Community Updates – February 2010

Community Artworks

Till now, our Flickr Group has 351 members that have been actively contributing their fantastic works, photographs and experiments. There are 20 submissions that I will like to highlight to everyone. If you have some works to share as well, please head over to our Flickr Group now!

Community Sponsors

For me, blogging is more of a passion rather than trying to get rich from it. However, I do appreciate these kind sponsors who have supported me for a long time. Their sponsorships have motivate and allow me to host this blog on a fast and stable server. So there is no more downtime like how it was when first started back in 2008. Do check out their sites as they are providing the most innovative services on the Internet now. It shall add on to personal knowledge or benefit your company, more or less.

Community Links

Have you been checking out on the community links submitted on the sidebar? I have selected 5 of the most interesting ones here for your reading pleasure.
  Inspirational Gravity Daring Ads

Gravity is described By Newton’s. Every thing goes up, it must come down. Imagination has no end points and this Zero Gravity show the imagination to review the laws of physics.

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  Hidden Power of Border Radius

In this post we will explore the property border-radius and how it can be used to create circles, semi-cricles and quarter-circles.

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  25 Beautiful Free Valentine Fonts

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and seems my timing is just right publishing this selection of beautiful free Valentine fonts.

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  20 Examples of Excellent HDR Architecture Photography

HDR shows it’s true possibilities in architecture photography because architecture requires very deep details, shadows and color range to emphasize every edge, every small detail and corner of the walls.

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  Steampunk – An inspiration from clockworks

For those of you who are unfamiliar yet with the Steampunk concept, this is a sub-genre of science-fiction that relates to old technologies, such as steam powered vehicles, etc from the Victorian era.

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    Nice collection of sites!

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    thanks @johnson koh 8]; best wishes for you and you amazing blog XD.

    regards friend.

  3. Great collection of sites.
    And honestly, you have a great list. I just can’t stop drooling.

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