40 Amazing Infrared Photography Images

Photography is my hobby and am always looking at the works of other professionals to gather some inspiration on shooting Singapore. I came across the works of a 19yr old photographer named Shin Ex where there is a very interesting infrared effect shot at a place that is pretty near my house 😀


Then I started to search for more masterpieces with such infrared effect. Here is the list that I wish to share with you guys. Enjoy!


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  1. Gabrielle says:

    I love this selection of great photos. I am especially interested in the fifth picture – one of an old chapel or tomb? I would like to know more about it – where and what it is, if possible. Thanks

  2. Garboo says:

    Great selection of images. I would like to know more about the chapel(?) in the fifth picture. Do you know who the photographer is? Or where the building is? G.

  3. rob says:

    absolutely awesome i love photography as a hobby self taught
    whats the setting and secret to such fenominal shots.
    like your bio i’m consistantly reading up to teach myself more.

  4. Kim Bahr says:

    These are great examples of what can be done with digital infrared . . .
    I have been experimenting with infrared for the past several months and absolutely love the effects that can be obtained.

    Great collection!

  5. Mayank says:

    nice photo

  6. No0rAhiMi...!!! says:

    Wow…….so beautiful…..nancy fancy …i like that so much….so inspirational photos i have ever seen…keep up good work Johnson…2 tumbs up……..0_o

  7. Carly says:

    How do you do this? It’s a very interesting effect…

  8. TJ says:

    Beautiful images and thank you for the inspiration.

  9. Denis says:

    Stunning work! Brilliant!
    Some are really dreamy! Art!
    The composition really helps to stress the power of infrared in these images!

  10. hao KISS says:

    Very beautiful

  11. wow!!!!!!!
    it’s very BEAUTIFUL PICTS i ever seen
    thanks a lot 2 PHOTOGRAFER …… we love see more 4m u dear …..!

  12. Johnson Koh says:

    True. They are pretty expensive for me as a hobby too… especially the lenses.

  13. jessa says:

    wow amazing pics!i also want to become a professional photographer someday..tsk i think i need to wait ‘coz cameras are pretty expensive. 🙁

  14. woodensoul says:

    w0w..awesome…this is amazing..

  15. Piculous says:

    wow, the pics pretty amazing..

  16. sadhu says:

    very nice
    thanks for sharing ^

  17. G.Sindhuja says:


  18. Pretty amazing.thanks for the inspirations

  19. Johnson says:

    Indeed. I so wanted to shoot images like them.

  20. Lee says:

    Great photos!

  21. amazing photos, so beautiful skies!

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