Evolution of 30 Popular Logos

There are plenty of creative logos around us. But what we are seeing now are the latest version of them due to design trends. I think it will be interesting for us to check out how some of the popular logos evolved into what we are all seeing today.
Animal Planet
Burger King
Escoala Online
Long John Silver
MSN Hotmail
Pizza Hut
The Griffin

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  1. harmoneede says:

    link simulation retrieved water

  2. Miadeo says:

    I liked more the old Visa logo

  3. terry says:

    that’s really a nice list 🙂

  4. Johnson Koh says:

    @Mariuz: Thanks pal for sharing! 😀

    @David Airey: It’s great to see you here! Am enjoying your new post on “Changing PlayStation Logos”.

  5. David Airey says:

    How horrendous was the previous eqarat.com design?

    Oh boy.

  6. venkat says:

    that’s creativity thanks for sharing

  7. lawrence77 says:

    All are photoshop magic… 🙂

  8. An interesting journey through time. This is a classic example of adopting to changing times. As taste evolves and design standards change, so do logos. Isn’t that natural?

  9. Dano Manion says:

    @Trish, I agree with you on the Xerox logo.

    I kind of like the earlier version of Canon’s, Long John Silver’s, and Pizza Hut’s, more. More clean and simple and not so overly playful.

    Thanks for the post.

  10. fensonism says:

    Verily, the big guys have proven that simplicity in design is the way to go because it reaches a broader audience and very little possibility of misinterpretation, albeit a little boring…except for Apple though – they always stay in style.

  11. cvos the man says:

    Where is the Starbucks logo? huge iterations over time – it was once very racy.

  12. Nik M Azreen says:

    Very inspiring! Love the way they change, pictures the design era they live.

  13. Tealplayboymmc says:

    I dont like the new animal plantet,

    I think it looks like a cereal box advertisement lol

    Nike went backwards lol

    Great post

  14. Mike says:

    Nice article, thanks!

  15. Vidiya says:

    i really enjoy these logos, because i’ve seen some new there too, thanks.


  16. craven maven says:

    Very nice – except this isn’t evolution. You’ve shown the original (i assume), and the latest. It would have been nice to see what iterations each logo went through as it developed and evolved from the starting point through to what is used now.

  17. Luke Jones says:

    It’s nice to see the re-designs here, however I don’t think some of them are complete improvements. But then again, if they hadn’t, mayve they wouldn’ve have been suitable anymore. I’m talking about Google, the previous logo is nice and chunky, and also Jantzen…

  18. Martin says:

    Hi, “The Griffin” is actually Vauxhall motors.

  19. Very interesting and original article – I like to see such popular logos evolution, because I can see what trends where popular on past and what needed to be changed to look it good in our days. Thanks! 🙂

  20. Johnson Koh says:

    By the way, I think CANON had done a great change 😀

  21. Gini says:

    Wow, there are a ton of these that I never even noticed had changed! Some graphic artist I am! It’s really amazing to see the before and afters right next to each other like that. Thanks for sharing!

  22. Alex Givens says:

    I love how Nike’s logo managed to devolve…

  23. Johnson Koh says:

    Glad everyone enjoy the post 🙂 Same as Alex C, I prefer the older version of Animal Planet too!

  24. Trish says:

    xerox needs to remain a word mark and drop the beach ball. the new font treatment is really wonderful.

  25. Bekey says:

    i still can remmember some of these… good work 😀

  26. dGjess says:

    one thing i notice is that some of the logos became “shiny”..haha..if that’s the right word to describe it..

  27. insic says:

    nice round-up, 🙂

  28. Alex C says:

    Some very cool progression here, great post.

    But…seriously Animal Planet?

  29. Thanks for sharing. I love the modernization. Really all of these logos got cleaner over time. It would be interesting to see the budgets next to the “slight” redesigns 😉

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