Project 365 from 15 Respected Creative People

As creative people, we love to produce beautiful designs, and the more we practise the better our skills become. There is a group of designers and photographers that actively create something new everyday. Such a challenge is known as Project 365, where they will create a design, draw an illustration or take a photograph continuously for a year. Here I am showcasing 15 cool members of Project 365 with few samples of their daily works.

Every image is linked to their original source and you are recommended to check out other amazing works of the photographers/designers.

Angie Bowen

Angie Bowen from Arbenting wanted to take up the challenge and design something daily. She has a different theme each month so things will not get bored over time. Pretty interesting so head over to check out her gallery! Visit Angie Bowen’s Project 365 here!


Arielle has a passion for photography and started the "365 Days of Danboard". Apart from the cuteness in these two main characters, every photo is well-taken and has a certain meaning attached to it. This project is definitely one of my favorites. Visit Arielle’s Project 365 here!

Carrie Minns

I like the photography style of Carrie Minns. She took on Project 365 for 2010 hoping to challenge herself to grow in her photography abilities. Visit Carrie Minns’s Project 365 here!

Daniel Apt

Daniel is a 17 years old webdesigner and developer. His new year’s resolution is to design something everyday. Visit Daniel Apt’s Project 365 here!

Flying Mouse

FM365 is the result of Flying Mouse’s (Hon Lam) project of doing one design per day for a whole year! Every week 7 new designs will be posted. Visit Flying Mouse’s Project 365 here!


Hannah is a camera toting girl, living the simple life. She likes to bake, take walks and photograph everything she sees. Visit Hannah’s Project 365 here!

Teymur Madjderey (IcedSoul)

These StormTroopers look hilarious! Teymur Madjderey (IcedSoul) have these little fellas sitting around in front of him everyday on his desk and model for him for a year. Visit Teymur Madjderey’s Project 365 here!

Jonas Buntenbruch

DONE is the personal daily design workout for 2008 from Jonas Buntenbruch. Every day he will flex his design skills by creating one piece in 30 to 60 minutes. Visit Jonas Buntenbruch’s Project 365 here!

Justin Poliachik

Justin Poliachik has tons of crazy ideas up his sleeves. Each photo is creative and funny. His challenge is to take a self portrait of himself every day for a year. Visit Justin Poliachik’s Project 365 here!

Sneh Roy

Started by Sneh Roy, co-founder of LBOI, a design studio in Sydney, Australia. Sneh has created hundreds of interesting vector characters for her project 365 which few people has the creativity and determination to do so. Visit Sneh Roy’s Project 365 here!

Melanie Matthews

Melanie Matthews challenged herself to draw 365 cartoons in year 2010. One character for each day of the year on top of all the other works she has to do. Visit Melanie Matthews’s Project 365 here!

Miguel Cardona

Started by Miguel Cardona, Sketchbooked is his "design-a-day" illustration series of facebook and twitter friends’ profile photos, and posts. Visit Miguel Cardona’s Project 365 here!

Raul Esquivel

ModernHeartist Daily Photography Blog is created by Raul Esquivel. To improve his photography skills, he is taking a photo everyday for the whole year. Visit Raul Esquivel’s Project 365 here!

Tim Caynes

Tim Caynes is a user experience professional with over 10 years experience of user-centred design, development and implementation. He has a fantastic collection of images he shot for his project 365. Make sure you head over and check it out. Visit Tim Caynes’s Project 365 here!

Srdjan Kirtic

365 Logo Project is an online, every day logo diary of Srdjan Kirtic aka Wizemark. Strongly recommended from logo inspiration. Visit Srdjan Kirtic’s Project 365 here!

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20 Comments | Write a Comment

  1. Anabel Leigh says:

    Hello all I hope someone can help. I really want to start project 365 within a blog I currently run, is there anyway of importing a link onto the current blog I want to have it displayed on the home page

  2. John says:

    Thanks for the reference here! A great collection of artists to be associated with, with a wide range of styles. The only thing stopping anyone starting a 365 project is, well, there’s *no* reason not to. Getting started is the only challenge

  3. Tim Caynes says:

    Hi Johnson,

    Thanks for the reference here! A great collection of artists to be associated with, with a wide range of styles. The only thing stopping anyone starting a 365 project is, well, there’s *no* reason not to. Getting started is the only challenge 🙂

    @Bing – doing the 365 project *was* the way I learned to use my DSLR. The year I spent forcing myself to be creative and to get to grips with all the features of my camera, was the most useful learning exercise ever.


  4. Sneh Roy says:

    Thanks Johnson for this great roundup! Thanks also for picking up my vector project for this list :):). It is great to see so many different people doing so many different and creative 365 projects!

  5. Tony says:

    Excellent post Johnson. These work are very inspirational. Keep it up! =)

  6. Amy says:

    I can never say this enough, great great great great great collection! I feel inspired already!! 😀

  7. Very unique post bro, I like the idea, keep it up.

  8. firstly thanks for the share. We love to work on project 365 but getting information to late and at present have no time to work on it. Have lots of client projects and they are still pending. I must admit that i’m running out of time. Will work on project 365 and trying to bring more creativity.

  9. Bing says:

    I’m really inspired to do the Project 365 too! But I learnt about it too late this year. So I’m going to spend this year learning my DSLR well and will start the project next year! =)

  10. Jeprie says:

    What they did really change the definition of creativity and inspiration. We can do something to push our self to stay creative. I wish I can be one of those man.

    Thanks Johnson, this post open my eyes.

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