Community Works and Experiments

Sharing with everyone some of the stunning works from 10Steps.SG Flickr community 🙂
Click here to view more from the gallery.

Below the list are experiments that were done by our readers. I apologize to those I missed out in the compilation. It feels really great and motivating to see my tutorials are helpful to them in designing. This site will definitely improve itself constantly with this form of energy. Thanks guys!


Create a 3D Flowery Text Effect


Color Effects with Alpha Channel


Creating a Smoke Fading Effect


Lighting Effects in Photoshop


Draw 3D Crystal Icon in Photoshop


Making a Modern Abstract Scene


Transform Photo into Watercolor Painting


Transform a Photo into Chinese Painting

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12 Comments | Write a Comment

  1. sadhu says:

    WAH… so surprise to see my photos… hahaa…

    anyway, i like the last piece, i read that tutorial last time, but i din try, as usual, lazy >”<

  2. Johnson says:

    Thanks Ronald!

  3. There are nice woks.great list in here

  4. Johnson says:

    Just seen your nice works on Flickr! Thanks for sharing pal 😀

  5. John Holt says:

    Seeing these great works inspired me to upload a few of my own. Keep rockin it guys!

  6. DNL Unico says:

    thanks and exelent web

  7. Johnson says:

    Oh is that you flying in the sky? 😀
    I like the stream of colored smoke that you’ve got there.
    Great work!

  8. DNL Unico says:

    thanks for exposing my work
    The number three is mine
    = D

  9. Johnson says:

    No problem at all Salmen. Your works are cool! 😉

  10. Salmen says:

    Thank you Johnson

    the first and second is mine

  11. Johnson says:

    Hey Eric, yea its an interesting one.

  12. Eric says:

    Gotta love the strawberry frog 😀

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