50 Photographs Mixed with Illustrations

Recently I came across some amazing arts where they combine both Photography and Illustration. These master pieces are created by Dmitry Maksimov, a Russian Designer. His portfolio site can be found here (in Russian).

It is very interesting to see how the artist inserted his characters into our real world. Some are really cute, some heart-warming and some destructive. It is pretty close to us humans just with a different outlook. Hope you guys will spread these around your friends. Thanks!


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  1. rilaplela says:

    Привет всем! Класный форум! =)

  2. Ян says:

    По моему скромному мнению, эта тема довольно сложная для новичка 🙂

  3. Sayz says:

    This is just too wonderful, there is no single image that I don’t like… designer really makes different…

  4. Josh says:

    Wow. Very inspiring stuff. Thanks so much for sharing this. Some tutorials on achieving some of these effects would make this even better!

  5. Tealplayboymmc says:

    This Gives alot of inspiration and ideas,
    Thanks for the share

  6. Ana says:

    Some are just plain illustrations, not using photographs. I see 2, it should only be 48..

  7. sketchergirl says:

    Wow! what beautiful work, and amazing talent you have, would love to see more.

  8. Lob says:

    These are pretty awesome stuffs, you can truly manipulate any images with today technology. I’m looking forward to more such invaluable photos.

  9. Johnson Koh says:

    Thanks everyone! Glad you guys like them as much as I do.

    @DanNeal: I realised the artist updated his portfolio so thought it will be good to share here.
    @Garry: I can try. But may not be as good thou 😀
    @uzayelbisemyok: No problem. I enjoy viewing your site! It’s beautiful.

  10. Dan Neal says:

    Thanks, for posting Johnson. I’ve always loved this style and there were many on this post that I haven’t seen before, Thanks again.

  11. Great post! and thanks for your comments on psdthemes.com Johnson^^

  12. John Holt says:

    Another piece of great inspiration Mr. Koh

  13. Garry says:

    Johnson! you gotta give a tut on it!

  14. Bekey says:

    i love them too 🙂

  15. Johnson Koh says:

    Thanks Mike and Liam McCabe. It’s great to see you guys here!
    I love these works the moment I set my eyes on them. Favorite one will be the dude playing guitar on the railway track. Very cool!

  16. Liam McCabe says:

    Stunning work, great post Johnson! 🙂

  17. Mike says:

    very good inspiration, much appreciated!

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