Create a 3D Flowery Text Effect

PreparationsIn this tutorial, we will need the beautiful Suddenly Spring brushes designed by GValkyrie.

Download the Suddenly Spring brushes here.

All rights of these resources belong to their
respective owners.

Step 1 – Setting Up BackgroundCreate a document of size 750×550 pixels.

Set the foreground color to #004B64
and background to #000000.

Using the Radial Gradient tool, drag a circular
gradient from the top downwards.

Step 2a – Create a 3D TextOpen up Adobe Illustrator.

Set the Fill to be #FFFFFF and type in your first
letter with a bold font.

I am using Helvetica 75 Bold.

Draw a black layer below the white letter so
it is visible.

Step 2b – Create a 3D TextSelect the letter and go to Effect > 3D > Extrude
& Bevel.

Fill in the settings shown on the left.

Check on Preview so you are able to see the end
results from the settings.
Adjust the values if necessary.

Step 2c – Create a 3D TextFill in the remaining of settings as
shown on the left.

Click OK once you are done.

Step 2d – Create a 3D TextRepeat Step 2a to 2c for the rest of your letters.

Adjust the values in Step 2b to get the letters
facing in different directions.

Select the first letter and press on
Ctrl+C to copy it.

Step 2e – Create a 3D TextGo back to Photoshop and press Ctrl+V
to paste the first letter.

Paste As prompt will appear.
Choose Smart Object.

Do the copying and pasting for rest of the letters.

Step 3a – Apply Surface GradientSelect Magic Wand and enter the settings shown
on the left.

Click on top surface of the first letter.

Step 3b – Apply Surface GradientClick on Refine Edge.

Fill in the settings as shown on the left.

Step 3c – Apply Surface GradientCreate a new layer above the first letter and name
it as Surface. Fill the selection with #000000.

Select the new layer and choose Blending Option.

Activate Gradient Overlay set the colors to be
#003146 and #B8EBFE.
Set the Blend Mode to Normal,
Opacity to 100%, Style to Linear,
Angle to 90 and Scale to 100%.

Step 3d – Apply Surface GradientRepeat Step 3a to 3c for the rest of letters.

Try to use different colors of same theme in the
gradient overlay, such as shades of
green and cyan.

Step 4a – Adding Flowery SwirlsLoad Suddenly Spring brushes. Create another
layer above Surface layer and name it as Floral.

Set the foreground to #FFFFFF. Select one of the
Suddenly Spring brushes and paint over the

Set the Blend Mode of Floral layer to Overlay and
opacity to 50%. Select the Floral layer and Ctrl+left
click on the Surface layer to load its selection.

Click on Layer Mask button.

Step 4b – Adding Flowery SwirlsRepeat Step 4a for rest of the letters.

Create new layers in between each letter to paint
some black (#000000) shadows with Soft Brush

Mask these shadows the same way done for
the Floral layers.

Step 4c – Adding Flowery SwirlsCreate a new layer below all the letters.

Set the foreground color to #BEF7A8 and paint
some flowers around the letters.

Right-click on the layer and choose Blending

Activate Outer Glow and set the color to #FFFFFF.

Leave the rest of settings as default.

Step 4d – Adding Flowery SwirlsRepeat Step 4c to plant more flowers around
the letters.
Step 4e – Adding Flowery SwirlsCreate a new layer below everything.

Set the foreground color to #FFFFFF and paint
a large flower.
Go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur and
set the radius to 6px.

Set the Blend Mode of this layer to Overlay.

Step 5a – Glowing StarsCreate a new layer above everything and name it
as Stars.

Use Soft Brush tool with size 1px and color
#FFFFFF, draw a big cross as shown in the

Erase slightly on the 4 corners with big Soft Eraser.

Select Soft Brush tool, set its opacity 20% and
size to 30px.

Paint a fade dot in the center of the cross.

Step 5b – Glowing StarsRight-click on the Stars layer and choose
Blending Options.

Choose Outer Glower and set the color to
Leave the rest of the settings as default.

OptionalYou may repeat Step 5a and 5b
for as many stars as you like with different sizes.

I hope you have enjoyed the tutorial as much
as I do. Thanks!

