are partially correct. There is no direct evidence that second hand smoke causes cancer. However, the carcinogens in tobacco smoke are so toxic that it is biologically implausible to say that they may have a protective effect. As such, when you look at ets epidemiologically, you discount the protective effect and proceed solely that it has a negative health effect.

      Epidemiologically (that is by association0, it can be proven that second hand smoke is responsible for causing cancer in non smokers.

    • Jill says:


      First you say “There is no direct evidence that second hand smoke causes cancer.” And then you said “it can be proven that second hand smoke is responsible for causing cancer in non smokers.”??? You contradicted yourself. Again.
      The statement that guy made about farts, that’s sarcasm referring to someone else’s statement. Yet another post you misunderstood. Then you are paranoid about tobacco stooges.
      Epidemiologically is supposed to be unbiased … you are bias. Epidemiologists do a lot of guessing too to keep their jobs. You simply believe what you read as fact without questioning it with logic or comparing it to real life. If these facts were true about smoking or second hand smoke there would be no debate, because it would be obvious in real life. You might have to think about that one for a bit! You believe things you read as fact but have not seen them happen in real life. In another post you attempt to prove second hand smoke kills. You used another so called fact you only read about of one second hand smoke victim out of 600,000 per year? You seem ignorant that in real life billions have been around second hand smoke for many years without problems. Wherever you get your information from you misunderstand inconclusive study as facts.

      As for 600,000 dying from second hand smoke…just getting that number each year is impossible yet alone prove it. Getting a release of just one death record is near impossible. If this was fact we would not have to read about it as fact would we? We’d know it! As someone said in another post, “if second hand smoke killed we’d all be dead”( because we’ve all been around it at some time) and “if smoking killed all smokers would be dead”. You totally misunderstood this point. You are the fool, not others! That I can prove! It means if some smokers die (or from second hand smoke) and others don’t, the cause must be another factor. That’s called common sense! And by the way governments do not fund anti smoking groups, drug companies do. Why would a government fund anti tobacco when they are pro tobacco because they make it legal and collect taxes from it? No the government does NOT give that tax money to health system either. In one post you said “prove second hand smoke does not kill. Well if you had any intelligence you’d know that it is impossible to prove a negative. You can prove a positive, but you have no proof. That is why you flipped the question. You said “Guess what? Moderne medicene and epidemiology then proved that tobacco smoke kills.”. that doesn’t prove anything, just that you’re not playing with a full deck while you hunt tobacco stooges!
      As for David, he makes sense.

  31. Mary says:

    I don’t smoke but How many smokers do you know turn out like the pictures? Not one!
    These are discrimination pictures. You seem to forget smoking has been around for over 100 years and it wouldn’t be if it killed as said.
    Anti smokers aren’t in this for health but only to get kicks from discriminating, otherwise why would they even care. save the world?

    It doesn’t matter what you do, nobody knows what their chances are of cancer or any other sickness, smoker or not.
    It is said that smoking causes cancer for example. But does it? Do you ever think about it for your selves? No.
    How is it that they know smoking causes cancer yet not what causes cancer in non smokers? You can’t conclude one without the other.
    If smoking killed all smokers would be dead and Increased risk they say? It is impossible to increase a risk from nothing. So if it increases risk in smoker then what is the risks of non smokers? No non smoker or smoker will ever know their risk of cancer or any other illness.
    Think about it. How many people do you know have been confirmed to die from smoking? Oh sure everyone just happens to name one, but it is only assumed they died from smoking by you. This isn’t about smoking my friends its about lying.
    Dr Mary

    • Bradford says:

      Hi Dr Mary,

      As a doctor you should be aware that cancers caused by environmental exposures rarely caused by one off exposure and that they are mostly caused by a sustained exposure to a known carcinogen.

      Also as a doctor you should know there are many known carcinogens which cause cancer in non-smokers too.

      As a doctor, I would also hope that you are aware that a persons risk of cancer from smoking may ultimately come down to their specific genes, but hey, like everyone has their dna seequenced so surely every smoker knows their exact risk of lung or throat, or breast, or lip, or finger cancer.

      also, as a doctor you would also know that there are many other diseases that exposure to tobacco smoke can cause, but oh wait, you do sort of admit that.

      Seriously, if you are a doctor I hope you give your patients better advice.

      Unless are a vet, a dentist or some other type of “doctor” trying to fob off such an ill informed “opinion” from a position of authority.


    • Kat says:


      You said “but hey, like everyone has their dna seequenced so surely every smoker knows their exact risk of lung or throat, or breast, or lip, or finger cancer.”
      Oh so you must know your risk of getting cancer then? Nobody knows their risk of cancer no matter what you do. You need a special kind of doctor.

    • Kim says:


      It is not known what causes cancer of any kind, only speculation. If these things caused cancer everyone would get it, not just some.
      As for your comment “so surely every smoker knows their exact risk of lung or throat, or breast, or lip, or finger cancer.”.
      Nobody knows exact cancer risk no matter what they do. Do you?
      If certain things cause cancer or sickness then everyone would get it from those things, otherwise something else is wrong. If one smoker gets cancer and one smoker doesn’t then obviously something else is the cause otherwise both would get cancer. Non smokers and smokers get cancer or die yet for the smoker its blamed on smoking and for the non smoker the speculators disappear. As for carcinogens, you need to do a lot more than just read one article on this and think you’re an expert. You do not understand carcinogens and are very gullible. Not to mention your thought pattern is out of whack.

  32. creative advertising ideas

  33. Andrew says:

    THis are really good smoking sucks

  34. I like number four, smoking is burning our money, we should save not to spend for smoke

  35. I think more anti smoking campaigns are needed – as it is a terrible habit which more and more young people are getting hooked onto.

