30 Complete Photoshop Guides for Beginners

Some beautiful tutorials available on many design blogs (including mine) may not be so detailed as they are mainly written for readers with some basic Photoshop knowledge. So what about those that are totally new to Photoshop? Here is an ultimate list of 30 beginner’s guides, leading you to become a better Photoshop user.
Written by Corrie Haffly for Sitepoint, this tutorial will be introducing all the basic tools and information you need to know when first using Photoshop.
Written by Steve Patterson for Photoshop Essentials, this tutorial will look at how to create your own custom Photoshop keyboard shortcuts. This is a great and easy way to speed up your workflow and make both you and Photoshop much more efficient.
Normally we do not pay much attention to the preference settings. But there are some things to do that you can optimize Photoshop to your personal use. Read it and you will know.
I understand some readers got confused sometimes when following through my tutorials involving multiple layers and various shortcut keys. This tutorial will show you how to work with layers using a much detailed explaination.
Another question I always got on 10Steps.SG was “How do I create a Layer Mask? I clicked on the Layer Mask button but nothing happens!” Now you have the full explanation over here.
Written by David Leggett, this tutorial, Anatomy of the Toolbox, will help you to gain a clear understanding on each of the Photoshop tools.
Written by Ian Yates, he will give you a comprehensive basis for working with the Pen Tool in Photoshop. Probably the best tutorial I can find on the internet.
Other than the Pen, Brush is also another important tool to look into, especially for the digital painters. Here is a guide on doing amazing stuffs with the Brush Panel.
I love to use blending modes and options in my tutorials. They provide many variations to a single piece of artwork. This video tutorial will show you how. Don’t worry, it loads pretty fast 😉
We all like to download and use Photoshop Actions. Ever thought of creating one by yourself? Here is the guide to do so.
As there are many Photoshop Actions available on the web, I thought it will be easier to pick the one you need if I compare them with same images. Some actions are meant for landscape while some for skin improvements.

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We all like to visit Qbrushes.com. Here is the complete guide for installing and managing the tons of Photoshop Brushes you collected.
There are many different types of Photoshop Brushes that can be found online. The list I’ve compiled this time round mainly focus on abstract glows, lights, stars and glitters.

Download Resources

Custom Shapes are especially very useful when working on large document sizes. This tutorial will show how you can make one for yourself.
Here is a list of Photoshop Custom Shapes that I think cannot be missed. I have also included my own Doraemon collection. Hope you guys will like it.

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Very often, I copy and paste objects from Illustrator. When placing, Smart Object is always the option I chose so I will not lose any quality when resizing them. Here is a detailed explanation on what exactly is a Smart Object.
Clone Stamp Tool is one of the most known tools in Photoshop, but have you ever wondered: what else can I do with the cloning stamp than duplicating pixels and hiding objects? These two short tutorials will show you some new uses for this wonderful tool.
Who doesn’t know the Type Tool? This is maybe one of the most powerful and useful tools of Photoshop. Here is a guide showing you the full potential of using it.
Probably the first thing you will play around when using Photoshop are the filters. This guide provide the basic information you need to know about them.
This tutorial will be showing some quick and easy techniques for retouching photographs. It is really useful and I think everyone should spend some time reading through.
Lasso tool may not be so popular as it is usually hard to select on the areas we want precisely. But this tutorial will show how you can do so.
Smudge and Liquify tools allow you to create various effects like fire, abstract glows, flares and etc. Check out the brief introduction on how to use them here.
These two tutorials are simple guides about using Photoshop’s Vanishing Point filter in photo editing. You will learn some of the basics about making selections, cloning areas, and pasting images into the vanishing point filter window.
Notice the Blending Options when right-clicking on the layers? Those are Layer Styles that you can use to enhance your work. This tutorial will introduce you to all the available settings.
Using the Shadows/Highlights adjustment in Photoshop to save photographs with poor lightings. Check out this video tutorial to find out more.
This tutorial will show you how to use grids, guides and the alignment tools. These three options will keep your designs accurate and stop you using the nudge tool all the time to get your layers in place, which can be frustrating at times.
This tutorial will teach you how to get the very best out of the “Bevel and Emboss” tool that Photoshop has to offer to make your designs look ultra realistic.
If you find yourself needing to quickly remove the background from an image in Photoshop, take a moment to play with the background eraser tool.
Rediscover the Extract tool all over again. In some situations, it’s still the best way to make a mask for detailed hair. Too bad it is no longer a default tool in CS4.
Ok, you often see me using Adjustment Layers near the end of my tutorials to enhance mood of the final artwork. This video will show you how.
Live from Macworld Conference & Expo, 2009, digital artist Bert Monroy explains what an alpha channel is and where you can and can’t apply a filter channel in a Photoshop painting.
This tutorial will explain the basics of exposure in digital images. A poorly exposed photo can either be too bright (overexposed) or too dark (underexposed).
Have you ever had difficulties making selections and thought there was a better way? Here are some quick solutions, and on the other side, comprehensive and details techniques for making selections.

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