Click here to view the final image.

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    I love this effect.
    but the prob is,When i copy letter from illustrator(cs5) to photoshop(cs6) the quality of letter reduces and there will some space at the edges/corners of letter.pls help me.
    what could be the problem?
    Document size?

  5. toopfun says:

    wow ! its amazing you made the way easy i thought web design is one of the hard job can ever do thanks for your great site !

  6. anne says:

    I like the tutorial but the problem is after doing the bevel and emboss in illustrator as stated, it said that bevel self-interaction occured. It looked really awkward with the setting and I tried changing the settings as well but couldnt get the same 3D effect as yours. However, I did not use Helvetica. I used other fonts. I tried two different fonts as well. Might telling me what is the problem?

  7. Key Tags says:

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  8. Novy says:

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    • Aaron Chua says:

      Sorry, I am not sure how to do it either as thi tutorial was created by Johnson. Hopefully somebody in the community can help?

    • Pixel says:

      Click the brush tool,then right click on your canvas, a pop-up tab will appear, then click the arrow button (small triangle) on the upper right of the tab. Select Load Brushes, then find the location of your spring brush file (the .abr file). Click Load.

      *choose Reset Brushes to simply return to the default brushes

  10. Ade da golden says:

    Am a new designer and also one of ur fans. can u please send to my email address steps on how to load the spring brushes in photoshop.

  11. m.saqib says:

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    I noticed that at the bevel part he actually didnt display the correct settings at that first part. Select the class set it to 1 px height and select the icon on the left at the bottom not the right. That will give you this effect. The others up top are position and rotation/perspective values. Be careful 🙂
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      El efecto de 3D se hace en Illustrator y despues se copia el texto a Photoshop.
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  133. Johnson Koh says:

    @tari: Effect > 3D > Extrude & Bevel is found in Adobe Illustrator instead.

    @Susan: You can only add Layer Mask to one layer at a time. In this case, Ctrl+left click on Letter Surface layer creates a selection from it. Then click on the Floral Surface layer and apply a Layer Mask to it with that selection. I’m sorry for the confusion.

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    Hello Judy, welcome to the design arena 😀 Actually this tut require Illustrator to form up the 3D text. However, you can still do this 3D effect with just Photoshop alone (but with less perspective angles).

    Check out this tut It describes how we can create a 3D object with a Text or Custom Shape.

  146. Judy says:

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    Many thanks.

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  148. Johnson Koh says:

    Hi Syed Hamza, welcome to 10Steps.SG 😀 Have a good day!

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  150. Johnson Koh says:

    No problem iSpawn. Glad you like this tutorial too. Hope you have a good day 🙂

  151. iSpawn says:

    Sorry about that, Thanks for clearing that up. I posted on his video saying just about the same thing. 🙂

  152. Johnson Koh says:

    @iSpawn: Thanks for the inform. In fact, that youtube clip is a copy of this tut instead… Look at the dates. Hope I don’t have to explain more.

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    Almost exact… Should be removed.
    See for yourself:

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    I got it to work 🙂 Guess it depends on the text type you choose? Anyways, looks great! Thanks again!

  156. Sander says:

    Greetings from Norway! Just wanted to say thanks a lot for sharing so many high quality tutorials! Even a newbie like me can follow these tutorials easily! I enjoyed this tutorial very much, tho my outcome was horrible compared. Everything is smooth until I use the magic wand for the color adding – even with 1 in tolerance, it doesn’t quite select the entire front, making the color “choppy”. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong tho, since the letter itself is perfect. Any solution(s)? Anyway, thanks again for this awesome web page! It’s my homepage at the moment! ;D

  157. An awesome tutorial, so simple and easy to adapt, just use other colours, other brushes and get a totally different effect. Using the brushes and colored fronts on the usually ugly Illustrator lettering is such a great idea. Well done.

  158. hao KISS says:

    hen hao henqda!

  159. Johnson Koh says:

    @QarlosJo: I’m flattered. Thanks a lot for your appreciation. 😀

  160. QarlosJo says:

    When I saw a similar tutorial, they used another program to create the 3D effect, I thought I’d have to get it. But when I saw it was possible to do it on Illustrator, I found out that you can create such mind-blowing effects like this with no additional investment. Thanks a lot for the tutorial. Clear, clean and complete!

