Need help learning how to use photoshop? Try these awesome online classes

I must submit that learning photoshop is not as simple as it sounds, espeically if you are learning it on your own. 10steps was started to basically give free photoshop tutorials for beginners. Howevers, given the long history of the site, it might not be sufficient for beginners who might need help learning photoshop.

Personally, without the pressure of a classroom setting and the specialised attention of teachers, I might have given up learning this valuable skill a long time ago. Photoshop skills are very valluable for a mulitute of task inlcuding poster printing and design, logo designs, product design etc. However, for those who might not have the chance to learn photoshop in school, there are now online video classes that gives you the motivation and structure to start learning photoshop.

These video classes do a much better job to teach beginners the fundamentals of the photoshop programes.

  • Video content makes learning how to use photoshop a much more engaging experience than reading a book

  • Lessons are broken into each photoshop components. This ensures that you gain mastery of a topic before moving on to more advanced stuff. Most of the photoshop sites can’t provide such detailed breakdown of lessons so beginners might be confused about missing steps. Having this full lesson plan ensures such things will not happen for online classes.

  • Prices are cheap. A real classroom lesson might set up back about USD500 but you can now get these online lessons for as low as USD40.

  • You can use the reviews to tell if a class is worth the money. In fact, I highly encouraged you to read the reviews before committing to taking up this course.

If you think such online classes are the kind of help you need to learn photoshop, here are two classes that you can consider:

  • A full photoshop beginners course that costs USD99: See the lesson here.
  • A photoshop crash course that costs USD40: See the lesson here.

(Full disclosure: I get a commission if you signed up these classes through my links.)

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  1. The Print Blog says:

    Thanks for posting up some great resources Aaron. Sometimes I realize that paying for online classes is way cheaper than going to school.

  2. Abdul Malek says:

    Wowww. Great post. Thanks a lot for your blog.

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