How to make a tiled background with Flash

Here is a flash tutorial for beginners that teaches you on how to make a seamless background using Flash. It is useful for making images or for websites. Have fun learning how to create a titled background.

Create a new document by clicking <File-New>, and click <Modify-Document> to set the canvas size to 500X500. You can leave everything else to its default value.

Change the stroke color to NONE

Create a square with the rectangle tool. Select the square and change its dimension to 100×100. This is going to be the area that you are going to work on your patterns

Select the square and convert it into a symbol by pressing F8.

Go back to scene 1 and duplicate the square symbol that you have just created and arrange them next to each other until the whole canvas is filled up. ( I changed the color of the square symbol to illustrate that they are actually aligned next to each other)

Right click on any of the squares and choose <Edit in New Window> and place the two windows side by side. This way you can start filing the symbol with your own pattern design and at the same time you are able view what the final pattern look like in real time!

I am going to change the background color to blue and draw some cute little flowers in the middle.

Once it’s done, while keeping the symbol editing window active, go to <File-Export-Export Image> and choose <minimum image area>in the drop down menu, you can leave the rest of the settings to default. You can also choose to export the tiled 500×500 as the final image by keeping that window active during the exporting process

I use this pattern as a background for a character designed by me. His name is Qoobee. Isn’t he cute!! And I’m sure you can do the same!

This article was contributed by Lu Peng. Check out more of his work as well as the stories of QooBee at

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  1. somya says:

    Hi Aaron this is nice tut thanks. actually i want to know about buttons how to works in flash basically for presentation
    web plz help

  2. Buddyweb says:

    Thanks Aaron, always good posts!

  3. Monika says:

    Thanks Aaron, it works now very well! For my part – do not worry about the newsletter, I’ll take the tutorial from your website.
    Kind regards, Monika

  4. Monika says:

    There are some pictures missing. Also in the E-Mail Newsletter. I would like to do the tutorial, but without those pictures, it is difficult.
    Thanks an kind regards

    • Aaron Chua says:

      Hi Monika

      Sorry about the missing images. There was some error with the html. It should be fixed now. As for the email newsletter, I need to figure out how to put the images there as well.

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