  161. Johnson Koh says:

    No problem JuanH! It’s great that you made it 🙂

  162. JuanH says:

    sorry, i just figured it. This tutorial is amazing. im just new with this but im trying to learn it.

  163. JuanH says:

    I have problems with steps 2A and 2b. i didnt know how to make the layer black, and there isnt any choice in 3D menu (extrude&bevel).

  164. Nazgul07 says:

    Ok then.. Thanks a lot for this great tutorial!!!

  165. Johnson Koh says:

    @Alex: Step2a to 2d is to be done in Illustrator.

    @Jacques van Rensburg: Thanks for your appreciation! I’m glad that this tutorial is of good help to you. See you around!

  166. Jacques van Rensburg says:

    Thanks SO much for the tutorial! After reading all the comments I thought it’s gonna take me days to figure out, but with some comman sense and a little bit of gray matter I completed the task in a couple of hours. Not only did it give me freedom and inspiration to play around with, but I created something slightly different, but very attractive. THANKS! Great tutorial – and easy to follow!

  167. Alex says:

    can any1 tell me if this tutorial is possible in photoshop?
    im stuck on step 2b cuz i dont see any effect option

  168. Johnson Koh says:

    @Nazgul07: Normally if the creator states nothing then I think it should be fine, since the artwork is still designed by you with the brush as a supplementary.

    @Jessa: Certainly! I know 😀

  169. dGjess says:

    hi johson! i’ve changed my username :)..but it’s still me..


  170. Jendy Chao says:

    Good !

  171. Nazgul07 says:

    Hey I have a question… in the brushes…. there is nothing about giving credits or anything… can I post my work un any site then??? :-s sometimes… cc gives me a hard time…

  172. Nazgul07 says:


  173. Johnson Koh says:

    Hey that’s cool Nazgul07! I am still waiting for my boss to get a copy for the office. 🙁

  174. Nazgul07 says:

    finaly!! after trying and trying finally got it!! mi in the copy paste process now!!! I had to reinstall Ps and Ai… but in a lucky day I got Ps and Ai CS4!!!

  175. Johnson Koh says:

    Glad to hear that Jessa 😀

  176. jessa says:

    woahh..after a lot of practice and patience, i now know a little bit about illustrator!tnx are really GREAT!!!

  177. Johnson Koh says:

    Thanks everyone for liking this tutorial.

    @ Jessa: To draw a black layer in illustrator,
    – Go to Windows > Tools
    – Set your Fill to #000000
    – Draw a huge rectangle using the Rectangle Tool

    Hope these helps! 😀

  178. Art says:

    Very Neat and nice. keep it up 🙂

  179. kryptz says:

    Thank, nice tutorial

  180. jessa says:

    hi johnson i’m new in illustrator and im finding it hard to draw a black layer..i tried to follow your instructions in your comments but i still can’t do please??

  181. 王少兴 says:


  182. allan says:

    that’s cool thanks

  183. fonso gfx says:

    very impressive tutorial. I hope to see more of them. Thanks

  184. Johnson Koh says:

    Great job Drew! 😉

  185. Drew says:

    thank you very much for the help, the problem was that i overlooked a part in the step, and i didnt fill the layer black before i applied the gradient. once i did this it worked just fine.

  186. Johnson Koh says:

    Hi Drew, Thanks for trying out! From your description, there may be a few possibilities. Maybe you can make sure the followings.
    – The Surface layer has to be above the Text layer
    – Gradient is applied through the Blending Options for Surface layer
    – Blend Mode of both Surface and Text layer has to be Normal

    Hope these works for you.

  187. Drew says:

    im having trouble getting a gradient color on the surface of the text.

    i created a layer on top of it and used the gradient effect and applied it and everything, but my letter is still just plain white.

    any reason why this might be?

  188. Johnson Koh says:

    Hey Nazgul07 welcome back! 😀
    Just put up this skin last week. Thanks for supporting always!