    However, as 80% of costs go towards tax, is this a revenue the government can do without during times of cost cutting?

  36. Denim Geek says:

    Some really original designs here, i love the space invaders style ad, I’ve seen the gun concept a few times now, still nicely done tho.

    • Mark Foley says:

      Too bad some of the some “quit smoking” counselors become addicted to alcohol, porno, sex, and Lord only know’s what else. These addictions also lead to death. I know of one personally, if I knew where he was employed, I would inform the company of where he spends their dime most of the time. Adam4Adam gay sexual dating service. Pretty sick huh?

  37. Haluk says:

    Bah, none of these posters will work. First thing a smoker will do as soon as seeing one of these posters is to light a cigarette. These posters will not work because they were prepared by non-smokers… And they have the non-smoker mentality and therefore are not effective on smokers, who have a completely different mindset.

    What I can recommend to non-smokers who are willing to help their smoker friends is “STOP BEING ASSHOLES PLEASE”. Maybe you guys were lucky because you were born in a world of pussies -safety, health etc. conscious people everywhere; and you never had to try the filthy habit. But in our times, all our friends smoked. Our parents -although prohibited us smoking, used to smoke. And how convincing is it when your smoker mother tells you not to smoke? It was advertised on television, in newspapers, magazines, everywhere… They practically hooked us up with cigarettes and now they’re treating as if we’re some sort of lowlife creatures.

    • ru4real says:

      Ok let me just say there are so many things wrong with what you just put.
      First off – your friends who you so politely referred to as assholes, care enough about you to try and save your life so show a little appreciation you ungrateful s##t.
      Second – of cause we’re in a different mind set, most likely because part of our brains not focused on getting its next fix.
      Third – I’ve grown up around smoking my entire life friend’s, family you name it every one was smoking, yet I’ve managed never to go near one of the vile little life shortners.
      Forth – people don’t treat smokers like low life, in fact there putting extra effort into making it so you even still HAVE a life.
      And finally – if your just going to insult the anti-smoking ad’s why click on a site that shows them in the first place.

    • Mike says:

      haluk…well said

    • Mike says:

      Ru4real..as you said to haluk…why are you on the site? Discrimination perhaps? I don’t smoke but I do not like those who discriminate against others. As for your comment about vile life shortners…how do you know when nobody knows how long anyone will live, plus you cannot name one person who has died from smoking. If smoking killed nobody would be smoking would they…they’d be dead.

    • Violet says:

      don’t feel so defensive.

      Non smokers just laugh at you.

  38. FuckkYouuu says:

    Fact: non smokers die everyday.

  39. Great sight and great pics! I used a couple in my blog… thanks so much! Blessings!


  40. andrea says:

    smoking is gross

  41. pkr says:

    the lungs made out of cigarettes was REALLY shocking. The one on the pavement about how much tar is in you ow is scary. but the one that scared me the most was the one with the dead guy’s tracing and a CIGARETTE was evidence!!!!! it’s just a WOW

  42. joelan19 says:

    These are really great and catchy designs! It’s a tricky move to ban smoking even if it’s obviously a health risk. Many jobs were created because of the tobacco industry. Governments benefit from the tax from these companies. I also wrote an article regarding this at http://socyberty.com/issues/should-we-ban-smoking/

  43. imsMart says:

    im smoking to shorten my life anyway………the ads are lies
    china is the healthiest country in the world and 93% of the pop. smoke!!! ha i should sue them for false advertisemnt
    drink=bad smoke=no harm nuff said.

  44. Jackie says:

    I am living a better nd happier life then I was when I was smoking nd I juss wanted to let everyone now that it iz best to quite.

  45. shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite says:

    dude, 53,000 people die from second hand smoke a year??
    what the fuck,, thats bolocks, no one’s ever even died from second hand smoke before, lying isnt the right way to get people too quit

    • Yael says:

      Well, did you know that secondhand smoke is four times more toxic than the smoke that the smoker himself inhales?

    • Kangri says:

      Yael, I always found that “fact” to be total bullshit. The smoke alone is inhaling the smoke, and his lungs filter out a lot of what was in the primary smoke. You’re gonna tell me that the remnant smoke is more harmful than what the smoker inhaled? What did we happen to add to the smoke that would make it “4 times more dangerous”? The only thing I could think of is the carbon dioxide people exhale as a process of breathing. Even non-smokers exhale carbon dioxide. Don’t go around saying ignorant “facts”.

    • Violet says:

      Check your facts.

      Start with the World Health Organization.

      Or do a simple search on deaths caused by second hand smoke.


    • Karen says:

      Name one person who has died from second hand smoke?
      If you believe those facts when you see in real world these things are not happening who’s the Moron?

  46. Hey. I must say you designs are really intense and terribly captivating. I would like to suggest you to float these designs to aware people against smoking

  47. fiber optik says:

    Nice Photos and manupulation. Thanks for share.

  48. Sam H says:

    Personally I think what a lot of garbage, first of with out keeping a control group in isolation breathing the purest air they can for their entire lives, a group of smokers, non smokers and passive smokers any result is flawed. I’m not saying it ain’t bad, but the anti smoking lobby takes the worst cast scenario and scare mongers everyone in to believing it will happen to everyone.

    Ad’s like these a grossly irresponsibly and promote a contempt, hate and or acceptance of discrimination as well as Vilanizing smokers. I believe there was this guy called Hitler, who Ironically for all Intensive purposes lead the anti smoking movement, who did much the same as the anti smoking lobby which resulted in the deaths of millions of Jews.

    It is my personal choice to smoke, and I try to be considerate. I know the potential risk, I accept that and any consequences of that. What I do not accept is these so called do gooders who are prepared to take away personal choice and impose their will on the population of the world. It’s Fascism to a degree and it scares me to think how many people are prepared to give up their personal will to have someone else views imposed on them…. I mean how long is before someone imposes something you don’t like on you.

