Beautiful Fan Arts from Stjepan Sejic

Fan art is artwork based on a character, costume, item or story that was created by someone other than the artist – extracted from Wikipedia

Here we have an amazing collection of fan artworks made by a talented artist from Croatia. His name is Stjepan Sejic (aka Nebezial). Some of you might have seen his works from the DeviantArt. For those who have not, do go through the list below. It certainly reminded me a lot of those cartoons I watched when small. 😀

Click on the links provided to enlarge and get impressed by the details in these works. To view portfolio of Stjepan Sejic, click here.

Angelus Heritage – Click to Enlarge
Diablo 2 – Click to Enlarge
Harry Potter – Click to Enlarge
He-Man – Click to Enlarge
He-Man Teaser – Click to Enlarge
Lara Croft – Click to Enlarge
Lara Croft and The Cyberforce – Click to Enlarge
She-Ra – Click to Enlarge
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Click to Enlarge
Spiderman – Click to Enlarge
Wolverine and Hulk – Click to Enlarge
Thor and Ironman – Click to Enlarge
Venom – Click to Enlarge

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  1. ringoo says:

    I know him, he’s my favorite artist too, beside Mark Silvestri. Oh, by the way, did you know that some of the pieces over there are not fan art, but rather commissioned piece from top cow?

  2. Morph Review says:

    Just a short good day and to say thanks for expressing your thoughts in this article. I ended up on your website just after researching fitness related stuff on Bing… guess I got sort of distracted! Well, I’m off and many thanks for sharing your ideas. I’m going to be back again at some point to see your latest blogposts. Cheers!

  3. Iron Man was a remarkable motion picture! I paid for it it in theatre twice! The special effects and theironman suit were marvelous but there was more than to the picture than that. Every Last theatrical role was played by the greatest actor you could pick. All the primary personae were convoluted enough to in reality modify throughout the motion picture and Jon Favreau integrated these character maturations absolutely.

  4. Nicola says:

    The He-Man stuff is incredible! Great!

  5. Jody Meyer says:

    truly amazing stuff. 🙂

  6. Mars says:

    wow totally amazing, he is very talented

  7. Karthik D says:

    Fantastic Illustrations….

  8. Bariski says:

    Undoubtedly man he is very talented.

  9. Corey says:

    Very nice collection. Thanks!

  10. Niyi says:

    Love the Ninja turtles one! Based on this pic, they should make an R rated movie filled with blood and violence and add a great story if they could… no PG 13 for this one.

    BTW it’s now my work and home wallpaper.

  11. edoluz says:

    wow!!! HE is an artist!!

  12. bellering says:

    I like the Spiderman piece =)

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