  189. Nazgul07 says:

    Was unable to enter the site for a long time and wow!! since when you changed the look of the site?? It looks awesome!

  190. Johnson Koh says:

    No problem guys. I’m glad that this tutorial has been useful.

  191. silentgirl says:

    this is totally cool ! It has helped me alot. thank you for sharing this wonderful tutorial!

  192. Hima Elmahy says:

    Thanx Sooo Much Realy It’s Very Nice Tutorial. I Use It

  193. Marko says:

    It doesn’t work on mine illustrator..:S?

  194. Johnson Koh says:

    Thanks everyone.

    @Edison: Will be improving on the texts in the coming tuts. Thanks for the feedback.

  195. edison says:

    the graphic is very good but the guide is sucks

  196. Stormbat says:

    Thank you Johnson for this great tutorial,

  197. volc says:

    good job ! nice work

  198. Johnson says:

    Hi Javi, Step 3d is the repetitions of Step 3a to 3c. But with a different gradient set over at Step 3c.

  199. Johnson says:

    Hi Queen, firstly you will need to select the Magic Wand tool, then create a selection with it (like the one in Step 3a).

    Once you have the selection, you will see the Refine Edge button appearing in the top menu like the diagram below.

    I’m using CS3 over here so not sure of other versions. If everything goes fine, you should see the settings after clicking the Refine Edge.

    Hope these helps 🙂

  200. Queen says:

    Thank you for this great tutorial
    I don’t understand step 3b… how do you get that gradient box to come up? you know the one where you can change the radius and contrast.
    do let me know,… that is the only part that I didnt understand.
    Many thanks

  201. Javi says:

    how do you have the effect 3d I can’t find it

  202. supreet says:

    it really nice. I designed it myself and once a time a did it.
    thanks a lot.

  203. diane says:

    Can anybody translate this for Inkscape?..the 3D text part, I mean…

  204. anjhero says:

    awesome!!! thnx a lot!!

  205. gohn says:

    this is poorly specified. i men how do you get differnret layers on illlustar and all that . this does not help me at all. its useless

  206. Johnson says:

    @Jerome: I’m sorry that this tut is tough to follow along. May I understand which step are you stuck at so I can elaborate more on it?

    @Jason: Try increasing the size of your text?

  207. Jason says:

    On the first 3D step, I keep getting a bevel self-intersection 🙁 I’m putting in the same values and using the same font. What’s going on?

  208. Jerome Franks says:

    Is there a way of dumming this down for me Mr Johnson. I love the tutorial but Im having a hard time following along.

  209. Desy says:

    Wow!!!! está increible el tutorial, siempre quise saber cómo demonios hacer esto!!! gracias!!!

  210. Johnson says:

    @Hitmyhead: Effect > 3D can be found in Illustrator. In fact, Step 1 and 2 are to be done in Adobe Illustrator.

    @Blue123: May I know which file are your referring to? If its the Suddenly Spring Brush, I have just tested the link and it is working.

  211. blue123 says:

    when i download this file it doen’t show up. how can i fix this? is this website even accuate i have photoshop CS3 but still. Nothing

  212. hitmyhead says:

    so am i…
    i can’t find effect > 3D…
    are you use photoshop CS…

  213. ash says:

    awesome, saw it on devianart art… and loved it since then

  214. Comi says:

    People! come on, …. this is a combination between Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop! That’s why you don’t find all of the effects in Photoshop.

  215. iCORE says:

    Johnson : your tutorial is amazing … just PS and Illustrator ….. I was doing the letters using Xara 3D, but your tutorial is awesome … the best… have a great time there …. and btw ….. your site rocks… impressive work … you’re the man….

  216. Mrs Soad says:

    I like it very much

  217. Lozza says:

    I like it but I didn’t realize you needed illustrator to do it 🙁

  218. Johnson says:

    Thanks for supporting this tut guys 😀 Sorry that I was away for awhile earlier.

    @Chelle: Refine edge is available on CS3 onwards. Can be found at the top, under the Main Menu after you select on Magic Wand tool.

    @Jeff Stallman: I’m sorry but which part of loading are you referring to?

    @Gleb and IPoul: I’m flattered! 😀

    @ICORE: Thanks so much for helping out here!!!