    Our personal choice is something that we must under no circumstances ever lose.

    • Jackie says:

      That is so true. I started to smoke at the age of 12 nd I realized that it was fucking up my life so at the age of 14 I decided to stop nd I have been tobacco free for one year nd I fill great.

    • not Sam H says:

      Umm, I believe there was this guy called Hitler, who Ironically used poison gas against groups of people… kind of like you walking garbage heaps. How long is it before someone imposes something I dont like on me? It’s been happening my entire life and it’s you all who have been doing it. I choose not to smoke but my personal choice is violated daily when I round some corner and get a facefull of sore throat and headache and all the inner stuff I don’t feel that builds up. What you need to fear is the day I am pushed to far and start fighting fire with fire.

    • Mike says:

      as for “not sam h”…I’ll bet it doesn’t bother you walking around a corner and taking in car exhaust fumes from the cars driving by? yet a whisper of second hand smoke does??? And no you don’t get sore throat and headache from second hand smoke. Stop lying.

  49. amazing digital art.. im impressed

  50. travesti says:

    Great ideas for delivering the message, extremely creative. Thanks for share..

  51. I just quit smoking.
    great photos && ideas.

  52. izolasyon says:

    Smoking is bad for you? I had no idea!! Thank you so much, all of you, for posting this article and all of your posts! I’ll quit right away!

  53. sling bag says:

    was a very different work. Covers the whole world must fight against smoking. Measures should be taken more seriously. Thank you for Sharing.

  54. Zach says:

    Damn, man.
    I cant even blow smoke rings let alone smoke guns!11!!

  55. Notgonnasay says:

    Okay so my father smoked while i was a kid and I have had no negative effects from it as far as i can tell. I have no issues with asthma or any breathing issues at all. My growth was not stunted cause i’m six foot and a little pudgy. Does smoking lead to lung cancer? the answer is yes. however, second hand smoke isn’t super leathal like these adds are claiming. I have been around a smoker all my life and have suffered no ill effects.

    • Steve says:

      Your argument is fallacious for the reason that you’re projecting your own experiences as being the general truth. Like those people who say “My grandma smoked 40 a day and lived to be 100 so smoking can’t be bad!” just because it happened for you does not mean it’s the same for everyone. The evidence is that second hand smoke causes all sorts of problems in children – the fact you got lucky does not change that.

    • Mike says:

      Steve – there is no evidence that second hand smoke is harmful. There is real life evidence it is not! As for Notgonnasay it points out that second hand smoke is not harmful by example. It’s not a matter of lucky. You cannot get two different results for one same scenario without another factor. Impossible. For example, if one claims to get sick from secondhand smoke and another doesn’t, then the problem of the one who got sick must be something else. Otherwise all would get sick from secondhand smoke. If the second hand smoke issue was real then you simply would not have to learn it from stats, as it would be obvious. And it’s not.

  56. jake says:

    I hate it when people say “smoking isnt bad, more people die of obesity than smoking” that just means that they are BOTH bad.

  57. Annon... says:

    Most of these posters/ads show nothing untrue, although some of them are a little rediculus. But has anyone noticed that most people who have left comments on this page are complaining about them and the fact that people are trying to prevent smoking?? If smoking isn’t a big deal then why are you getting offended by people want to prevent it. It shouldn’t matter to you. Let those who want to listen to the advice listen, and if you don’t believe that smoking is a health risk… then don’t listen to them. It really doesn’t effect you.

    I think these ads are really creative, and a great way of trying to get the message across. Good Work!

  58. Anonomyous says:

    A lot of you are arguing that others around you should not be making decisions in your life, as in a smoker sitting by you in a restaurant that allows smoking is making the decision to shorten your life as well as his/her own.

    Have you not thought about simply moving away from the smoker? Sure, it may be an inconvenience to you, however it may be an inconvenience to the smoker to put his cigarette out for you. Smokers make their decisions – make yours as well.

    For the record: I am not a smoker. I don’t oppose smoking, and I don’t promote smoking.

    • Diana Davis says:

      And what about the server who has to stand in that cloud of smoke to take that person’s order while they are smoking? They don’t have the luxury of walking away from the situation because it’s their job…

  59. Joshua says:

    Guess what? You’re all going to die, one way or another. No one here is safe from dying, and in fact things in your environment will kill you. Do you walk down the street? The New England Journal of Medicine says car exhaust is up to ten times more dangerous than cigarette smoke. Do you ever go out for fast food, through the drive thru. Yeah, you’re getting about four packs of cigarette damage just sitting there in your car. The sad thing is, the media has you so convinced you are going to live forever that now you think its okay to discriminate against people who make different choices. For me, its a matter of practicality. We won’t have social security when we get older, we also won’t have employee retirement packages (unless you work for the government or an incredibly good company). I would rather not take up space, or starve instead of die of lung cancer. I live my life to the fullest every day, and smoking is part of that, because its part of this country, of this world. I don’t want to live forever, or even another fifty years. I’ve lived a great and full life, and when my time comes I won’t be whining that I didn’t get to take up more tax dollars and selfishly extend my life. If you guys would do some research you could find a cause worth spiriting, something that actually hurts people that we can all agree is horrifying, like starvation.

    • Rob says:

      You are retarded.
      It is not just about “choices”, it’s about bad choices, that affect your health and the health of those around you.
      I don’t know how you will live your life to the fullest every day, while having several problems with your respiratory system, without being able to run, having cardiovascular problems, bad brain irrigation, premature erectile dysfunction, etc. It’s not just you are going to die from lung cancer, you are going to live with a poor quality of life, and make others suffer the same consequences.
      Not only that, ruining your own health wil ruin the health of your descendants too.
      So, please Grow up.

