Enter the CG World of Thomas Mangold

Thomas Mangold is a professional CG artist as well as real-life photographer. Graduated from Visual Communications in Dortmund, Thomas has worked with many great advertising agencies. His works are described to be "fictitious", so let’s check them out below! For more information about Thomas Mangold, visit his website here.

Mosquitofant – Wirtschaftswoche – Jung Von Matt Berlin


Schleie – Elektrizitatswerk Zurich – Draftfcb Zurich


Bartgeier – Elektrizitatswerk Zurich – Draftfcb Zurich


Luchs – Elektrizitatswerk Zurich – Draftfcb Zurich


Mushroom Clown – Sony PlayStation – TBWA Paris


Octopus – Sony PlayStation – TBWA Paris


Bubble – Wirtschaftswoche – Jung Von Matt Berlin


Cogs – Wirtschaftswoche – Jung Von Matt Berlin


Curtain – Wirtschaftswoche – Jung Von Matt Berlin


BackStage – Wirtschaftswoche – Jung Von Matt Berlin


Newton’s Cradle – Wirtschaftswoche – Jung Von Matt Berlin


Bull and Bear – Wirtschaftswoche – Jung Von Matt Berlin


Giraffe – Zeiss – TBWA Paris


Horse – Zeiss – TBWA Paris


Hot Tub – NESTEA – M.E.C.H Communications Berlin


Aromatnaya – Knorr – J.Walter Thompson Warsaw


Slugs – Above the Influence – McKinney Durham


Bugs – Above the Influence – McKinney Durham


Rats – Above the Influence – McKinney Durham


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12 Comments | Write a Comment

  1. LBJ23 says:


  2. Thomas Mangold is an amazing artist. I love the octopus piece with the shaving razor.

  3. Richie says:

    Wow.. super cool work. CG artworks simply is mindblowing!!

  4. Mars says:

    whew! very clean and the details of each artworks are so clear, very nice CG

  5. Tom Ross says:

    Wow, really unique work. I love the elephant mosquito and overweight horse/jockey!

  6. Aidan says:

    Wow. This is great. I didn’t know that some of the great works are created by Mr Thomas mangold. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Jessica says:

    Clever pictures! And professionally done!

  8. Excellent manipulations – I like the creative approaches cheers

  9. amin says:

    کس کش های خارجی

  10. John Holt says:

    Good stuff. I would love to see a tutorial on how he made the fat giraffe or the overweight horse and jockey.

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