    @Aisha: Did you create a new layer above the letter? We will need it to paint the floral pattern in.

  219. aisha says:

    i can’t paint over the laters the brushes are not visible =(

  220. iCORE says:

    for Fabian:

    #01. click on surface layer, to have it selected.
    #02. click on the 3rd little icon from the bottom “Add vector mask”
    #03. select the Brush tool and click on the the surface object layer mask to apply it.

    that’s it ….. the effect is the same.

  221. iPoul says:

    Really Awesome! 😀

  222. Gleb says:

    Thanks, very helpful. I saw similar tutorials in internet, but this is The Best!

  223. Jeff Stallman says:

    I’ve gotten to the point of loading your but I cant figure out how to load them or if/when I have where to find them. I’m new to photoshop but have read all the comments above to try and work it out.

  224. chelle says:

    hey,,nice job…btw where can i find refine edge??

  225. Mary says:

    It says that i don’t have enough Ram (i have 1G) to make the 3D effect.
    That s?$ks as hell… 🙁 I’m so sad ’cause it’s beaaauuutiful!

  226. Andree says:

    I just wish to know how to work with the super Illustrator…must learn with that program, otherways I’ll die not to be able make this beautiful thing 🙁

  227. Stephen says:

    Great tutorial – there’s no end to what photoshop can do!

  228. Johnson says:

    I think I know hahaha

  229. First steps Designer says:

    reinstaling photoshop?… well…… you might understand what I mean.. lol

  230. erin says:

    I really like this, a good way to make 3-d text without using a high tech program 🙂

  231. Johnson says:

    Thanks so much!

  232. Noveller says:

    Great tutorial! Love the finished example

  233. dehahs says:

    excellent tutorial. thanks!

  234. IrEL says:

    nice tutorials. thanks to be my inspirator

  235. Johnson says:

    Sorry for my late reply.

    @First Steps Designer: I have not encounter your problem before but after googling the error you met, the advice given by the experts is to reinstall Photoshop. Read more at this link.

    @Kamran: Do you have the selection yet? If you do, you can fill in color using the Paint Bucket tool.

  236. peter says:

    This is not photoshop…stupid as
    its illustrator

  237. mohan/venkat says:

    really great tutorial man.
    thank you

  238. First steps Designer says:

    come on still have te same problem 🙁 need a little help!

  239. Kamran says:

    Hey Jhonson!

    Step 3c. “Create a new layer above the first letter and name it as Surface. Fill the selection with #000000.” Im having a problem filling the selection the options so no display the fill. how to i fill it all black?

  240. First steps Designer says:

    anyone?? cant help have tried a thousand of times and nothing 🙁 still have the same problem….

  241. First steps Designer says:

    I finally clould create text but when I try to paste it to PS an error message appears that says “could not complete the Paste comand because PDFL initialization failed” and yes im shure im pasting it as a smart object, appears the same when try to paste it as pixels thanks for the help!

  242. aly hussein says:

    Tutorial is really good
    thnk u

  243. Johnson says:

    Hi Israa, you can download the free trial version from 😉

  244. Israa says:

    Thanx Johnson 😀
    is there any free version of cs3 i can get from a website or anything?? 😀

  245. Johnson says:

    Hi Israa, the 3D effect is done in Illustrator CS3 then ported over to Photoshop for the rest of the effects.

  246. Israa says:

    what version of photoshop should i have to be able to creat this 3d ?? i’m using photoshop CS

  247. Binny says:


  248. Johnson says:

    Hi Binny, I’m not very sure on the keyboard commands of Mac. We are not suppose to create clipping mask here.

    In this case, I suggest removing the excess floral using Eraser tool after you have set the Blend Mode of Floral layer to Overlay and opacity to 50%.

