How to print brochures for cheap

If you have ever design brochures for companies, you will know that some of them are budget conscious and are not willing to spend too much per brochure. This is especially so if they are printing many copies and want to print brochures for cheap.  In this article, I will showcase some brochure designs that are cost effective but look beautifully. If you want to print brochures yourself, check out these best printers for graphic designer.


Black and white brochure design

Black and white brochure designs are cheaper to print as no color is used. Best of all, they can be used to convey lots of different moods and messages.  You can see some really beautiful work below.

black and white brochure design

A very elegant use of black and white colors


white and black brochure design

White words on black background is a simple way to create good designs

black white design for brochure

There are just so many ways to do black and white. This 2 row approach works beautifully

Brochures with 2 colors

If you think black and white is too boring, you can add 1 or 2 colors without increasing the cost too much. The key to having good design with limited colors is to make them stand out. The following examples will show you how.

2 color brochure design

The easiest way to make colors stand is to use black and white background


2 color brochure

A very clever use of 2 colors. Alternative switching between the 2 as background colors


Brochure design with great typography

Another way to keep printing cost down is to make your brochure simple. Keep the standard layout and avoid using colorful images as these will increase printing cost.  Using great typography is a cost effective way to make your brochure stand out. They are inexpensive to make but they can create a difference in the feel of your brochure.

brochure with great typography

A very creative typography that lets readers fill in the blanks


brochure with beautiful typography

Loud and big fonts can attract attention and communicate your message clearly


brochure with cool typography

A non stand font that fits in very well with its theme of human rights


Avoid costly materials

Although using different materials might impress your potential customers, they are also a source of huge cost. Try t0 avoid making your brochures like the ones shown below because they WILL cost you or your client money.

special brochure design

The multiple fold and the unique shape will cost you a lot of money

unique brochure design

The irregular shape might be fanciful but be prepared to pay dearly for it

I hope you find some inspiration here on how to print brochures for cheap.

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