Pixel Art Mania 3 – Pixels in Life

It’s pixel lurve again! After admiring pixel art by talented artists in Part 1.1 and Part 1.2, as well as learning how to make pixel art or join the community in Part 2, here’s a looksie at everything fun in pixels.

So let’s take a brief dip into what inspired pixel art. Bitmap graphics were used for oldskool video games and animations. Until now pixel animations and backdrops are still being produced and they will never phase out. A few examples of games using detailed pixel art and sprites would be Street Fighter, Sim City, Star Ocean Blue Sphere, Rockman, etc.

Pix In Space
Here’s an artist who is talented in making pixel sprites and tilesets for games.
Dotter Dotter
Here’s an artist who has brilliantly converted 2D pixel art to 3D pixel art.
Pixel art Shakespeare
Here is another young talent who turned a 2D pixel art into a 3D animated sequence.
Habbo Hotel
And I could go on and on, but let’s get to the present pixel games. Other than handheld console games and mobile games, many internet games still use the concept of pixel art as their visuals.
AlbinoBlackSheep > Pixel Games section
Pixel Art Games
City Creator
And those are just few of the thousands of pixel games out there. Pixel art is all around us. Many people have integrated it into our virtual lives with dolls, emoticons and icons!

Last, but not least, pixel art is actually found everywhere in our lives. Here are a few things we probably missed out on.

Mobile Avatars
Bead Sprites 1, Bead Sprites 2, Bead Sprites 3
Cross Stitching
Rubiks Cube Imagery
Pixel Paintings
An all about pixels and icons BLOG
Outdoor Marketing
Coke Can Art
Pixel Art Drawn On Paper
Korean Mass Games
Honda’s Let It Shine Commercial
There’s more to pixel art than viewing an artwork on a monitor. I realized I have missed out on a lot of pixel art all around me. Hail pixel art!

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  1. Sayz says:

    Suddenly my surrounding become pixelated… @_@

  2. Johnson Koh says:

    @dGjess: Thanks! Have a great weekend!

    @Bruno: Nice one! I like the Mario with the mushroom. Very cool.

  3. Awesome stuff Elaine!

    We feature some pixel artwork in the front of our digital engagement agency here in Sao Paulo, Brazil. We have made a tribute to Mario Bros – http://www.foreplay.com.br/blog/2009/05/06/power-up/ and to Space Invaders – http://www.foreplay.com.br/blog/2009/03/24/they-are-coming/

    I hope you and your readers like it! =)


  4. dGjess says:

    wow! am i the first to comment??

    so much of pixel art huh???hehehe…gogogo 10steps!

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