  249. Binny says:

    Tutorial is really good
    I have a problem step 4.a
    I add a new layer above the Surface Layer, than choose the Brush and drew the Flower on the new layer.
    then I set the opacity of the floral layer to 50 and the blend mode to overlay after doing this.i selected Floral layer and Ctrl+left click on the Surface layer to load its selection. while ctrl+left click on the surface layer i am a option windows popup in mac in which i can see create clipping mask. after creating a clipping mask it is clipping the floral brush. but not in the vector smart object (letters) i just need the floral on top of the surface… help me


  250. Johnson says:

    @ First Steps Designer: First of all, go to Windows > Tools. Set your Fill to black and Stroke to none. Then draw a large box using the Rectangle tool. You can add in text using the Type tool (5th tool on the toolbar from the top)

    @ Jack: You will need to select your shape first. Then use the Live Paint Bucket (21st tool on the toolbar from the top) to do the fill.

  251. Jack says:

    how do i do fill in Illustrator?

  252. First steps Designer says:

    Damm! try and try but cant make any text in illustrtor!! help plz what should I do to create the text at illustrator with the black background!! THIS WAS THE FIRST TIME I`VE EVER USED ILLUSTRTOR LOL!! PLX HELP!!

  253. Theo says:

    Thanx for this great tutorials.

  254. Facundo says:

    Why its in “Photoshop” seccion if we have to use adobe ilustrator? -.-‘

  255. dailyfa says:

    hi mr Johnson
    i guess that “this sample “make by Illustrator CS2 (3dtext)
    but i think it is by photoshop cs3 or cs4
    thanx for answer

  256. Johnson says:

    Hi Dailyfa, I have just done some googling.

    Illustrator CS2 does have the Extrude and Bevel functions. You try to see it under Effects again?

  257. dailyfa says:

    یه همچین گزینه ای وجود نداره؟؟؟؟
    i`m working by cs2 …but nothing not in cs2 ((Effect > 3D > Extrude & Bevel))
    help me

  258. CyberHerphy says:

    Nice Step you followed. Its amazing and we can do easily our work.Thanks to 10 Steps

  259. Alex says:

    thanks, it works perfect

  260. Hi, nice looking finish on this. When I have made my letters in illustrator and paste over to photoshop the edges become jaggered and look awful. How do I keep the edges sharp as they are in illustrator


  261. mike says:

    nevermind! i figured it out! idk how i did, but i got it! \(^o^)/

  262. mike says:

    im stuck on 4.a.

    i cant left or right click with my mouse. its just one big click.

    “Load Suddenly Spring brushes. Create another layer above Surface layer and name it as Floral.

    Set the foreground to #FFFFFF. Select one of the Suddenly Spring brushes and paint over the gradient.

    Set the Blend Mode of Floral layer to Overlay and opacity to 50%. Select the Floral layer and Ctrl+left click on the Surface layer to load its selection. Click on Layer Mask button.”

    i cant/dont know how to select the FLORAL layer and CTRL+Left click the SURFACE. im not sure what im doing wrong, but the flowers around the letters wont go away. im almost certain i know i didnt miss a step, unless im reading it wrong. ive been at it forever.

    T_T help me, please.

  263. Alain says:

    Johnson, hi…

    Thank you for your reply. I’m using PS CS4 and AI CS4. I will try the steps you suggested and will let you know how I get on. Chat soon…

  264. saden says:

    very nice,thank you very much!!!

  265. E du Plessis says:

    Thank you very much for this lovely tut. I tried it, works great!

  266. Johnson says:

    Hi Alain, your steps are correct actually.

    May I know the versions of your Photoshop and Illustrator?

    Alternatively, you can try to do the followings:
    – In illustrator, select all your letters
    – Go to Object > Expand Appearance
    – Press CTRL+C to copy
    – In photoshop, press CTRL+V to paste
    – Choose pasting as Smart Object

    Hope these works for you. 🙂

  267. Alain says:

    Hello Johnson…

    Thank you for a great tutorial. Before your tutorial I have never used PS or AI. I’ve never known how to do any of this and I’ve so far managed to figure it all out as I go along. I’ve read through the steps and I think I’ve pretty much got it in terms of what to do. It took me a few days to figure out how some of the things you said are done like for instance drawing a black layer underneath the white lettering. I didn’t know that for the black layer to be underneath the letter you need to re-order the layers so that the letter sits on top. How one speaks doesn’t usually relate directly to how a software package works. So it seems one is to take things stated in a literal sense. Like when suggested to place and object underneath another object, verbally one understands what is required but the “how to” is the hard part. Thankfully I’ve managed to figure it out.

