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In this tutorial, we will try to mimic the nice abstract preview (shown on the left) that Axeraider70 made for his Ultimate Brush Pack 3. Hope this will give the beginners a better idea on how to use these great resources.

Download Ultimate Brush Pack 3 here.

All rights of these resources belong to their respective owners.


Step 1 – Setting Up Background:

Create a document of size 750×550 pixels then make a new layer and name it as Back Glow.

Select Soft Brush tool, set its size to 700px and foreground color to #752341.

Paint a large dot of pink at the center like the one shown on the left.


Step 2 – Brush Layer Masks:

Other than simply stamp the brushes around, we can use them to create simple effects on layer mask too.

Select the Back Glow layer and create a New Layer Mask.

Load all the brushes in Ultimate Brush Pack 3. Select some of those grundgy brushes and paint them with black (#000000) around the border of the mask.


Step 3a – Setting Base Colors:

Create a new layer and name it as Base Color 1.

Using the same grundgy brushes used in Step 2, set the foreground color to #FF99B4 and paint a few spots of pink as shown in the diagram.


Step 3b – Setting Base Colors:

Set the Blend Mode of Base Color1 to Soft Light.

Now set the foreground color to #FED2DD and repeat Step 3a and 3b.


Step 4a – Colors and Contrast:

Create a new layer and call it as Black Shapes.

Briefly identify a center point on the document and find those brushes that stretch out in various directions. We will need to make these shapes look as they diverging out from the same point.

Set the foreground color to #000000 and use those brushes in different sizes as shown in diagram. Set the Blend Mode of this layer to Soft Light.


Step 4b – Colors and Contrast:

Create a new layer and call it as Blue Shapes.

Using the same grundgy brushes in Step 3a, paint a few spots of blue around.


Step 4c – Colors and Contrast:

Set the Blend Mode of Blue Shapes to Linear Dodge (Add).

This will blend the blue spots with those black ones under them and added some glow at the same time.


Step 4d – Colors and Contrast:

Create a new layer and call it as Pink Shapes.

Set the foreground color to #E25884 and repeat Step 4a with other brushes. Leave the Blend Mode of this layer as Normal.


Step 5a – Adding Glow Subjects:

Create a new layer and name it as Glow 1.

Set the foreground color to #FFFFFF and choose those brushes that you wish to make them your main glowing subjects. Paint them on this layer.


Step 5b – Add Glow Subjects:

Right-click on the layer and choose Blending Options. Activate Outer Glow and set Mode to Color Dodge, Color to #FF0000, Size to 30px and leave the rest as default settings.

Repeat Step 5a and 5b with a larger brush.


Step 5c – Add Glow Subjects:

Repeat Step 5a and 5b with random sizes all around.

Try not to overdo the addition of these glow subjects else they will "steal" the focus of those colored shapes at the background.



There you have it! Your abstract art is done.

You can create different variations of the piece with the use of Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer. For the Blue, I am using -140,0,0 and for the Yellow, I am using 43,0,0.

Hope you will find this tutorial useful.

Click here to view the final image.

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  1. shirley says:

    So beautiful…

  2. arumi says:

    I had tried resetting the brushes but to no avail. What I have found out is that if I select Basic Brushes, then everything works but many from the other brush sets simply do not work either in Brush mode or Eraser.

  3. Johnson Koh says:

    Hi fallenangel, this design is originated from Axeraider. You may wish to check with him at

    However, I believe most of the designers have seen this before already. So may not be suitable for a competition when creativity is an important part in it. 🙂

  4. fallenangel says:

    am i allowed to re-create this design on my own and re-use it for a design competition?

  5. mrb says:


  6. waqas says:


  7. SilentSlayer97 says:

    Wow. I love this, it’s amazing and mine turned out looking great!

    Thanks a bunch!

  8. Johnson says:

    Thanks for supporting this tut guys 😀

    @Jk: Actually I’m referring to those rough brushes like the pink ones seen in Step 3a. Sorry if I confused you.

    @Verma: You can be kept updated on the tutorials here by subscribing to my RSS feeds above. It will be sent to your email whenever I write an article/tutorial here 😀

  9. This tutorials is very easy i want a best coral draw & photoshop tutorials Plz mail me best effect & worked designing on coral & Photoshop …

  10. jk says:

    what ya mean by grudgy brush?

  11. Erdem says:

    Wow, EXCELLENT!! its really amazing so great tut tnx for sharing!

  12. matumba says:

    Very good work, though i would suggest to set opacity to 37% n the layer with blue shapes 🙂

  13. nestor felicilda says:

    wow…very nice hope i can work with you someday..

  14. Ah Girl says:

    Great Work…..I luv it..:P

  15. your mom says:


  16. Johnson says:

    Thanks for the link! 😉

  17. Wow, that was amazing! I also linked this tutorial on my blog!

  18. I want to share a website with you ! They offer a lot of Photoshop Brushes for download, categorized and updated everytime. Visite:
    And now you know how to make Abstract Wallpaper with brushes you can suggest you brush to this website !
    I hope you enjoy it !

  19. Johnson says:

    Thanks Herro for the extension! 😀

  20. Herro says:

    Hi great tutorial. To add an extra grungey effect, Merge your layers and create a layer underneth the original. Fill it black and run difference clouds” change your abstract’s layer effect to “hard Light”

  21. Herro says:

    GREAT tutorial, gave great effects

  22. Carlos says:

    never mind managed to figure it out on my own 😀

    but in the future instead of using “grudgy” to describe a brush just say which one it is, or give a better description :]

  23. Dennis says:

    easy and slick. thanks.

  24. Johnson says:

    Hi Carlos, guess I overlooked some of the details. Mind telling me which part you’re stuck at?

  25. Carlos says:

    wow u suck at explaining things….i know i’m new at this but it doesn’t have enough information

  26. Johnson says:

    Thanks TutorialsRoom once again!

  27. Good Tutorial! It was chosen for the home page of
    Please submit all of your future quality tutorials in there.

  28. Johnson says:

    Thanks guys!

    Do check out the interview I had with the originator of these great abstract brushes!

  29. evilL0rd says:

    Great work dude.
    First time here and I like your site design.

  30. monsterTruck says:

    Woo… it has been some time since i last visited here…
    Lotsa GREAT changes made!

    I lovin this tut… and you! LOL

  31. Yami says:

    Amazing ! I will do this tutorial and make a wallpaper, then i post here =D

    I love it !

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