Photo Manipulations with Unique Concepts

These realistic photo manipulations are from Erik Johansson, a 23 years old computer engineering student from Sweden. Other than great details in every images, the unique and creative concepts attracted me the most. For more works of Erik Johansson, visit his site at

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  1. Oyunu says:

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  2. nik says:

    cool blog!!!

  3. Dhanesh T S says:

    Great editing and finishing of concepts…..Awesome work!!!
    Loved it!! 🙂

  4. Awesome shots. My favorite one is the guy ironing his t shirt. Amazing ones.

  5. alex says:


    thanks a lot

  6. Gen says:

    so creative uber !

  7. Gen says:

    lolol so funny ! i love all of them !

  8. Bedava says:

    Thanks teşekkürler

  9. Cositas interesantes también en la versión mini.

  10. donperry69 says:


  11. tawatchanan says:

    Very nice and best photoshop technics. I like it.

  12. Kazan tatar says:

    Das is fantastisch!
    It seems that this is a fantastic film. How do people come up with this?

  13. Peter Kantropus says:

    I had a recurrent dream similar to the pic of the guy in the bike 🙁 I don’t like it too much.

  14. dimm says:

    that’s really cool!

  15. Devin says:

    Mind boggling photo manuplation…too creative to be inspired..thanks and certainly took so much of your thought to put some where in my work.

    Devin Rana (INDIA)

  16. Haha can imagine one of the above capturing lotsa attention if it’s put up at one of our SMRT train stations in Singapore.

  17. Thomas says:

    NIce inspiration

  18. Ghaliya says:

    i love them all.. mostly the room 🙂 !

  19. SOLID says:

    hey john do you know what software did erick used to manipulate this photo’s? i want to learn making those kind of images thnx a lot

  20. speakinmouth says:

    I love people that think outside the box. Its so refreshing to see something new. Great ideas. I just loved them.

  21. These are simply amazing. The “bike and cliff” one is amazing!

  22. Chris says:

    A five star effort. My favourite has to be the guy ironing

  23. KillaBoY says:

    These are real good manipulations

  24. The are really really good. I love the dragging the road image.

  25. chandan saud says:

    Oh my god what a horrible picture, friend can you please review my blog on SU, my id is chandansaud

  26. MGL says:

    I like the road. In fact, I think I’ve been there.

  27. Just very cool!! great post 🙂

  28. Danny Hinde says:

    Wow, really unique love the “make your own road” one thats wicked.

  29. Jaime Bunde says:

    its great when some images disturb the plane of all, makes you get out of the day by day. the fish island is the one i loved! and digging on it 😛

  30. sebi says:

    interesting pictures…

  31. Super collection, John 🙂

  32. Ann says:

    very, very,very nice photos, i love the creativity in them…goood job

  33. Mark Wheadon says:

    🙂 Wonderful. Just wonderful.

  34. Apurvaa says:

    This is called creativity at it sbest

  35. says:

    very,very,very,very…..fantastic and crative

  36. Chris Ronk says:

    Dude, these are fake. These aren’t Photoshopped.

  37. Angie says:

    These are simply awesome!!!

  38. zamani1326 says:


  39. Garry says:

    the ironing one is funny! haha!

  40. tk3248 says:

    Hmm… These look shooped…

  41. Fr0z3N says:

    Cool images dude but u made a mistak in 1 pic
    D road goin down d cliff-d trees n stones n grass r al standin sideways instead of droppin down
    D oder pics r cool man !!!

  42. greenlight228 says:


  43. Kristian Tølbøl Sørensen says:

    Some of the most creative and well executed manipulations I’ve ever come across! Nice work!

  44. Chuck Norris says:

    Yeahhhooooo they are awesome!

  45. nick mick says:

    brilliant! how many people can take art and make it more beutiful? art can be anything depending on who is looking.your work is allsome!!!

  46. sadhu says:

    amazing and impressive!

  47. Terrific. You ought to get together with whoever is posting those quixotic pics of the girlie strippers and mimes… What an interesting juxtaposition of whimsical talent you two would bring to any gallery! Any plans on becoming a curator? (And if so, please explain the puzzling piece with the girl in the cloud-room with the grass carpet. Or is it a drug analogy, with a horse lurking somewhere through the window? I wanna know!) Tell Erik thanks.

  48. Tami C Ryan says:

    Absolutely incredible work. Thank you for sharing this with me.


  49. Awesome Designs… Thnx to share it …

  50. crewcaptain says:

    What a gift you have. What fantastic work you do. I can only look forward to more creations in time.