    ANYWAY, the reason for my message is to try find out why it is that when I get to step 2E and I paste my newly created 3D text into PS as a smart object it loses it’s 3d properties and then looks like a normal flat 2d letter. I’ve used the same font as you, although the bevel is different and my lighting setting is a tad different but I fail to see how that makes a difference when copying.

    On the right, I click on the “Layers” button. I then locate the layer of that letter and click the round radio button which targets the item. I then type CTRL + C to copy and go to PS and type CTRL + V. This is where it all goes pear shaped for me cuz it won’t paste as a 3d letter, it pastes as a flat 2d letter coloured white.

    Please could you help me mate, I’d very much appreciate it. Thank you in advance for your time…

  268. Desimo says:

    Thanks for a great tut!! I only have CS2 though, but I found a way to kind of emulate what you did in illustrator that can maybe help people out… Simply apply a bevel and emboss style to your text, then alt+arrow keys to nudge it until you get the depth you want. Then merge all copies except the top. It doesn’t look as good, but it can be tweaked to look very close, I was able to follow after step 3a after manually making all my letters… lol. thanks again!

  269. Johnson says:

    @Lena: You will need to go Windows > Tool. Click on the Selection tool (black arrow) then click on your letter. You should be able to make the 3D effect active 🙂

    @Rajaotai: Thanks for much!

    @William: Is it possible that you’ve set the Fill and Stroke color to black accidentally? To solve it, double-click on the Fill and set it to white. Then double-click on the Stroke and set it to None.

  270. William says:

    hii nice work

    but on my Illustrator when i do the first letter the whole letter goes black even the sides go black, i dont know whats gone from 🙁 i havent used illustrator before

  271. Lena says:

    Just one more question, when select the letter i can’t use 3D – extrude and bevel because it aint active (light gray). I’m a newbe in Ai sÃ¥ how do i get it active?

  272. Lena says:

    Ok, Thanks Johnson, i will give it a try =)

  273. Johnson says:

    Hi James, Thanks for trying out the tutorial 🙂

    Refine Edge can be found under CS3.

    Alternatively, you can try to smooth the edges with a slight feathering by going to Select > Modify > Feather and key in something like 2-4 px depending on the size of your texts.

  274. James says:

    Alright, mastered getting to Step 3b but battling to get past this step :S Where is ‘refine edge’ ? – thanks 😀

  275. James says:


    Firstly; I thought this was a photoshop only tutorial, but you have to own illustrator also.

    Secondly: Can’t seem to find the ‘Refine Edge’
    “Step 3b – Apply Surface Gradient:
    Click on Refine Edge.” – I have Photoshop CS2 .. is that a problem? anyone know? – Great tutorial though, awesome result so i need to work this out. thanks

  276. GNS says:

    this is not a photoshop effect.
    its in adobe illustrator

  277. Thomas says:

    Great Tutorials, Thanks

  278. Johnson says:

    Hi Lillan, the main purpose for AI in this case is simply to use its 3D feature. Once you’ve drawn the graphics you need in AI, copy and paste it into PS by using CTRL+C and CTRL+V.

    Once pasted in PS, you can close AI 😀

  279. Lillan says:

    Hi, nice tut but i wonder, how do you work with ps cs3 and ai cs3 at the same time? I mean how do you get the pic from ps to ai? I have seen several tuts when you use ai and ps and switches between them but i really don’t know how to do this 🙁

    Could you please make a quick explanation?
    Kindly Lillan

  280. Johnson says:

    Hi Fabian, I’m sry for the confusion here. You will need to select the “Floral” layer and Ctrl+left click on the “Surface” layer. Then follow by clicking on the Layer Mask button.

    Hope it works.

