Difficulties Faced by Logo Designers

To some, designing a logo seems to be an easy task. However, when most of the shapes and patterns are already taken, it becomes a real challenge to create something original. I have compiled a list of similar logos to present the difficulties mentioned.
Ametek and Axis Bank
Applied Materials and Planned Parenthood
Bank of Amercia and Amtrak
Belfast and Food Drink Devon
BigFix and Priority Parking
Blackburn Market and Love Barrow
British Paints and Pagan Osborne
Carrier and Ford
Cooperative Program and Colgate-Palmolive
PseudoRoom and CPL
DoshDosh and David Airey
FDA and SEGA and CNN
Freesat and Glasses Direct
Gucci and Chanel
Harbork and Fitucci
Infiniti and Videocon
Kamloops Broncos and Boise State
Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers
Laszlo and Etelos
Macromedia and Mos Burger
Mini and Bentley and Chrysler
Motorcycle Riders Foundation and Southern Cruisers Riding Club
Munix and Union Bank
NBC and Nebraska ETV Network
National Film Board and Virtual Global Taskforce
One Spa and Manulife One
Quark and Alcone and Scottish Arts Council and Artworkers
Saturn and Bluestone
Searchmash and Smashlab
Simplebit and Logomaid
Sinarmas and Airbus
Star and Maltastar
Style Gala and Sumpter & Gonzalez LLP
Suns Microsystems and Columbia Sportswear Company
Swiat Zdrowia and Unilever
Ubuntu and Human Rights
Wayback Machine and Google Blogscoped
Yatra and Pepsi

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  1. This is really a comprehensive list showing the identical logos of some top brands. Does this list justify the statement “Creative minds think alike” πŸ˜‰

  2. David Sm says:

    Awesome comparisons Johnson.
    The similarities are remarkable.
    Some of them are distinct from the other as a whole but I can see the similarities you were getting across.

    Good compilation.

  3. While it is difficult to determine whether 2 similar designs are blatent ripoffs or mere coincidences, it is necessary to approach the question.

    I think the best method for avoiding the risk of creating a logo that looks similar to another, is by:
    -avoiding trends
    -avoiding overly simple designs (due to the higher probability that someone else has already thought the same thing)
    -being aware of existing designs by frequenting logo sites and reading branding/logo/identity books
    -being unique
    -researching the company and their industry before diving into a design. This will help avoid cliche designs and reduce the chance of coming up with a mark that too closely resembles an existing one.

  4. Johnson Koh says:

    Good point moneybrown. Since their names are similar too πŸ™‚

  5. moneybrown says:

    either they were designed by same designer..or they were ment to look alike..like the los angeles clippers and lakers..im sure that was done on purpose and prob by the same designer

  6. T says:

    The “loading animated logo” of vimeo (http://www.vimeo.com/) you can see while a new video is being loaded looks VERY MUCH like the logos of Freesat and Glasses Direct you show in your article.

    Another oneÒ€¦ ;o)

  7. Koolstr says:

    Another Site with a Similar logo to DoshDosh and David Airey: http://www.artician.com/

  8. Kedoc says:

    Freesat, Glasses Direct and tthe french Futuroscope park (http://www.futuroscope.com) !

  9. Gini says:

    Wow, this is amazing…. and more than a little scary. I guess I didn’t realize how low we were on new ideas. And I’m sure that some of these are a copyright infringement on the part of who designed aka stole them. It’s incredible what people get away with. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Evelyn says:

    hmm… the NBC and the NETV… hmm… even their size and proportion is the same… hmm…

  11. Johnson Koh says:

    I do agree as some of them are really identical.

  12. Hayes Potter says:

    Some of these logo comparisons look like the designer just completely copied the other.

  13. Tom OKeefe says:

    Nice post. It always amazes me when I see blatant rip off’ concepts.


  14. ugene says:

    I agree with Web Unicorns comment. Totally copied ! Sick! But yet no law suits? I am in college now working with logos, and started to notice logos looking alike. Now seeing them all together makes me wonder if mine is original? I need a break.
    Thanks for posting this.

  15. WebUnicorn says:

    i don’t think some of these logos are just similar they are copied totally.
    it’s good to see this collection in one place to compare
    thank you for your effort

    retweet it

  16. Johnson Koh says:

    It is amended. Thanks for pointing it out! I’m guessing the letters earlier actually. πŸ˜€

  17. k says:

    That’s David Airey, not PauloAlrey πŸ˜€

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