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It seems the previous post on brochure design generated quite a bit of interest. Consider this a follow up to showcase more brochure printing design ideas for you to draw inspirations from. If you have more recommendations on great booklet design ideas, please leave them in the comments for everyone to enjoy them!

Cool booklet design

Some concepts are just too cool. This booklet has a very unique idea that I have not seen anyway. There are two rubber bands on the cover. Depending on which side you want to read, you just remove the rubber band on that particular side to reveal the content.


Program booklet design

Sometimes, simplicity is enough to carry a program booklet and this is a great example of how it can be done. Using a nice color combination and great typography,  it can make a booklet printing design jump out at you, especially if you used good online printing services.


Typographic based booklet design

This is a great design that makes full use of typography and asymmetrical styling. According to the designer, the theme of the booklet is deconstruction which can be clearly seen from the image below.


Innovative booklet design

This is one of the more innovative booklet design that I have seen. Each page is essential an envelop that can contain the information for a product or project. It is beautifully constructed with unique ideas on how to store the different pieces of information in a coherent way.


Character based booklet design

If you are into character design, this type of booklet ideas might inspire you. It is a collection of interesting character designs that makes this design unique.


Card based booklet design

The following image shows a business card sized booklet. The intention here is to allow pages of the booklet to be peeled off and be used a business card. It is a clever concept and one that I personally enjoyed.


Beautiful booklet design

Below is a very beautiful booklet design that has rich colors, textures and typography. Using a combination of different elements is risky design but one that can look absolutely gorgeous if you got it right.


Stylish booklet design

ome booklet design is just full of character. The example shows the designer’s unique perspective and artistic views.


Booklet design with strong visual design

Some designers are great with visual design. When being applied in the context of a booklet, the effects can be quite arresting as can be seen from the following example of a promotional booklet for a band.


Innovative booklet design

Instead of visuals or graphics, some booklet design played on the structure of the booklet itself to give users a fresh experience when they reading the booklet. The following is such an example. The cover is a keyhole which attracts readers to open the booklet to peak at what is inside.


The following example also showcase how one can play with different structure of the booklet to create interesting designs.


Another similar example of how to think of other design elements besides the visual aspects.

Hope you like this booklet design inspiration!

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  1. Sayed says:

    Awesome collection of booklets. Anybody who is interested in booklets must be satisfied observing the collection. Thanks for providing such a collection.

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    you got some great examples of booklets, really enjoyed reading your post. thanks

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    very nice and attractive design.

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    i m trying to learn graphics design and i m sure ur post will help me a lot for this.actually its nice many many tnx for ur valuable post.

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