    • Mike says:

      Rob – You just named all the problems overweight people have. Smokers don’t have those issues you mentioned without being related to other health factors beyond smoking. Many athletes smoke without problems. You are assuming what you have no knowledge of. You did not understand what Joshua wrote at all. Judging from your name calling I question who is the one who needs to grow up.

  60. Michael says:

    Fact: More people die from obesity than they do from smoking, first hand or other. Think about that next time your ostracizing smokers while sucking down that Whopper (which has in itself enough caloric, fat, sodium, carb content for 2/3 days worth of food intake.)

    We make ads, campaigns, awareness against Smoking. We ban it in public areas and in whole cities. Yet what is being done about Obesity? Nothing. Not a damn thing. Instead they push fast food more and more. They intice you in further by claiming things like “drive thru diet” because it has “less fat.” Sure it has less fat, but all the fat it DOES have is ALL saturated!

    Even regular non fast food is caked with so much sodium, it just widens the range of people dying from Blood Pressure and Cardiac issues.

    Most “meals” you eat contain more sodium than you are suppose to intake in a single day, and I bet most of you load salt on top of said meals.

    The Moral? If you are going to segregate and berate smokers, then you better round up all the heavy people and equally ostracize them for eating fast food. Then, boycott Burger King, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, KFC, etc etc.

    @Jessie. Sam is partially correct in that “hard to quit” is a cop out and whinny. I have quit before and I tell you what, it is EASY not Hard! MOST people that “try” to quit are not trying. They cut down a bit to ween themselves off of the addiction, or use nicoret. That’s the WORST way to quit. You are keeping your body in constant withdrawl by cutting down slowly! You have to go cold turkey and that is the ONLY way to do it properly. You wouldn’t put a heroine addict in rehab and slow down his injections at first would you? Heck no, they make them do cold turkey. That is NO different than this.

    • Michael says:

      Just to reply to one of the ad’s:
      53,000 people die yearly from second hand smoke Globally
      440,000 people die from 1st hand smoking Globally.

      365,000 people die yearly from obesity in the US alone! JUST THE US!!!

      With over 1.7 BILLION people suffering from Obesity, it is THE leading preventable cause of death worldwide.

      But yea, smokers are the bad guys 😛

    • Sam says:

      I have to agree with every point you make about obesity Michael, except it’s not obesity that’s the problem (more on that in a second).

      “But yea, smokers are the bad guys” 😛

      Not at all. Smokers are simply targets.

      The reason they’ve become such, and marginalized as they are, is that they no long have effective corporate lobbying shielding their collective habit.

      “*WHAT*!?” you gasp, “Lobbying has *nothing* to do with smoking *or* obesity!”

      Au contraire, mon frer. It has everything to do with that, and the epidemic of obesity running riot world wide.

      Corporations within the US now enjoy more rights and privileges than any individual, supposedly free, citizen. You will notice they have the “right” to bring their products to market, despite them being demonstrably harmful to the environment, the economy, and the consumer.

      Why? Because they have lobbyists and lawyers massaging the ears and pocketbooks of those elected to represent us. They have insinuated themselves into and suborned the very agencies supposed to protect us. They do everything possible to keep us distracted from what they are doing and fearful of making a fuss.

      A single chemical company has set its sights on becoming the sole provider of seed corn / soy / cotton / wheat / vegetables / etc., etc., etc. in the US, and possibly the world.

      To that end it suescustomers and rivals, spends millions lobbying, stacks regulatory agencies with ex-employees, and hires dubious “experts” to foster their agenda, to make their GE seed the de facto standard for production agriculture.

      Lobbyists for agri-corporations have induced 13 states to enact laws making it financial suicide to criticize food producers. Informally known as veeggie libel laws, they exist to protect agricultural corporations from negative publicity. Remember Oprah getting sued for comments about mad cow disease?

      There’s more, so much more, that I could wax rhapsodical about the subject and bore you to tears *but*

      The long and short of it is this:

      Obesity is a symptom.
      Smoking is a symptom.
      Any over consumption is a symptom.

      The true problem is corporations who value profit above all else, and government that enables them. Companies, working hand in hand with politicians, view us not as people, but as consumers, taxpayers, revenue streams, something to be tapped in order to survive, and discarded when we are no longer useful.

      To cure the symptoms, we must first cure the causes.

      — Additional material for those interested —

      Know thine enemy (Industry friendly link)
      Food, Inc. DVD well worth watching
      The Omnivore’s Dilemma written by the NY Times Food Critic, Michael Pollan
      Get active in government (I link this organization because at least they seem reasonable, sane and are not part of either the liberal or conservative establishment.)
      Stop career politicians This one is long overdue in the US.

  61. Jessie says:

    As a smoker, these pictures do nothing more than make me want a cigarette. In this day and age, we all know smoking is not the healthiest of choices, but honestly, it’s my life and I plan on doing what I like with it. It’s an addiction, and a very hard one to quit at that. It’s so much a part of my every day life, it would be hard without it. I have tried to quit twice, and it’s the hardest thing to do. If anyone has an addiction, they’ll know how it is. It’s not like we can just up and quit in a day and go on with our lives. It’s impossible.

    • Sam says:

      Bullshit. Whiny, pathetic, victim bullshit.

      I’ve smoked and quit more times than I care to remember, starting when cigarettes were 25¢ from machines you found *everywhere*.

      You made the decision to stick that nasty, disease ridden (you *DO* know that I’m talking about the fact that cigarettes have been found to carry everything from Clostridium to e Coli and back, because the farms can be fertilized with untreated sewage, SINCE IT’S NOT A FOODSTUFF, right?), cancer stick in your face. You can just as easily make the decision to stop.

