80 Funny and Realistic Photo Manipulations

Photoshop is fun to use because we can combine certain elements to create an unique concept, that can look convincing to even the most experienced set of eyes. You can get as creative with your photo manipulation works since the aim is to achieve a realistic view of an unreal picture. Here are the best 80 photo manipulations that I gathered. Click on them to view the enlarged piece.

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  1. tiger says:

    cool.amazing. great

  2. Sana Askari says:

    Just one question and please don’t shoot me If I’m wrong…if the light on the body is coming from the right, shouldn’t the shadow be on the topper left rather than the topper right?

  3. Johnny says:

    These pictures are amazing…who put them together?

  4. Marwa says:


  5. riaz ahmed says:

    wonderful job!!!!!!

  6. jena ardell says:

    Great inspiration site… but you should really credit the photographers with at least a byline or source.

  7. Fantastic manipulations. Get there one day!

    RSS’ed ya site!

  8. cornelius69 says:

    Very awesome pics !!!

  9. Tehseen says:

    Great collection Johnson. Some of these are just outstanding.

  10. Alex says:

    Russian love your creative!
    They both can not do …

  11. Jessica says:

    Cool collection! A lot of interesting, sometimes scary but high-qualitive photo manipulations at one place. Thanks Johnson!

  12. è…¾ says:

    I like it!think you!

  13. X says:

    Nice collection, but why don’t you include the artist’s names with each one and give them credit?
    The blue eye for example, clearly didn’t want their image ripped off:
    Artist’s Comments
    “sry guys, but thanks to lot of art-theft, i disallowed downloading this, and added a watermark.”

    Yet, here it is on your site.

  14. me says:

    very nice work here thx 4 sharing

  15. Brilliant collection! Thanks for sharing

  16. Rita says:

    Incredible! Amazing! Congratulations for the job!!

  17. Mars says:

    😀 you made my day

  18. edoluz says:

    very very good!
    big head, fingers and others are great! very realistic!
    compliments for the choice!

  19. Phaoloo says:

    Awesome, you made a great roundup. I laugh a lot when seeing the first one with legs as heads and the superman in hospital

  20. Karthik D says:

    Really Great Works…

  21. sadhu says:

    agree, photoshop is king of graphic
    some of them very funny, but some scary… the strawberry baby is cute, i like the third one that is shop for head one, haha…

  22. bellering says:

    I’ve been wow-ed by many of them! Real awesome collection!!

  23. dGjess says:

    like them ol 😀

  24. Johnson Koh says:

    Thanks guys! Glad you guys enjoy this list as much as I do!

    • Richie says:

      Hey John, how to blend the contrast and the levels of two different pics so that it blends itself in the environment.. like that hand in the soccer field picture above…

  25. Lheoz says:

    nice post!

    Good skills and great subjects…

  26. Coolest post I have seen lately. very nice buddy.

  27. Magnus says:

    Very cool! I really enjoyed that.It is good to see what is possible to do…

  28. Designsy says:

    Great JOB, I like the one with Google Pin 🙂

  29. vasiauvi says:

    Waw…very nice collection! Some are a little bit scary but made by talented people!

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