20 fantastic GIMP tutorials to get you from beginner to pro

Adobe Photoshop is a brilliant and versatile tool that allows designers and artists to create stunning work, but with its hefty price tag it may be too expensive for some. Luckily, there are open-source alternatives like GIMP that are completely free and can work most of the wonders of Photoshop.

If you’ve made the decision to jump into GIMP, you’ll realize that there aren’t as many great tutorials for GIMP on the web. Thus we’ve collected the 20 best GIMP tutorials for beginners, from basic interface usage to advanced editing tricks, to help get you on the path to GIMP mastery. Enjoy!

Getting Started

How to crop in GIMP

Let’s start with a most basic action: crop an image in GIMP.


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How to resize an image in GIMP

Another beginner’s tutorial – learn how to resize images the right way (yes, there is a wrong way) so that you will preserve the quality of the image.


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How to remove background in GIMP

This tutorial to remove backgrounds in GIMP works not only for solid colour backgrounds, but actual photographic backgrounds as well.


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How to make background transparent in GIMP

To make the background transparent in GIMP and save a transparent image, you need to save it in a certain format. Read this tutorial to find out more.


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How to add fonts to GIMP

Need to create a poster with a fancy font? Here’s how to quickly install fonts that you’ve downloaded into GIMP.


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How to install brushes in GIMP

Again, easy as 1-2-3. Steps to install brushes in GIMP for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


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How to reduce blur in GIMP

Shaky hands when taking photos? Not to worry – here’s how to easily correct blurred images in GIMP with this tutorial.


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How to blur background in GIMP

On the other hand, sometimes you want to blur the background of your image to fake depth of field and place focus on your subject. This in-depth tutorial shows you how to blur backgrounds in GIMP.


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How to change hair colour in GIMP

With this tutorial on changing hair color in GIMP, you can give yourself a funky dye job or simply fix grey hair.


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How to change eye color in GIMP

This is another technique for coloring parts of an image, such as your eyes, in GIMP.


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How to use layers in GIMP

Layers in GIMP work the same way they do in Photoshop, allowing you to control various edits and effects on an image. There are some differences in the user interface, though. Here’s a guide to using layers in GIMP.


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How to blend images in GIMP

Learn how to blend images in GIMP using layer masks and the Gradient tool to create posters or collages.


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How to create a watermark in GIMP

Learn how to watermark your images in GIMP to prevent others from claiming credit for your work or using your photos without your permission.


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How to make an animated gif in GIMP

Yes, you can create animated gifs in GIMP using layers and frames. This extremely clear and helpful tutorial will show you how.


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How to create 3D text in GIMP

Another clear and detailed tutorial, this time for creating cool 3D text in GIMP.


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How to create a glow effect in GIMP

This awesome tutorial shows you how to create a cool glow effect on any object in GIMP.


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GIMP signature tutorial

Want to create a cool forum sig for yourself? Here’s an easy-to-follow tutorial using simple textures and graphics.


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How to create a logo in GIMP

Together with the tutorial on creating 3D text, this GIMP logo tutorial will have you designing sleek logos using the path and gradient tools.


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GIMP invert colours

Inverting colours in GIMP can be a bit tricky as, unlike in Photoshop, there’s no filter for this action. Instead, you can download scripts such as this one to colour invert your images.


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Liquify tool in GIMP

Can’t find the Photoshop Liquify tool in GIMP? It’s known as IWARP, and here’s a comprehensive tutorial on using IWARP to liquify images in GIMP.


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Enjoyed this collection of GIMP tutorials? Check out our Photoshop tutorials for beginners.

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