  51. Thank you for sharing. creative and interesting work.

  52. These are awe-some! TU to you! Thank you for sharing .

  53. Megha says:

    not only are these beautiful..they’re also so soothing to look at..

  54. Your pictures are so fantastic!

  55. BunnygotBlog says:

    This are wonderful. You are very talented.

  56. cahbreis says:

    So cool… Some people are so creative.

  57. Vikki N says:

    Very, very creative. I found the pictures imaginative . thought provoking and intriguing.

  58. lancelonie says:

    Your pictures are so amazing!!!

  59. chriz says:

    lol at that punching own face 😀

  60. Dasmond Neil says:


  61. Marc says:

    Fantastic pieces~!!

  62. Johnson Koh says:

    @JaneGael: Thanks for appreciating this post! But these are the works of Erik Johansson. You may check out more of his arts at 😀

  63. Mark says:

    creative and interesting work. well done

  64. hnawelhik says:

    I prefere the gay whit bike

  65. JaneGael says:

    I didn’t realize until the end that you did all of these. Now I am 15 times more impressed. I have a friend who is a professional artist who told me how difficult it is to learn to do this, so I have a little understanding of the amount of work spent planning and then executing these works of art. I hope you have a long and lucrative career ahead of you.

  66. Wow really nice DI works. Well done!

  67. says:

    Love the mountain bike picture with the guy looking over the edge.
    Great Post.

  68. Ransfords says:

    Wonderful,much more!

  69. Shabbar says:

    10 out of 10 great work

  70. BMW says:


  71. RonC says:

    Excellent work!

  72. very amaazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. JT says:

    these are all photo by a young swedish kid named Erik Johansson. i eally like this kid, you are missing quite a few of his photos though. and how about giving him some credit?

  74. Estou postando está mensagem para servirem de inspiração, achei o link do artista e achei magnífico o tipo de trabalho. Parabéns ao artista plástico Edi Edson, se vocês tiverem um tempinho, entrem, é muito bonito, único e criativo, segue link na postagem

  75. Carol says:

    I Stumbled here and it made me smile and laugh. Thanks!

  76. Ricardo Monteiro says:

    Just Wonderfull! I Loved it!

  77. Nice pics with great manipulation. Hail to the digital era!

  78. Ellie says:

    Theye’re amaazing 🙂 So creative!

  79. Laura says:

    I love this! Very creative stuff! 🙂 Excellent editing too.

  80. edoluz says:

    wonderful!!! wow!!!

  81. Baan Erp says:

    Fake manipulations?

    lol good one;)

  82. pajo says:

    theyre all fake, i can tell by the pixils.

  83. Dzinepress says:

    really unique photo manipulation concepts you have there.

  84. TimM says:

    Dang, awesome pictures! The guy ironing himself was neat and the Ikea Volvo was hilarious!

  85. katerlake says:

    oh my god, it looks very great. i like it.

  86. I love design that messes with your perceptions! Although, I dont’ know about the cyclist and cliff. Grass isn’t going to grow sideways on a cliff…!

  87. bellering says:

    Ohmigod I love ALL of em’ they are fantastically creative!! I loved especially the first one 😀

    dGjess: for the volvo picture it looks like a person attempting to assemble a volvo car just like any other IKEA cabinets we bought home and trying to piece up using that L-shaped screwdriver fixer along with assembly instructions 🙂

  88. Johnson Koh says:

    I like first image the most, where the arms broken up instead of the vase 😀

  89. Bonnie says:

    These are great! Enjoyed every one of them! Inspiring!

  90. Robert says:

    Incredible, I love the ironing one! Thanks…

  91. Jason says:

    All of these are really great ideas and executed well. My only gripe is with the “Tetris Construction” image. Why does the picture from 1985 look like it’s from 1885?! I think the artist missed the chance to do a cool retro-corporate-style here. Well, just my 2 cents.

  92. Eulàlia says:

    brilliant! funny! impossible!

  93. dGjess says:

    wow the pictures re so amazing!i really love it!but the volvo thing i didn’t understand it. 🙂

  94. Jody Meyer says:

    these are great !!

  95. MonsterTruck08 says:

    Deserve a stumble buddy!

  96. Those are excellent! I love the one where the road goes straight down the cliff and just keeps going.

  97. Abdul says:

    Very Beautiful and creative.. Thanks for sharing.

  98. paris&hatty says:

    can’t believe you haven’t had more comments,
    love every picture, amazing !

  99. Fernando says:

    Very creative!!!

  100. so creative 🙂 I love them

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