Book cover design 12 great book cover ideas

Designing great book cover is not an easy task. With millions of books being published each year, you will need something special to jump out from the crowd. Here are some of the best book cover design that I liked. Hope you will find them to be inspirational.

Specialty book cover design

As a book cover, I like mine to have lots of different textures. Somehow, I find this gives the book a very different feel which distinct itself from virtual or 2D designs. Using different textures is also a good way to experiment with interesting design concepts.

Minimalist book cover design

Minimalist design has almost interest me. The following is a series of book covers for the Douglas Adam’s classic sci-fi series The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. The designs are simple but they convey the meaning well.

Glow in the dark book cover design

Nothing stands out than a glow in the dark book cover. This is what Bruketa&Zinic OM came up with when they design this unique and interesting glow in the dark cover.

Abstract book cover design

Some book cover designs win by being abstract. The sense of not knowing what is inside the cover draws people to the book and attracts them to open it. This geograpyy@work series is great combination of abstract and visual design. Check it out.

Japanese book cover design

Sometimes, you just have to admire the japanese for their innovative and out of the box design. This set of books covers represents a mixture of traditional Japanese style with a modern update. It is distinctively  japanese just by looking at the book covers.

Photographer book cover design

The use of powerful photography as book covers can be commonly seen in phtographer book cover designs. The use of black and white enforces the strong emotions conveyed by the photos.

Retro book cover design

I love retro book cover designs! Sometime about the use of colorful graphics and a distinct visual style draws me to them. Below are some retro book covers for a science friction series.

Black and white book cover design

Nobody can deny that a well thought out black and white book cover design can turn your heads. I loved the entire series of book covers by Albert Camus. The screenshot will show you the different black and white book covers and how they can be different from one another.

I found another very cool black and white book cover design that has a 3D feeling to it. See for yourself below.

Drawing as book cover design

One style that I am seeing more and more often is the use of hand drawings as book cover designs. These can be either be in the form of written words or drawings on the covers. This make them look personal and yet stylish at the same time.

Funny book cover design

Using humor is a great way to make your book cover unique. While not everyone can do humor well, those who can pull this concept off successfully deserves our recognition.

Children book cover design

This children book collection from national geographic has some great elements of strong visual design as well as nice use of different color textures to bring the covers to life. I am sure this will attract the eyeballs of many kids.

Playful book cover design

Some designs are just plain playful. One look at them and you feel like being in a colorful and playful mood. See the above to know what I mean.

Hope you find these book cover design inspirational. Drop me some comments if you have discovered other amazing book cover designs!

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  1. rhonda winters says:

    Wow, these are really cool book covers! This sure beats the old standby of the paper sack book covers.

  2. Stephen says:

    ” LIIFE _ EXPECTANCIES ” by Hamza Moatsim Bilah is a wonderful book !!
    this is a million hits book !!

  3. JJbasketball says:

    I have one ? i was woundring how do i make the one that has the old man one it that is under playful book cover dessigns????

  4. liton says:

    Beautiful & very useful book cover design.

  5. Ajax loaders says:

    Hehe! Loved the “matryoshka” design 🙂 really cool

  6.|hm9g33 says:

    我来了.文章很不错,支持下。顶!…壬辰年(龙)二月十二 2012-3-4

  7. Cean says:

    This is very beautiful!

    Will you release a tutorial on how to design book covers?

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