Premium Business Card Designs

I recently stumble a nice looking site that focuses on business cards.  The great thing about the site is that it gives you different kinds of cool premium business cards designs as well as different tutorials of designing a unique look business card. This particular article, for example, is a useful reference that shows you what are the different business card dimensions. It is a nice idea and is a lot of like what 10 steps tries to do for photo tutorials.

If you have some time to kill and is looking for some inspiration on how to design a beautiful business card, why not visit this blog and see if it can help to draw some inspirations for you. The following is just a small sample of what you can find on their site.

Restaurant business card designs

Black business card designs

Square business card designs

If you like what you see, then head over to for an inspiration of how to create cool business cards.

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  1. Devis says:

    Tactfully,this collection is are so standard.So thanks for this beautiful business card & another design

  2. Caius smith says:

    Basically there are many different type of Business Card available in the market but design of Business cards must so good and Gorgeous.

  3. doriddro says:

    nice collection which helpful for me

  4. Clayton Rice says:

    Nice cards, I might have to try one of these designs for myself. Thanks.

  5. Niloy says:

    nice and great collection of gorgeous business card for vip business, thank to you for giving us such a good idea of design.

  6. Shaikat says:

    wow!! nice collection of business card, i am searching this type of vip business card for a ling time. This collection of cards are so standerd for vip office or business.

  7. Julia says:

    Thanks for the nice post ,great designs

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