10Steps.SG is 2 Months Old

Time flies and 10Steps.SG has come to its 2nd month! Before going on, I just will like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone for accompanying the growth of this site. Many improvements have been made and am glad to see the positive responses coming from all sides.

According to Google Analytics, the site has gained 94,558 unique visitors this month! It’s truly a big hop forward and I will definitely be trying for better results and hope everyone can continue to enjoy the stuffs posted here.

The site undergone a huge revamp around 2 weeks ago. Everything has been converted into a pixelated theme with 3 main characters added. Here is a brief introduction about them.

Johnson Koh
Well, that’s me. It looks pretty close to what I am now except that the eyes should be drawn smaller.
This is my wife. Without her kind understanding, I will never be able to devote so much time on this blog.
Alan Tan
My buddy who helped alot in the integration of the site. Working on more great features now!

Next thing is, I will want to thank my sponsors below for supporting 10Steps.SG throughout the month. They provide me with better abilities to bring this site to a higher next phase.

I’ve tested this product myself and I love it. Fav20 is a modern browser homepage for you to save & access your favorite websites. Be sure to check this out!
This is indeed modern ecommerce. FoxyCart is not a CMS, but is built to integrate into whatever CMS you like. Maintain your products on your end, and enjoy having all your data in a single location.
This is certainly convenient for us designers. FeatherCode take your beautiful design and craft equally beautiful and semantic CSS and XHTML within 24 hours!
A web host that provides good bandwidth, performance and domain at a great rate. Probably one of the lowest cost that can be found around the market. Sweet!

Below is a summary of tutorials written over the 2nd month.

  JapStyle Floral by 10Steps   Floral by June Young   Floral by Summerair   Floral by Elfe-Noire43  
  Vintage Floral by Streetcar Circus   Leaves and Foliage by Redheadstock   Leaves by Redheadstock   Suddenly Spring by Gvalkyrie  

For Flash, we have the following list:
Image Resizer for Photo Gallery

And also a small list of downloads:

  Branches and Foliage by Ladyvictoire   Suddenly Spring by Gvalkyrie   Suddenly Spring by Gvalkyrie   Suddenly Spring by Gvalkyrie  

Here are some of the great arts / photographs created by our Flickr members. Do check all of them out at 10Steps.SG Flickr!

  JapStyle Floral by 10Steps   Floral by June Young   Floral by Summerair   Floral by Elfe-Noire43  
  Vintage Floral by Streetcar Circus   Leaves and Foliage by Redheadstock   Leaves by Redheadstock   Suddenly Spring by Gvalkyrie  

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10 Comments | Write a Comment

  1. Johnson says:

    Hey thanks Marc for giving motivation all along 😉

  2. Marc says:

    Here is a belated congrats to your 2nd month! I love your works so please please please keep this site alive! Keep it up bro 🙂

  3. Johnson says:

    @Niyi: Haha I thought that red face looks interesting 😀

    @Ronald: Your comments give great energy. Thanks!

  4. i just want to congratulate you on your 2months:) your site is really growing fast.i also like what you doing here:)tutorials are really awesome. overall= perfect. keep up the good work!!!!:)


  5. Niyi Sodipe says:

    Hi hi! 2 months huh? That means I have been coming to this site for 1 month now.
    I hope you stick around a lot longer, my Photoshop skill has really spiked since I first came here. And for that, I thank you!

    p.s. You put my “fire palm” up there….I’m so happy 🙂
    p.p.s. That reddish face with the swirls around it scares me…why did I have to see it at night?!?

  6. Johnson says:

    @ Dainis: Hope this site can grow along with yours!

    @ Ren: Thanks so much. My wife is supportive on this indeed. Although she might nag at times ha!

  7. Ren says:

    You got a great site, i believe it will do well in long run, especially when you have the support of your wife. 🙂

  8. Nice job! Very good results..and You got very good tutorials! Keep up, mate! Cheers to the second month!

  9. Johnson says:

    That’s very sweet of you. Thanks Yami!

  10. Yami says:

    I hope the site have more 2 months, a year, another year…

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