      But instead, you choose to hold on to it, rationalize it, say “it’s my life” and continue on your merry way.

      Well guess what. It’s not your life. You don’t live in a vacuum. Your relatives will be affected by your decision. Your children will [if you’re old enough to have spawned any]. You will affect everyone in this forum who’s a taxpayer, because while you’re likely sorta healthy looking / feeling now…when you start getting old enough you’ll more than likely be sucking off of government medical assistance, because private insurers will have dropped you like a hot potato.

      So grow a pair. Stick it to the corporations. Stand up for something. Quit … or die sooner.

      It’s up to you.

    • Jessie says:

      It’s not really whining. Nor is it victim bullshit. It’s my opinion on this topic. I was just stating how I feel about it. Don’t try to pretend you’re better than me because you’ve quit, which I’m assuming you have due to the context of your post, when you were also a smoker yourself. You’re still going to have some of the same problems as every other smoker in the world.

      And I plan on dying sooner, thank you. Maybe I’ll quit someday in the future, maybe not. And don’t tell me to stand up for something. You have no idea what I do with my life.

    • Sam says:

      “It’s not really whining. Nor is it victim bullshit.

      Yeah, it is. Reread your own words:

      “It’s an addiction, and a very hard one to quit at that. It’s so much a part of my every day life, it would be hard without it.”

      Victim / whining. Smoking controls you, and life will suck without my crutch.

      “I have tried to quit twice, and it’s the hardest thing to do.”

      Victim. The evil substance is at fault, I’m powerless and impotent in the face of it, and have given up.

      “If anyone has an addiction, they’ll know how it is. It’s not like we can just up and quit in a day and go on with our lives. It’s impossible.

      Victim / defeatist / generalization. You pick a day, you make the decision, you quit and take any steps necessary to support that decision.

      Does it mean you’re instantly successful? No.

      You’re successful only as long as you don’t smoke/drink/sex/eat/drug/what ever, for the day. For a while that decision, and the steps you take to accomplish it, *is* your life. But after a while it’s not, because while you weren’t looking you did the “impossible”.

      Plenty of people have accomplished the “impossible”, and they all started by deciding that whatever it was they were going to pull off *was* possible.

      “Don’t try to pretend you’re better than me because you’ve quit…”

      I didn’t, you assume that. What I did was call your shit what it is. Opinion or not, it’s victim thinking, defeatist attitude, and in short, bullshit.

      “You’re still going to have some of the same problems as every other smoker in the world.”

      Wrong again buttercup. Here’s a picture to help present the medical facts: http://blisstree.com/files/2007/06/smoking_timeline_2070x1530.gif

      And here’s another medical fact: Having spent time in the healthcare profession in my life, I can state categorically that if *any* active smoker enters surgery they will heal more slowly, be at peril for more complications, and risk their surgery being ineffective.

      It doesn’t matter whether that surgery is to fix a shattered limb at age 20, or implant a prosthetic joint at 60, the fact is that active smokers are handicapping their own healing by the choice they make.

      “And I plan on dying sooner, thank you.”

      More’s the pity for you.

      “And don’t tell me to stand up for something. You have no idea what I do with my life.”

      Nor do you have any idea of mine, but that’s not the point.

      You did not refute any statement I made in my previous post, so I’m going to stand up and say clearly:

      The issue is smoking.

      Clinging to something that harms you, in spite of factual evidence that it does so, is stupid.

      Rationalizing that any substance is more powerful than you are is weak.

      Refusing to debate the issue on the facts is cowardly.

      Making this into something personal is avoidance.


    • EML says:

      It is one’s right to harm your own body should you choose, but it is NOT a right and morally wrong to harm anyone else around you. The difference between smoking and obesity is that obesity only harms that person. Sure there are other things to consider such as the bad eating habits being a bad influence on people around that person and when the person dies due to obesity related illness the family and friends are emotionally effected, but to poison and suffocate a non-smoker when all they are doing is simply breathing….There is a huge difference between these two things!

    • Kyhan says:

      Sam is right. You are pathetic.

      You have no real drive to quit. Yeah, you want to die young, but maybe that’s just whatever shitty angst you have. How old are you? If you’re between 13 and 23, you are a fucking moron for saying you want to die young. You don’t know what that means–you don’t have meaning in your life yet, and you’re throwing potential years of health and happiness away because, right now, you are listening to that little bullshit “I have nothing to give to the world” voice in your head.

      Story time: My girlfriend was a smoker. She’s 20 now, started when she was 13. She quit for a few months, started again when she got her license at 16. She’d practically been smoking for 6 years, with little time between quits.

      We agreed, after reconnecting online, to start dating about 8 months ago, and when we did that I mentioned–without any intent of getting a reaction–that I found smoking unattractive because all my grandparents died of smoking-related illness. Without telling me she quit. She slipped up once or twice, took a puff of one of her friend’s already-lit cigs, but caught herself and stopped. She went to see me on November 21st. She hasn’t even touched a cigarette since, because she “doesn’t need it anymore.”

      It may sound stupid, and I don’t have a proper way to phrase it, but she found meaning somewhere. She found something that makes her not want to just die young, a reason to stay healthy and keep her health. She’s looking into her physical future and actually caring about herself because she found a reason to.

      You don’t have any reason to quit. You’re just a pathetic tool to the machine of tobacco. “It’s too hard”–bullshit. You don’t want to quit because you don’t see any meaning in your own goddamned life, so you don’t think there’s any reason to quit.

      You are your problem.
      Cigarettes are one of society’s problems.
      People like you are the problem.

      My mom always asks, “Why pick up a habit that in 30 years, you will spend the rest of your life regretting?”

