33 Digital Photoshop Painting Tutorials

Digital painting is something that I always wanted to learn. While finding my way to a start, I came across many great online tutorials on it that I should share with everyone here. Take your time to go through them and maybe some of them can spark your interest in digital painting too. I will be trying out some of them and then post my results up here ( for a laugh maybe 😀 ).

How to Draw Manga
Very detailed explanations on methods to create a manga scene from the initial sketch all the way to final painting.
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Spicy Curry Brush
Digital painting process using brushes in Adobe Photoshop 7 with a pressure sensitive Wacom Intuos tablet.
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Digital Painting Tutorial
Detailed step-by-step guide for the creation of this masterpiece. Photoshop brushes used in the tutorial are available for download.
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Digital Painting Steps
A walkthough of one of Chris Arlidge’s digital painting done in Adobe Photoshop. General comments are provided on each step.
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Advanced Digital Painting Techniques
This covers the whole painting process, from sketch to finishing touches, and can be applied to either Photoshop painting or oil painting.
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Making Frodo
This is a walkthrough of how the creator made this realistic Frodo character from Lords of the Ring.
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Red Assassin Tutorial
Step-by-step walkthrough of how to create a beautiful red assassin.
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Painting a Landscape
Tutorial which will enable you to paint in Photoshop a basic landscape which could be thereafter detailed.
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Jim Zubkavich’s Tutorial
The step-by-step follows Jim’s process from loose sketch to finished art
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Making of Yuka
Creator created this stunning image by referencing a real photograph. Do check this out!
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Making of Fire Energy
Creator translates the fire energy to an image, and this came out, There isn’t any sketch, so he consider this a speed painting.
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Bioshock Videogame Painting
Creator explains how to use Photoshop and a Wacom Tablet to paint a character from the new videogame Bioshock.
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Wonder Woman Pin Up Painting
Use Photoshop and a Wacom Tablet to create a digital illustration of a voluptuous Wonder Woman pin up.
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Fly Away Digital Painting
Guide for fly away digital painting. I will say this is very useful for beginners.
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Making of the Photographer
Photographer, a war journalist picture in a cartoony look intending to be evocative and just a bit sad.
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Spider Harp
This picture represent a fantasy musician able to play harp on a spider web.
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Making of Transformer
Creator wants to create a scene filled with tension and drama, just like a still photographs from the film.
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Making of Lida
Creator want to interpret a new feeling of an old Chinese poem, and try to make it more fantasy, sci-fi and surreal.
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Making of Angel of War
Angel warrior. He is the solider of heaven to protect human from devil. And he obeys only GOD.
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Making of Dragon
In this tutorial we are going to color a dragon portrait.
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Digital Painting
Tutorial showing the steps to create this interesting manga-like painting.
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Hair Painting Tutorial
Neat tutorial showing how to paint a smooth hair.
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Digital Painting
This tutorial will show how to paint using almost 1 layer only.
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Painting a Car Digitally
Creator shows how he painted this car right from the start.
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RoseVine Lady
A detailed writeout of how the artist painted this magical scene.
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Min Hyo Rin Step by Step
Step by step guide on how to create this amazing painting.
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Pepper Portrait – Process
Artgerm sharing with everyone on how he created his very own style of digital painting.
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Pepper Breeze – Process
Another guide from Artgerm showing his processes in creating this piece of Pepper Breeze.
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Digital Painting Tutorial
Creator showing how to paint by referencing to several real photographs.
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Digital Painting Tutorial
This style of colouring resembles traditional painting because the brush strokes are still visible.
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CG Tutorial 1
Ashen Ray sharing with us on how she done her manga-style painting. This is a must-read!.
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CG Tutorial 2
Ashen Ray sharing with us on how she done her manga-style painting. This is a must-read!.
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Digital Painting Cloud
Step by step guide on how to build brushes and paint like the creator.
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  1. chase svea toledo says:

    this is inspiring
    i want to learn about this

  2. fei xuyan says:

    it’s really great. thanks a lot.

  3. Thomas says:

    WOW – I feel like I have hit the jackpot of digital painting tutorials. Thank you so much for taking the time to gather all these great tutorials. I really appreciate it.

  4. Az says:

    where can i download this software ? any suggestion ?..

  5. Tony Sale says:

    There are some seriously talented people out there and I am often in awe of their work. My son is very much into digital painting and i have book marked a number of these tutorials for his use.

  6. tony says:

    wow! this is amazing freaking awesome. thank you very much for the nice tutorials..

  7. Manish says:

    i want to submint my digitel painting in ur site but how ?

  8. Ponyo says:

    awesome!!!I wish I could also color my arts like you guys….

  9. Derp says:

    Half of these don’t work.

    And the rest just take you to gallerys.

    Thanks for nothing.

  10. noskill1343 says:

    Wow, great tutorial collection here, thanx for share this awesome stuff ^^

  11. dev singh says:

    awesome yaar great

  12. Crys says:

    I do not usually leave comments, but this is so great.
    Awesome collection!

  13. Cgbaran says:

    Great collection thanks

  14. kiko says:

    PLease make a photoshop draw, but just basic, like brushes and stuff like that

  15. Peyman says:

    Thanks Rohin for everything. 😉

  16. Sam Bird says:

    Thanks so much, some great links, much appreciated.

  17. creative says:

    really a nice paintings…plz..send me other paintings…

  18. fly90 says:

    that’s so amazing…

  19. kunal says:

    its very good paintings

    send me your all paintings

  20. gaurang says:

    i can’imaging after ssing this

  21. Najo says:

    It is realy great … plz we want more

  22. ravi says:

    that very cool work , i neve new that this kind of work we can get .thanks for opening new windows

  23. anu says:

    awesome designs! the dragon one is my favourite design! no idea you could do all these with photoshop, also do the big films start off by actually using photoshop or do they use another package?

  24. Johnson Koh says:

    Yes Pink, it’s tough to achieve digital painting without putting in enough hard work. You can check out the latest post on layered PSDs for digital painting. All are free to download. We can learn some cool stuffs from there.

  25. Couldnt thank you enough for this list! Transformer and Lord of Rings ones are awesome but seemed like a lot of hard work!

  26. etekalti says:

    Thank you Johnson !! I love this site !

  27. Waw good Thanks Johnson!

  28. camfrog says:

    Very Nice thanks Johnson

  29. it’s very helpfull to me thanks Johnson

  30. Chubba says:

    great tutorials. and great site . 🙂
    ill post something im doing soon

  31. Johnson says:

    @Tadd and Yami: I’m new to these digital paintings as well. Do share with me if you’ve done up something! 😀

  32. Yami says:

    I have bought a tablet recently and i was looking for tutorials like that ! Thank you Johnson !! I love this site !

  33. Tadd says:

    Hot DANG this is a good collection! I’m not a digital painter – but I need to be .. and these will REALLY come in handy!

    Thanks Johnson!

  34. Johnson says:

    Thanks Rohin! It’s great to see you again 😉

  35. rohin says:

    that’s an amazing list you have J , keep up the good work

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