Fresh New Look at 10Steps.SG

Finally I am done with the new design for the site. Hope everyone is feeling comfortable with it. As usual I will try my best to deliver interesting content and tutorials throughout the year. Thanks for all your supports so far.

For those who has just started to visit 10Steps.SG recently, below shows how the site evolved during the past 7 months.

Version 1: This design is modified from a free WordPress theme that I found.
Version 2: This is probably the design I spent the most time on. It is in pixelated style and 3 mascots drawn at the header. I still love this theme a lot.
Version 3: With a darker color scheme, this design aims to give a fresh look to 10Steps.SG.

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  1. what an effort.. thanks man..your tutorial have taken me to next level..i am expecting the ultimate tutorial from you..nice work

  2. sadhu says:

    appreaciated your efforts….!

  3. Johnson Koh says:

    Thanks Alejandro for your regular support! Appreciated!

  4. Alejandro Marquez says:

    I am following your page since the begining and i must say, this is the look i like the most. Keep innovating. Good Job!!!!!!

  5. Craig says:

    As a regular, I prefer this skin like others too. Great job! Looking forward to more simple yet effective tuts.

  6. Johnson Koh says:

    Haha I like the way you describe Millar! Actually I have been fickle minded with the design. Going to settle down with this already.

    Thanks Lachelle and suadref for the positive comments 😀

  7. suadref says:

    I love the darker design… the large backdrop image… the whole flash thing at the home page…
    Looking forward to more content and especially flash tuts!

  8. David Millar says:

    Three themes in seven months? Really? Seriously? In the words of any old person trying to watch television, “get your hand off the channel clicker!”

  9. Lachelle T. says:

    Nice mono-chromatic theme! Looking forward to more cool tuts and showcases from 10steps.

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