      It’s because kids and young adults don’t fucking see into their future. They don’t realize how horrible it will feel. It’s not an instant, gun-shot death–it’s a slow, painful, year-long decline to dust, filled with bodily failure and suffocation. They don’t see that, years down the line, they will find meaning. They don’t realize that high school and angst-y problems go away and something better comes to replace it.

      So they make a stupid decision, not thinking about the consequences, and for that, when they finally grow the fuck up, they realize their error and regret it.

      So have fun regretting.

    • Miles says:

      Sam –you seem smart, but how many do you know in real life who have died from smoking or second smoke? If people were dying from smoking or second hand smoke there would be no debate about it. That’s because it would be very obvious in real life around you and nothing to debate. Think about it. Most are not honest with that question and start naming relatives who died from smoking. They assume on their own or claim doctors told them. It’s used as a form of closure. For sure smoking is bad but the lying about it is worse. If a non smoker gets cancer the cause is unknown, yet if a smoker gets cancer all of a sudden health people become experts knowing smoking was the cause? That does not add up.

    • Violet says:

      that is because you are an idiot.

    • Kathy says:

      Kyhan – I don’t smoke but I would rather smoke then be as arrogant as you are.
      Nobody knows what their odds are of getting cancer or dying no matter what they do. So, if someone does not smoke, ok what is the odds of getting cancer? You will never know that. If you believe all the propaganda about smoking and secondhand smoke it simply means you are not smart enough to figure out things logically for yourself. You just believe everything you hear or read.

    • Karen says:

      Those who name call are idiots Violet. You are very naive and immature.

  62. Some of these images are incredible – I dont’ smoke myself but if I did I think some of these would put me off.


  63. WIllis says:

    Do you know who first started anti-smoking campaigns? NAZIS! That’s who!

    • Sam says:

      Just because they were fascists doesn’t mean they were stupid.

    • Kyhan says:

      Actually, the Nazis were quite intelligent. Hitler was a sociopath, but not an idiot. He had enough of an understanding of sociology to brainwash generations of intellectuals into hating the Jews for no goddamned reason. They were led by bad people, they did bad shit, and there were good people in them who were just trying to follow something that had meaning, but to think they were idiots is being stupid yourself. And for the record, I’m Jewish.

  64. Goose says:

    HOLY SHIT. Smoking is bad for you? I had no idea!! Thank you so much, all of you, for posting this article and all of your posts! I’ll quit right away!


    I don’t plan on living a long life and becoming dependent on somebody else for my own survival. Until that day comes, I live life on my own terms, doing whatever the hell I see fit. So go on and shoot off at the mouth about your anti-smoking bs, I’ll be the one over here, laughing and loving my life.

    You people make me sick.

    • Runner says:

      Running by you smoking makes me sick. Why should you make decisions about my life?

    • Mark says:

      Only the very weak would be effected by second hand smoke which did not affect people in the 100 years before the second hand smoke hoax started. All of a sudden in 1995 after being announced second hand smoke started affecting people? I doubt it. It only brought self righteous people to the surface giving them something to cry about. I don’t smoke and second hand smoke never bothered me anymore then car exhaust. I don’t go out putting down car drivers or try to stop them!

  65. Chris says:

    Well…First off, I don’t smoke myself. Kicked that habit in my early adult life. Second off, the anti-smoking campaigners is full of bullshit. We all know smoking aint good for you, but there is no study showing that passive smoking lead to lung cancers or what have you. You’re more likely to develop lung problems walking near heavy traffic to be honest. Those studies that where made where inconclusive but the antismoke lobby got no problems making stuff up to get their point acroess. Truth is, these images, while well made and some quite inventive wont get anyone to stop smoking and I dont think they would stop anyone from starting either. Let people smoke as much as they want. I really hate those idiots who make it a point to cough and wheeze everytime they get near a smoker. They make only themselfes look like some foolish controlfreaks and they piss off people for no good reason at all just so they can go back home and pat themselfes on their back for trying to embarrass some poor individual and make themselfes feel good. Bah, pathetic.

    • Jen says:

      There are lots of studies proving that passive smoking leads to lung cancer and plenty of other diseases. Check the Wikipedia entry for passive smoking, for a start. This line that it’s not proven is just untrue – a tobacco industry lie that they plant here and there to help people feel okay about smoking and fouling up everyone’s air.

    • Chris says:

      Wrong. Those studies where inconclusive. Also, Wikipedia is a very bad source. Half of it is made up on the spot, the rest is lying.

    • Jen says:

      Hilarious, Chris. Interesting how the Wikipedia entry on passive smoking cites many, many current and available pieces of scientific research and your comments do not.

    • Chris says:

      I wont bother with citing sources. Everyone know Wikipedia can, and is edited by anyone with a keyboard(and an agenda mind you) so its next to worthless as a source.

      To see how the anti-smoke campaign is making stuff up, watch the Penn&Teller episode they made about them. The study both the wikipedia entry and alot of doctors refer to is the EPA study they made back in the 80’s. It’s been proven that they lied on it, removed conflicting evidence to make it say what they wanted.

      It’s like the BMI index alot of doctors use, and think is factual. Sure, it was relevant back in the early 1900 when some douche made it, but since people live better and longer lives today, and have entirelly different bodystructure and weight, its equally worthless as a source.

    • Kyhan says:

      Actually, a new study shows that one cigarette a month can lead to an addiction.


      Passive smoking leads to regular smoking.

    • Violet says:

      Yes there is.
      Search Heather Crowe for one and then check out WHO stats for second hand smoke deaths.


    • Kathy says:

      Kyhan – if that were true about passive smoke we’d all be smokers. DUH!

    • Karen says:

      How do you know the Crowe case is not false? Guess what you don’t! Search more and you will find info that’s says it was false. If that’s not the case then name others who have died from second hand smoke over the past 100 years. The proof second hand smoke does not kill is in real life, look around you moron!

