Calendar design inspirations for 2012

With 2012 coming in just 2 months, here is a list of very cool and beautiful calendar design ideas for your 2012 inspirations. If I have missed any calendar designs that you think is outstanding, please recommend them in the comments sections.

Without any further, here is the best calendar design ideas that you can use for 2012!

#1 Wooden calendar designs
This design was inspired by the sun dials. It incorporates not only design and very clever mechanical engineering.


#2 Lunar calendar design
A school project, this clever calendar design displays both the date as well as the phases of the moon. Unfortunately, this was created in 2010. Time for an update?


#3 Humor calendar design
Based on an actual story of 12 most wanted male criminals in 1980.


#4 Animal calendar design – crow
Unlike Western culture, crow actually means good omen in Indian culture. Hence, this crow calendar design created by Suhir Kuduchkar.


#5 Cube calendar design
Designed by the fashion brand Que, this minimalistic calendar design was a gift that Que gave away to its customers.

cube calender design


#6 Shape shifting calendar design
This innovative calendar design involves 12 pieces of colored paper that can be attached to each other. Talk about calendars that can transformed!


#7 Tyre calendar design
This really cool calendar design is created by Dalnoboy, which is a tyre service network. Containing both factual information on tyre replacement and the dates of the year, it is a great example of a marketing brochure done right.


#8 Functional calendar design
Coming from the same design as the tyre calendar design, this work combines your trash bags with a calendar function. It is developed as marketing material for the studio and the concept really works. It becomes something useful that people use.

(Source: Artistic calender design

#9 Artistic calendar design
It is rare to see a calendar design being described as art but this comes awfully close. Designed for the museum of modern art in new york city, it truly is a piece of art.

artistic calendar design


#10 Typography calendar design
Combining the beauty of typography and a calender, this interesting design will be great for anyone who can appreciate beautiful typography.

typography calendar design


#11 Ink calendar design
This is a very interesting idea. The calendar design uses the constant pace of paper absorbing the link to create a real time coloring of your calendar. Really cool calendar design idea.


#12 Seasonal calendar design
This is an cool calendar design. You can tear off the pages as time passed which can create different coloring of a leave.


#13 Glow in the dark calendar design
This is an interesting blend of the glow in the dark concept with a calendar design.

glow in the dark calendar design(Source:

#14 Architectural calendar design
One of the most abstract calendar design that I have seen. I am not sure how it is actually being used.


#15 Discovery calendar design
This calendar design takes the fun of discovery and incorporate them into the calendar design. Each page of the calendar can be peeled off to reveal a different message.


#16 Reincarnation calendar design
A calendar that is quite philosophically. The design reflects the reincarnation principle in both the content and the shape of the calendar.

reincarnation calendar design(Source:

#17 CD calendar design
This is great concept, connecting both the digital and offline world. You can write on each CD what you have done for the day and use its storage space to save any digital items from the day itself. Cool!


#18 Organizer calendar design
If you want your calendar to function as both a date tracker and a desktop organizer, this design idea is for you.

calendar design inspiration


#19 Soccer calendar design
Taking popular events and incorporating them into the calendar design is not a bad idea. In this case, the focus is on important soccer matches and their results.


#20 Calendar design without numbers
Challenging the conventional wisdom that calendars must have numbers, this conceptual design is all about going against the rules. Isn’t this something that all designers are trying to do? Great attempt!


I hope these calendar design ideas have inspired you for the coming 2012. Have a great year ahead!

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  1. Charlie says:

    Great works. Very innovative. I especially like the one for the MOMA.

  2. Intros says:

    I like number 7 it’s look like hard to think.

  3. Ary Wibowo says:

    i like #2 Lunar calendar design very much…

  4. AK says:

    Some nice pieces.. I like #11..

  5. tongtiliba says:

    Thanks! Great design ideas.

  6. Peter / Stockfresh says:

    The ink absorbing idea is great, but does it really work? I’m not sure 🙂

  7. lorraine says:

    great work for calendar! Thanks!

  8. Monika says:

    Thanks a lot for these great inspirations 🙂

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