Cool business card designs

Check this list of the latest cool business card designs for 2012! Our previous article on premium business card designs was quite well received so this follow up article highlights some of the best business card designs for 2012.  Is it time to give your business card a facelift?

Elegant business card design

Sometimes, simple and elegant designs can convey a better message than a complicated and fanciful design. The following business cards design for a wine company shows this concept brilliantly.  An elegant logo plus a wine corkage background is enough to tell people what the company is all about.


Elegance design can also be achieved with the use of beautiful fonts and simple contrast. The following pulls off this concept very well.


Creative business card designs

Corporate business card designs tend to be within a certain boundary. This is understandable as most corporate customers are risk adverse. Hence, when we want to see creative business card designs, the best is to look at personal business cards. These designs are typically done with flair and creativity.


I always like designs that think beyond just fonts, colors and visual art. When we start to play around with materials, that is when things can get really creative and interesting.


Hairstylist business card designs

You would think that business card for hairstylist should be boring and uncreative. Well, the example below shows what can be done if you focus on bringing out the subject area in a non typical way. I love the use of the black and white color tone on a simple and yet captivating image.


Photography business card designs

Expects lots of nice design from the business cards of photographers. Most of such designs typically have a nice photo to show the skills of the photographer. Below are some my favorite photography business card design.


In the following photography business card design, it deviates from the use of photographs as background image for the cards. Instead, a cute and vintage design is being employed. It looks nice and stands out from the rest of the photographer business card designs.


Real estate business card designs

If you have seen real estate business card designs, you know they can be pretty ugly. Here are some real estate business card designs that will make you stand out if you are a real estate agent handling out these cards.

Source: unknown


Hope you like these cool business card designs. Enjoy the last days of 2011!

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  1. Bappy says:

    Very smart eye catching design.
    Keep it continue

  2. Paul Eline says:

    Ellen Petty’s card is the impressive one, in my opinion. Because it is having very nice colorscheme.

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