20 Amazing human flying pictures

Want to get inspired by great photography? You need to check out these amazing pictures of human floating in the air. These flying photos were taken with painstaking effort and timing. I liked them because they remind me that we can do so much creative work if we put our hearts to it. By the way, if you are thinking of printing photos, I suggest printrunner.

Here are some of these amazing human flying pictures.

Natsumi Hayashi flying photos

I highly recommend that you check out natsumi hayashi, a Japanese female photographer who has dedicated her life to taking such flying or floating photos. Below are some samples of her photography work that seems to show that she can defy gravity itself.

After looking at these photos, I was thinking about: Natsumi hayashi how does she do it? How does she float? The answer is actually very simply. Lots of hard work. I searched about the Web on how does natsumi hayashi float and read on the fact that she had to jump lots of times to get that perfect shot. The record was 300 times! Can you imagine jumping 300 times to get that perfect floating picture? That is the kind of effort it took for natsumi hayashi to get these photos.

Copying the levitating girl

After Natsumi hayashi became famous, it was inevitable that some copycats will follow. The most funny ones were follow this group who called themselves the leisure dive.com.

Levitation Photos

Besides Natsumi hayashi flying picturess, I saw a bunch of other amazing gravity defying pictures. I don’t know whether they are the result of photoshop or simply hard work. Anyway, this is for you to decide!

The above few photos were taken from the the shortfilm competition “kurzundschön”.

People jumping photos

The following pictures showed more of people jumping, rather the gravity defying photos that were showcased above. They represent a different kind of perspective but still makes me feel like flying!

My attempt at flying

My friends and I also had some fun trying to create flying pictures of our own. We took a total of 52 shots before coming up with some sort of a success. Below is an example of a failed shot and our successful one.

Have you enjoyed these flying pictures. Have a great weekend!

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  1. TIPSTUNE says:

    Very nice pictures. I enjoyed these very much. Thank you 10steps.sg for sharing such beautifull creations.

  2. sumy says:

    awesome jumping! I also try it.

  3. saha says:

    Nice collection of jumping photos. All are good. Jumping 300 times for perfect photo shot. Its just amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Jahid Hasan says:

    This collection is very effective which i was looking for.

  5. Gino Orlandi says:

    I like this way better than planking. Cool photos!

  6. Artistic says:

    impressive technique ,I am really finding as it is.

  7. antarcticprions says:

    The jumping photos are really good. This is very hard work for us. They were practicing a lot for perfect jump. Thanks for posting.

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