Chibi Art of 20 Famous Characters

Chibi is known as "Small" in Japanese. Chibi Art is often used to create humour and cuteness out of a character. I found there are plenty of famous people or game characters in their chibi version. So here are 20 of them along with an image of their original self. Hope you all will like it 🙂
L from Death Note
Left: from Insomniac Vampire | Right: from Felicia Val
Left: from Kuebulan | Right: from Prodigy Bombay
Gaara from Naruto Shippuden
Left: from Hiruka00 | Right: from Gaara Kun
Harry Potter
Left: from Chayaa | Right: from CGVickers
Cloud from Final Fantasy VII
Left: from Negshin | Right: from Nekoshiei
Bumblebee from Transformers
Left: from Mephisto2501 | Right: from Mobile Suit Gio
Tifa from Final Fantasy VII
Left: from Dmitrys | Right: from Tifa Chan
Left: from Kzuya | Right: from J-C
Deidara from Naruto Shippuden
Left: from Vashperado | Right: from Dei Chan
Kenshin Himura
Left: from DW3Girl | Right: from Runeechan
Naruto from Naruto Shippuden
Left: from Shel Yang | Right: from 100p Cotton
Ichigo from Bleach
Left: from Udoncrew | Right: from Anjidadistroyer
Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII
Left: from Shuangwen | Right: from Siguredo
Left: from Diablo2003 | Right: from Shadow Wolf
Zero Suit Samus
Left: from ReiQ | Right: from Yuurei Kun
Jack Sparrow from Pirates of Carribean
Left: from Jprart | Right: from Schuyler Fox Dracul
Auron from Final Fantasy X
Left: from Pbozproduction | Right: from Novarain
Venom from Spiderman
Left: from Enricogalli | Right: from Hedbon Studios
Snake from Metal Gear
Left: from ArtGerm | Right: from Sage of Winds
Left: from Jcssic | Right: from Sakura02

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14 Comments | Write a Comment

  1. Jarakye says:

    Outstanding! hope there is a photoshop tutorial to do those especially the blending of colors and gradients…

    – ichigo chibi art – cooooollllllll…

  2. Rain says:

    OMG! wow thankyou so much for featuring me 🙂 (Jack sparrow chibi) <3 thankyou very much! Glad people enjoy it! 😀

  3. Saidul says:

    So funny but really great works, i hope that you will born some more character :p

  4. Liviu A. says:

    Lol, so funny, the most cool is Cpt. Sparrow, and Obama, they are so cibbi :D. Amazing work!!!

  5. i love venom chibi the most 🙂 nice one johnson 🙂

  6. I saw on Thursday and terminator is too good, the only bad part was where arnold 3D no me gusto, but beyond i love it !! i’m waiting TRANSFORMERS !!!! OmG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Waaaa !!!!!

  7. Johnson Koh says:

    Thanks 😀 Hope you guys enjoy your weekend. Just came home after watching Terminator Salvation. It’s fantastic!

    @Ivan: Yup. Obama is cute. I like Venom too. Looks very harmless.
    @Sayz: I’m a Naruto fan too haha

  8. Sayz says:

    I am Deidara ! I like the instant splash of art…
    Like Deidara… very much… ;), cool post…

  9. dGjess says:

    the chibi and the original one are both amazing

  10. LOL is very funny this art jejeje OBAMA is the BEST !!! jajaja

  11. John Holt says:

    haha I like the Iron Man. Cool stuff again Mr. Koh

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