20 best Photoshop painting tutorials on the web

With the help of technology and sophisticated software like Photoshop, artists can now create digital artworks without the restrictions of canvas and paint. However, digital painting requires just as much artistic knowledge as conventional painting does. If you’re interested in creating beautiful fantasy characters or futuristic landscapes, here is a collection of Photoshop painting tutorials, from the basics to advanced techniques, to start you on your journey to becoming a digital artist.


For Beginners

A tutorial on the basics of digital colouring

This tutorial on digital colouring starts off with a ready-made black and white illustration to show you how digital colouring works.


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Photoshop photorealistic painting tutorial

In-depth guide about colour theory and illustration techniques.


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Using layer masks for digital painting in Photoshop

Using layer masks in Photoshop will make your digital painting workflow a lot easier and keep your palette neat, so you don’t have to worry about repainting or colouring outside the lines.


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Brush settings for digital painting in Photoshop

Different types of digital painting effects call for different brush settings, and unlike photo manipulation, you want your brushes to have the effect of real paintbrushes where the brushstroke fades off instead of painting infinitely.


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Oil painting in Photoshop

Learn how to create an oil paint effect in Photoshop using the Mixer Brush tool.


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Watercolour painting in Photoshop

A wonderful Photoshop watercolour painting tutorial, complete with brush set.


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How to paint reflective surfaces in Photoshop

Painting metal armour, glossy surfaces, and other shiny surfaces in Photoshop can be tricky and this tutorial shows you how to master it.


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Painting Humans

How to paint eyes in Photoshop

Painting expressive and realistic eyes is something every digital artist needs to master.


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Photoshop skin painting tutorial

Skin comes in a myriad of shades and textures. A good digital painting should not have perfectly smooth skin but have some realistic lines and pores, as this tutorial will teach.


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Painting limbs in Photoshop

This tutorial on painting limbs teaches the basics of anatomy, showing you how to visualize the effects of light on muscles.


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Painting hair and fur

Painting hair in Photoshop can be very tricky and requires some patience.


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Painting lips in Photoshop

Lips are one of the hardest human features to paint due to the variety of shapes, colours, and textures of lips that abound. The link below will lead you to not one, but three tutorials showing how to paint different styles of lips in Photoshop.


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How to paint feathers and wings in Photoshop

With this tutorial, you’ll be able to paint birds, gargoyles, and angels (or even demons).


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Painting Scenery

A complete guide to digital matte painting in Photoshop

Love futuristic scenes like those in Final Fantasy or Resident Evil? Background scenery artwork is known as digital matte painting – this comprehensive tutorial will explain it all to you.


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How to paint clouds in Photoshop

A tutorial showing you how to paint realistic-looking clouds.


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How to paint fire in Photoshop

Achieve cool fire effects with this tutorial on painting fire in Photoshop.


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How to paint flowing water in Photoshop

Being able to capture the movement of flowing water in painting is the mark of an excellent artist. This tutorial will guide you on how to paint flowing water in Photoshop.


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Creating lighting effects in Photoshop

Lighting effects can make all the difference to a digital painting, as shown in this beautiful tutorial.


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Another Photoshop light effects tutorial

This tutorial shows how to create beams of light in different directions and explains how to set the intensity of the light.


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Painting a glowing fantasy scene

This amazing tutorial shows how you can create a complete fantasy scene by using various patterns.


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