    • Tammy says:

      Violet try reading the non bias facts out there. (If you’re not bias but you are) There is no proof about Crowe nor logical facts.
      If second hand smoke kills or even smoking you would not need stats to tell you so. You’d see it in real life.
      and you don’t.

  66. Waqas says:

    wow.. what a creatively.. amazing digital art.. im impressed

  67. Some very iconic images here – food for thought

  68. Meredith says:

    The artwork was great, but to me it was only artwork. As a smoker of 11 years, I have to say that the only thing that it did was make me want another smoke break. But, this would make a great thing to show young people who are thinking about smoking, maybe it will stop them from starting. Maybe if there were pictures like this when I was younger, I wouldn’t have started smoking.

    • Johnson Koh says:

      I think you hit the point Meredith. These images are more suited for the younger ones who are about to start smoking, or some parents that may want to give their children a healthier environment.

  69. Nahid says:

    Wow superb collection.. Amazing keep up

  70. Tria says:

    I have asthma, which I was told when I was diagnosed was most likely caused by passive smoking in a household where my parents collectively smoked 70 cigarettes a day for at least 10 of my first 15 years of life. I’ve never smoked, nor ever will.

    Thank you for this campaign.

  71. Rick G House says:

    There’s no argument that smoking is harmful. But what about the millions of smokers who have tried unsuccessfully to quit smoking? Should they be doomed to an early death?

    In a recent press release, Dr. Elizabeth Whelan (President of the American Council on Science and Health), exposed the FDA, calling their statement “distorted, incomplete and misleading” in reference to a press conference that the FDA held to scare Americans away from electronic cigarettes. Federal and state agencies collect 26 BILLION dollars per year on tobacco taxes, and ZERO on e-cigarettes.

    Basically, the FDA is strongly advising us to “Stay away from these new electronic cigarettes. Stick to the good old (tax revenue producing) tobacco cigarettes. You know, the ones that cause nearly half a million deaths each year in the US alone”

    The FDA has violated its own rules of presenting policies based upon sound science. In essence the FDA is telling us we don’t care whether Americans live or die. We want our tax revenues!

    Tobacco cigarettes are deadly, not only due to the presence of toxins and carcinogens, but because smokers inhale huge amounts of smoke (products of combustion). The result? Millions of people die from heart disease, lung disease, cancer etc.

    Smokers ‘need’ nicotine. By getting the nicotine without the smoke, e-cig users enjoy an enormous health benefit over tobacco smokers.

    The FDA has approved other nicotine delivery systems (gums and patches) but they have been dismal failures, with a success rate of under 15%. So by only approving products that don’t work, the FDA has condemned millions of smokers to a lingering death. We desperately need other alternatives. Dr. Whelan commented, “Cigarette smoking remains the leading cause of preventable disease and death in the United States today. Any alternative acceptable to addicted smokers should be taken seriously. Instead of condemning the e-cigarette, the FDA should be sponsoring studies to evaluate its safety and efficacy, leaving it on the market in the interim.”

    If you know someone who smokes, you can do them a big favour.

    Go to http://www.get-e-cigs.com/

  72. I know how hard it is to stop smoking this campaign is really good and some of the images are very hard hitting.

  73. omg! i think everybody have to look this pictures 😉


  74. Alican says:

    bill hicks says worst kind of non smoker is you stupid assholes i am willing to die ten years before my time just so i be fuckn cool each fuckn day 🙂 nice day

    • Annabelle says:

      wow u are an idiot. oh great, u get to look cool, and then die early. thats a really great trade. oh, and by the way. smoking doesnt make u look cool. u look like an idiot.

    • Violet says:


      Bill hicks died from cancer.


  75. Sebastian says:

    These adverts and the anti-smoking movement as a whole would be a lot better off if it didn’t lie to get their point across.

    Smoking is bad as it is; it’s not necessary to make stuff up and in the long run it’s only going to discredit the movement.

    For example, no study has determined that second hand smoke is dangerous (unless you’re in a locked room for hours with smoke), much less than it kills 53k people a year.

    The one study that has shown a possible link was done by the American EPA in 1991 (or 1993 can’t remember for sure) and the authors made sure to mention that their results were inconclusive.

    However, the anti-tobacco lobby has no problem lying to get their point across.

    • Jen says:

      Nonsense. Read ALL of this:


      or indeed, the Wikipedia entry on passive smoking. It is a standard tobacco industry ploy to try to seed doubt, like your comment does, against all reliable scientific evidence.

    • Johnson Koh says:

      Jen is right, my friend. Second-hand smoke does produce harmful effects.

    • Miles says:

      Ken – if you have to get your information from stats and not real life experience don’t you suspect something is wrong. you believe this stuff because of what you read. what about what you see in the real world. be realistic and honest with yourself. Not bias.

    • Mark says:

      Johnson – how to you know. from what you read? Name one person you know who has had any problems and death by second hand smoke and I will show you a liar.

    • Violet says:


      you are a moron.

      Do your research.

      Start with Heather Crowe. If you haven’t heard of her you are a bigger moron than I thought.

    • Bill says:

      Who’s the Moron Violet when you can only name one person whom you only read about to have died from second hand smoke. You are the moron for believing all the propaganda without thought. Who are others who have died from second hand smoke? If Crowe died from second hand smoke then why aren’t others dying from second hand smoke? If so where is their stories? If there is name them. If they can name Crowe then they can name some more? Calling people Morons makes you a Moron.

    • Jill says:

      Violet – here is a link to the real non bias facts about Crowe, but of course bias people like you would never read it.
      Spoils your enjoyment of name calling and you might actual have to think logically.


