Cool Calendar Designs to Inspire your New Year

Hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas and we are now approaching into a brand new year! Here is a showcase of beautiful calendar designs made by the experts. Wish you have an inspiring 2011!

Saurians Renaissance (Calendar 2011)

View more works from Irina Vinnik

Chinese Wrigley Calendar

View more works from Fil Dunsky

Calendar ’11

View more works from Benjamin Koh

2011 Blue-Nox Calendar

View more works from Corrado Grilli

MWM : B/W Typography 2011 Calendar

View more works from Matt W. Moore

2011 Calendar of Silly Holidays

View more works from Annica Lydenberg

‘Target Practice’ Dart Calendar

View more works from Serhiy Chebotaryov

Pantone Calendar

View more works from Derek Bowers

MWM : Cycles & Seasons 2011 Calendar

View more works from Matt W. Moore

Calendar 2011

View more works from Felix Ng

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17 Comments | Write a Comment

  1. chaos says:

    wowww!!!!!!!!!!! nice designs..

  2. meble says:

    like it very much, great ideas

  3. Sam says:

    Amazing collection

    thanks for sharing

  4. Stacy David Wallingford says:

    These are awesome calender designs! I love those B/W typography calender designs.

  5. 小落 says:


  6. Pako says:

    Nice Dude!::. Nice Works FELICIDADES

  7. Elaine says:

    Stunning art. I am so jealous : D
    Tutorials please!

  8. avery says:

    very cool collection

  9. Andrew Clark says:

    Great collection. View my latest Adobe: Creative Calendar design concept at

  10. Cgbaran says:

    Saurians Renaissance is great!!!!

  11. fullfx says:

    Nice collection.

    If you want to carry around a calendar in your tee, check this design : antzfxWay 2011 Calendar

  12. wow.. cool.. Love them all. amazing..

  13. Amazing designs. The “Target Practice” calendar is really cool concept 🙂

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