Calendar design ideas and free printable calendars for 2015

The coming year is just around the corner, and it’s high time to make 2015 calendars. Whether you need to create a promotional calendar for your clients, a planner for yourself, or gifts for friends and family, you are likely to be searching for some calendar design ideas and a convenient tool to realize them.

In this post, you’ll find a selection of free printable calendars for 2015. All these calendar design ideas were realized with Photo Calendar Creator – award-winning calendar software, ranked among the top three apps of this kind by TopTenReviews. Learn more and download at

However creative the idea is, it mustn’t sacrifice usability. The calendar dates must be clearly visible, the fonts must be legible, and the cells should be arranged conveniently. Therefore, it may be advisable to play with the background and the images rather than with the calendar grid.

There are ample options for using images in calendar design. In Photo Calendar Creator, you can set a photo as calendar background, add a framed photo or a photo collage to the canvas, or insert photos to cells. All the calendar design ideas presented here feature some type of photo collage.




The warmth and comfort of home on a cold winter day are live in this classical wall calendar for 2015. Our sample design features photos of the house, but consider creating your own calendar with photos of your family instead!




calender design 2015 1

A calendar for coffee lovers, aimed to inspire you for making sweet surprises for your loved one or family every morning.




This 2015 wall calendar features magnificent seascapes in stylish “split photo” collages. Great for home and office interior!




Fresh and frosty like the New Year morning, this wall calendar has a convenient month grid style. When you design your own calendar in Photo Calendar Creator, this grid style is ideal for inserting your personal holidays and even images in the cells.




Thinking back on relaxing vacations always makes you feel good, doesn’t it? A calendar like this will bring a smile on your face every time you look at it. Round-shaped masks, bright month style and themed clipart are combined in this design.




The magic of color is everywhere in our world, and this calendar is just one example of how you can create a visually pleasing design focused on some simple idea.




This motivational calendar represents a ballet dancer moving towards a beautiful goal. To create your personal motivational calendar, find some images that inspire you, and perhaps some powerful quote as well – you can add text captions along with the images.


You are welcome to print out the calendars presented here.  However, these are just a few photo calendar design ideas for you to get inspired, so why not create a gorgeous 2015 calendar of your own? Photo Calendar Creator software might turn very helpful – download free trial here…

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