Photo-Realistic Vectors from 10 Illustrators

What you will be seeing is a list of photo-realistic vectors. They are all created using Adobe Illustrator, mostly with the Gradient Mesh technique. Do check out the artists’ galleries for more amazing works. At the end of the post are some Illustrator tutorials for you to start with, when doing such photo-realistic vector arts.

Pisan Kaewma from Thailand – Visit Gallery


Ann Paidrick from USA – Visit Gallery


Takashi Morisaki from Japan – Visit Gallery


Yukio Miyamoto from Japan – Visit Gallery


Ussa Methawittayakul from Thailand – Visit Gallery


Koji Masui from Janaan – Visit Gallery


Highside from Japan – Visit Gallery


Wayne Forrest from Canada – Visit Gallery


Halim Ghodbane from Algeria – Visit Gallery


Henke Svensson from Sweden – Visit Gallery


Illustrator Tutorials for Photo-Realistic Objects

Here are some Adobe Illustrator tutorials for you to start practising with, if you wish to do any photo-realistic vector objects. Have fun learning everyone!


So You Want to Draw a Photo-realistic Vector Banana?

This tutorial teaches you how to create a realistic banana totally in vector form.

Visit Illustrator Tutorial


Realistic Orange

In this step-by-step tutorial, you will learn how to make a photo realistic orange using Adobe Illustrator CS3.

Visit Illustrator Tutorial


Gradient Mesh Flower

Gradient Mesh can be a wonderful tool to master but the learning curve can
bring a bit of frustration to the beginner.

Visit Illustrator Tutorial

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  1. Old says:

    Very nice pictures Thank you 🙂

    Windows Phone 7

  2. Gratis geld says:

    Super awesome post man, can you do me a favor and post some more of these Quality pictures! thanks

  3. Hello there. Appreciate your site. I check it regularly to see the latest info.

  4. Pretty great post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to point out that I have enjoyed reading your web site content. I’ll sign up for your feed and I hope you write again soon!

  5. Thank you for this tips. It is very much appreciated! Best regards.

  6. It’s a nice Vectors. This blog is really nice !

  7. Luigi says:

    Alright, so here are my thoughts.
    Not to diminish anyone’s work, they all look fantastic, but, I have never liked Gradient Mesh that much because it’s nothing but a tool to sample a photo. The challenging part is to make the right grid, which is not that hard after a few trials, the rest is all Select point(A), Eyedropper (i) for the next few hours.
    When I first saw these life-like vectors I thought, “Damn I want to try that too!” And I did. Look at my DeviantArt link and check out the Timberland shoes. Not too bad for my FIRST attempt.
    It only shows that it doesn’t take a lot of skills, but rather, a lot of time in your hands.

    Again, I wasn’t trying to put down people’s work with my comment, but mainly stating how over rated the Gradient Mesh tool is.


    • Tamii says:

      Hello Luigi, so you are saying this starts out with a photo on most of the vectors here? I am such a noob right now I just want it varified, because like you Wow I want to know how to do this, and have no idea yet how to get there, but if it is a photo, I can see the possiblilies of what you say I have the time on my hands!

  8. Really unbelievable Vectors. seems real portraits. thanks for shearing this nice blog with attractive vector collections.

  9. CM says:

    I bow down to these guys, unbelievable images – pure skill

  10. kenwooi says:

    sure looks real!

  11. Baban says:

    En sólo una palabra,flipante!!!

    Yo tengo experiencia haciendo ilustraciones con freehand, y me parece increible hasta donde se llega con illustrator.

  12. Thanh-ha says:

    As they say .. Do not give not to take, test paper!.

  13. gratis geld says:

    Amazing! They really looks real.

  14. KLANSMEN says:

    F*** KIKES

  15. Rosa says:

    Me gusta el dibujo en vector pero no me gusta que parezcan fotografías. Creo que lo bonito es que se note que es un dibujo.

    • victor manuel says:

      estoy de acuerdo contigo, pierden la esencia de vector, y lucen solo como una foto ordinaria, solo son mallas de degradado

  16. Mars says:

    those are vector graphics? nah! looks real

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