Master of Abstract 3D Design – Tim Borgmann

Sometimes we do not really need to know exactly what it is in a picture to get impressed. I admire Tim Borgmann’s talent in this area. You can feel his works through their realistic textures, lightings and waves. Let’s enjoy some of the collections from this great digital artist below. To view his entire portfolio, visit his main site here.

Fragments Series


Abstracts Series


Microscope Series


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  1. sky airlines says:

    Thank you for the shares in this blog. I will visit it again.

  2. WOW! Surreal & Beautiful.
    Very original and you can almost visualise them as real life abstract sculptures in a nice gallery/bar

  3. Wow! Tim Borgmann does have an impressive collection of his works! Thanks for sharing a link to his site here. =)

  4. Ryan says:

    Am I able to get some of his work in higher resolutions?

  5. John Holt says:

    Really great looking abstracts. I wonder what 3-D programs he prefers to use. hmmmm

  6. Mars says:

    whew! amazing use of bevel and emboss, loved it

  7. i really like your abstract 3d designs. thanks

  8. Tony says:

    WOW these are amazing. keep up the good work. You can also check out some amazing abstract wallpapers in the post.

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