  281. Fabian says:

    this tutorial is really good and easy, but still:
    I dont understand step 4.a!! HELP ME!!
    I add a new layer above the Surface-Layer, than choose the Brush and draw the Flower on the new layer. Right?
    So now I set the opacity (of the floral layer) to 50 and the blend-mode to overlay. ok.
    BUT NOW??? If I press ctrl and click on th elayer in the layer-window nothing happens! What is wrong?
    please help me
    ps.: I have an german PsCS3 and an german keybord…


  282. Megan says:

    Great tutorial! Easy to follow and a great effect. Much thanks

  283. evilL0rd says:

    hey bro amazing tutorial here~
    but is there any way to do it fully in PS? i dont have illustrator…

    seems like many of these 3D texts require illustrator… hope adobe can add this feature into PS soooooon

  284. mephistopheles says:

    I don’t know if cs3 can do this, but the directions are great for cs4

  285. Prince says:

    Thanks mate!
    Super nice:)
    Hope your site can be up soon. I’m your regular

  286. Glen says:

    I’ve only got P/shop CS2 loaded, but I’ll still find a way to do this brilliant tutorial. Cheer mate!

  287. Johnson says:

    I’m not sure about other versions but mine is CS3.

    Otherwise you can try to smooth the edges with a slight feathering by going to Select > Modify > Feather and key in something like 2-4 px depending on the size of your texts.

  288. Snitrot says:

    is that only on cs3?

  289. Johnson says:

    Hi Snitrot, you can see Refine Edge button at the top bar once you chose Magic Wand tool. It’s just beside “Sample All Layers”

  290. Snitrot says:

    Where is refine edge?

  291. söder says:

    It works 🙂 thank you

  292. Johnson says:

    @Ghawwy: Thanks for liking this tut. I wish I can help you in getting the effect on your side 😉

    @Soder: How about trying this. Go to Windows>Tools. Select the first arrow tool and click on your letter. Then see if the Extrude & Bevel option is still grey?

  293. söder says:

    I know that I am a noob but I need help… the Extrude & Bevel option is grey and I can’t click on it what should I do?

  294. ghawyy says:

    thats really the greatest 3D Effect i ever seen i try to do that b4 i see that tut but i failled 🙁 . but now i really love that tut and i will keep visit here to have more and nice tut like that thank you so much 🙂

  295. Johnson says:

    Thanks Rohin!

    @Ali: It’s good to know there’s another 10Steps.SG addict other than myself! Thanks for checking out often 😀

  296. Ali says:

    That is fantastic mate. Keep up the great work I’m almost addicted to yer site.

  297. rohin says:

    that is one sick effect , i feel like playing with my lego blocks again hahaha

  298. MartinPL says:

    it’s in Illustrator 😉

  299. Johnson says:

    Thanks mate!
    Hope your site can be up soon. I’m your regular 😉

  300. nice one Johnson:)great effect:)i should try using my cs3:)i have cs2 and cs3 installed but still comfortable on cs2.haha

    keep it up bro!!


  301. Jansen Joseph says:

    amazing work here!

  302. Johnson says:

    @Rye: I can’t think of any pure photoshop method to create the bevel effect at the moment…probably need to draw them out.

    @Dainis: Thanks for your constant support! 😉

  303. Easy, nice tutorial – this is pretty cool – I like the outcome 🙂

  304. Rye says:

    Oh, I didn’t seen that sentence, I guess. 😡
    But I don’t have Illustrator, isn’t there an alternative?

  305. Johnson says:

    @Joseph: Yup. Step 2a, b, c, and d are in Illustrator. The rest onwards are in Photoshop 😀

    @Tadd: Thanks sooo much heh!

  306. Tadd says:

    Johnson – great tutorial! Very good results, awesome.

  307. Joseph says:

    Hi Johnson

    thnk you very much for the information… so… the others steps are in Photoshop CS3 ? only the step 2 (a,b,c,d,e) needs to be done in Illustrador ?

  308. Johnson says:

    @Daniel Richard: Hey bro your new avatar is good!

    @Joseph: Are you referring to Step 2? It is to be done in Illustrator CS3 🙂

  309. Joseph says:

    I;m using Photoshop CS3 but I can’t see this effec

  310. I don’t own Illustrator or Photoshop, but this is super nice!

  311. Johnson says:

    Hi Rye, Are you using illustrator CS3? I’m not too sure if other versions has this effect…

  312. Rye says:

    I can’t find the Effect > 3D section. :S

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