  76. James Qu says:

    fantastic collection!! really amazing creativity. Posted on my facebook fan page.
    thanks for sharing

  77. Web Design says:

    Scary and creative at the same time…But sincerely, I still won’t quit smoking, that’s a bad habit I will have to deal with my entire life.
    The best way is not to smoke from the beginning, after you had your first smoke it’s difficult to come back to a “clean” life…

  78. rian143 says:

    awesome !!!

  79. These are really cool!

  80. ahmed says:

    those photos does support your topic ..

  81. sajjad.b says:

    hi dude. i will not smok again 🙁

  82. Yaniv G says:

    every cigarette contains 4000 chemicals, and dozens of them are carcinogens. every time you smoke you are letting toxins like DDT, ammonia, arsenic, butane and many more.

    • Sebastian says:

      Unless you smoke a brand like American Spirits, this is true. However, it is not currently confirmed by any study whether or not those chemicals make a cigarette more or less safe.

  83. beel says:

    Cool designs… I love smoking though and won’t be stopping any time soon.

  84. #1 #2 and #8 are great.. i like these very much.. anyway great collection.. anywayz am an occasional smoker.. 🙂

  85. yohanes says:

    hai semua salam kenal. aku yohanes,16, indonesian.
    melihat dari 50 Most Creative Anti-Smoking Advertisements aku sangat terkagum melihat karya-karya yang sangat inspiratif dan fantastic, smoking=deadth, it all is cool. 😀

  86. VIVROCKS says:

    Yukk Results, Amazing creativity 😀

  87. Brilliant work.

    I have cared for smokers with lung cancer.

    Without exception, this habit is not worth the price one pays with their health.


    Lynn Fishman RN

  88. Julie says:

    Wow. I “quit” today. At 46, I’ve smoked 11 of my 46 years. Fortunately, my body now responds immediately to its ill effects. This recent bout has lasted 1.5 yrs. Even 2 or 3 cigarettes in a day make me feel rotten now. It took me over a year to get to this point, though. It’s difficult to see the health effects when you are younger.

    As a non-smokier, unless you’ve been addicted to something else, you have no idea how to make people quit smoking. It’s the only addiction I’ve had (except for, perhaps, sugar & processed foods), but I think I have an idea how any addict feels.

    When I was younger, the only thing that made me think twice about it was an appeal to my vanity. Although a few were over the top, the before & after models were effective and, believe me, realistic. I was also struck by the teenage boy with a gun to his head. Many of them were very good.

  89. Jordan Cj's girl for life haters says:

    Esther said this is wrong smoking is going to kill your lungs it’s not energy. I say all the people who smoke should f***en stop there going to die soon then other people why would you want to die early STOP SMOKING DAMINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D: >3 =( THE BIG QUESTION!! lOSING YOUR LIFE SOONER REALLY BUT WHY DO THAT?

  90. acathur says:

    smoking’s not just what you see or what you hear at all, and there’is too much exaggeration in these pics IMO. anyway, nice try…

  91. Kat says:

    Wow, a very nice collection.
    I recognise the last twelve adverts in the series from a photoshoot done in an early series of “America’s Next Top Model”.

  92. Thomas says:

    Scary – I’m glad I stopped smoking a couple of years ago …. 😉

  93. Roei CPO says:

    WOW there’s some really nice Ad’s.
    i really liked the first, he’s the most beautiful one here.

    🙂 thanks.

  94. crille says:

    Impressing collection. Time to quite smoking!

  95. Nimal says:

    Nice 1

  96. Fauad Baradja says:

    this is very interesting .
    I really grateful to know this website .
    I am Fuad Baradja
    chief of education of Indonesian smoking control foundation .
    member of Indonesian tobacco control network .
    glad to find you here .

  97. MK says:

    MUHAHA!!! Die, smokers, DIE IN FIRE! Burn ya self!

  98. Ashfaque says:

    Here you are featuring some of my works too!!


  99. dsphinx says:

    I just quit smoking !!!!
    great photos && ideas !!!

  100. Thorsten says:

    Impressing collection.

  101. Jahangir says:

    All ads are great, conveying the message nicely.

  102. Beth McLain says:

    Awesome… After seeing this still guys do smoke even in front of there children.

    • Mary says:

      how many smokers do you know look like in those pictures.
      not one! I don’t smoke but lets be realistic.

  103. Ashley says:

    Oh such a beatiful campaign. As a smoker it made want to smoke more. God, I love cigarretes!

  104. Smoking Ads says:

    Great collection, have you seen the brazilian anti smoking adverts:


  105. eric says:

    Wow… i like these

  106. Rose says:

    I like the last ones the best. One “it will give you wrinkles” ad is worth ten thousand “it will give you cancer” ones.

  107. Kryptic says:

    Amazing Collection…

  108. M@rce says:

    Impresionante!! estoy de acuerdo con toda esa publicidad que tiene que sensibilizar a todos las consecuencias del consumo de esa droga blanda.

  109. bruce says:

    B E A T I F U L

    Great ideas for delivering the message, extremely creative. Thanks a lot for the post.

  110. designsy says:

    I just hate smoking, love these ads very much, great job

  111. Dany says:

    Geat campaigns… As a non-smoker, I know how hard it is to convince smokers to quit. Logical arguments never work alone, that’s why this kind of campaign is strongly needed…

    But sometimes… you just don’t get it… http://dyvantity.com/sensibilisation/association-against-tobacco-sexual-slave/ (comparing smokers to sexual slaves?!)

    Regards! And congrats for your amazing blog!

    • Johnson Koh says:

      I totally agree 🙂

    • Mary says:

      its not your business to convince others to quit smoking? there is no logic I can see except discrimination and lies. smoking is not good but stop lying and mind your business and don’t give the second hand smoke excuse.
      you don’t get it!

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