Thanks Everyone for the Supports

I have not been updating on the statistics of this site for some time. But this is still essential for the sponsors to understand better on what they are paying for, so please bear with me for awhile. 😀

10Steps.SG is coming close to 4 months old and is getting over 3500 visitors everyday. I still remembered the first time I saw my Alexa rank was 4+ million. Today, it has shot up to 76,560! It is not one of the best tutorial sites around but it certainly exceeded my own expectation already. Thanks so much to all the regular supporters / readers who has subscribed my RSS and checking out the site often. I’ve learnt pretty much along with everyone while creating all these tutorials.

Below is my list of sponsors with a brief description of what they are doing. Do spend some time to visit their sites and I’m sure you will find them useful for your design works next time.

This is indeed modern ecommerce. FoxyCart is not a CMS, but is built to integrate into whatever CMS you like. Maintain your products on your end, and enjoy having all your data in a single location.
This is certainly convenient for us designers. FeatherCode take your beautiful design and craft equally beautiful and semantic CSS and XHTML within 24 hours!
A web host that provides good bandwidth, performance and domain at a great rate. Probably one of the lowest cost that can be found around the market. Sweet!
    Digital Photography Tutorial
An informative photography tutorial site run by Dave Adams. Teaching you all the latest tips and tricks on DSLR cameras. Be sure to check this out!
    Dream Template
I love the design of this site very much. Dream Template offers exclusive premium web content solutions for web developers and webmasters. It lets you access a large collection of professionally designed website template files.
Interesting concept of selling Ebooks at a very cheap price. There are different categories ranging from Internet Home Business, Self-Improvement, Food Recipes and Languages.
This is an internet tutorial index catering to graphic designers, webmasters and programmers, with over 4000 tutorials listed in 43 categories. You can find plenty of cool tutorials all gathering at one place.
A stock photo sharing website where photographers, designers and students can share their photographs and images with each other. So you guys know where to get resources for your next design now?

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  1. Johnson says:

    See you around Dainis! I like the snow falling on your site!!!

  2. Yeah, congratz too man! I have the same feelings – blogging is one of the best things happened to me the latest time and I feel it’s same for You! See Your later! 🙂

  3. Johnson says:

    @Niyi: Ya. It’s usually very tired after a whole day of work. Sometimes I’m just like you, will drop by deviantArt to get some inspiration then off to bed.

    @Qbrushes: Thanks for the encouragement!

    @Sadhu: O.O You’ve made my day haha

  4. sadhu says:

    naruto 308 has out.. hahaha

  5. Qbrushes says:

    Great accomplishment 🙂 keep up the good work.

  6. Niyi Sodipe says:

    3500 a day, is that real? I’m not calling you a lair or anything, I’m just saying that I a WHOLE LOT more than I get on mine. Yea I know mine is just a portfolio but still…I’m jealous!

    Anyway, I wish I had time to do these tutorials, but work is really tiring so I just stop by to see the pretty pictures.


  7. Johnson says:

    Thanks Saden! 😉

  8. saden says:


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