Create a Face Shattering Effect


We will need close-up image of a nice face, prefably facing front. I’m using one of Jessica Alba wallpapers in this tutorial. You will also need the Reborn Brush created by Rubina119.

Click here to download the Reborn Brushes.

All rights of these resources belong to their respective owners.

Step 1 – Setting Up Background

Create a document of size 750×550 pixels.

Fill the Background layer with #000000.

Place the face at the center of the document and use Soft Eraser tool to remove the other unwanted background.

Step 2a – Drawing Face Grids

Create a new document of size 20×20 pixels and create a new layer. Use Pencil tool with size 1px and color #FFFFFF, draw left and bottom border to form a “L”. Hide the Background layer and click Ctrl+A. Go to Edit > Define Pattern. Name this pattern as Grid.

Back to Jessica Alba’s document, create a new layer above the Face. Use the Paint Bucket tool and select to fill with Grid pattern

Step 2b – Drawing Face Grids

Remove those grids that cross outside of the face area.

Go to Edit > Transform > Warp.

Distort the grids the way shown in the diagram.

Step 2c – Drawing Face Grids

Set the opacity of the grid layer to 20%.

Right-click on the grid layer and choose Blending Options.

Activate Outer Glow and set its Blend Mode to Color Dodge, Opacity to 100%, Color to #FFFFFF, Spread to 0 and Size to 5px. Leave the rest of the settings as default.

Step 3a – Shattered Blocks

Create a new layer and name it as Holes.

With Pen tool, path out several square holes according to the face grids.

Go to the Paths tab, Ctrl+left click on the work path layer created. Back to Layers tab, select the Holes layer and fill the selection with #000000.

Step 3b – Shattered Blocks

Ctrl+left click on the Holes layer to load selection.

Select the Face layer and hit Ctrl+X to cut out the pixels. Then press Ctrl+V to paste and then name this new layer as Blocks.

Drag the blocks to the right with Move tool. Go to Edit > Free Transform to reduce the size slightly.

Step 3c – Shattered Blocks

Duplicate the Blocks layer. Shift the lower Blocks layer 1 pixel to the left. Repeat this for 10 times and you will get some sort of extruding effect. Merge these 10 layers of duplicated Blocks and name this new merged layer as Sides. Right-click on the Sides layer and choose Blending Options. Activate Gradient Overlay and set Blend Mode to Normal, Opacity to 80%, Gradient from #000000 to #D58761 and Angle to 180. Leave the rest as default.

Step 3d – Shattered Blocks

Activate Pattern Overlay and set Blend Mode to Multiply, Opacity to 100% Pattern to Metal Landscape. Leave the rest as default.

Right-click on Blocks layer and choose Blending Options. Activate Outer Glow and set Blend Mode to Color Dodge, Opacity to 75%, Color to #FFFFFF and Size to 10px. Leave the rest as default.

Step 3e – Shattered Blocks

Repeat Step 3a to 3d for 2-3 more times to form more blocks floating towards the right.

Step 4 – Adding Depth to Holes

Merge all the Holes layers. Right-click on the merged layer and choose Blending Options.

Activate Bevel and Emboss, set the Style to Inner Bevel, Depth to 72%, Size to 5px, Soften to 0px, Angle to 0, Altitude to 50, Highlight Mode to Screen, Highlight Color to #DCA57E, Highlight Opacity to 100%, Shadow Mode to Multiply, Shadow Color to #000000 and Shadow Opacity to 75%. Leave the rest of settings as default.

Step 5 – Adding Smoke

Create a new layer below the Blocks and name it as Smoke. Set the foreground color to #FFFFFF. Load the Reborn brushes downloaded earlier and paint a few smoke of different sizes on this layer.

Right-click on the Smoke layer and choose Blending Options. Activate Outer Glow and set its Blend Mode to Linear Dodge (Add), Opacity to 75%, Color to #FFFFFF, Spread to 0px and Size to 5px. Leave the rest of settings as default.

Step 6 – Adding Dark Blocks

Create a new layer and name it as Dark Blocks.

Using Pen tool, path out few more blocks along the face grid. Fill the shapes with #000000.

Set the Blend Mode of Dark Blocks layer to Soft Light.

Step 7 – Adding Light Blocks

Create a new layer and name is as Light Blocks.

Similar to Step 6 but this time fill the shapes with #FFFFFF.

Set the Blend Mode of Light Blocks layer to Soft Light.

Step 8 – Adjusting Colors

Now we need to smooth the face a little. Select the Face layer and go to Filter > Blur > Surface Blur. Set the Radius to 5px and Threshold to 15 levels.

Create a new Levels Adjustment Layer and key in 10, 1.25, 244.

Create a new layer and using a large Soft Brush tool with color #000000 and opacity 40%, paint some dark areas on the right to fade the blocks slightly.


I merely added a barcode on her right arm to complete the design.

This is another long tutorial and I hope you will like this effect.

Click here to view the final image.

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  1. Jon Baltzer says:

    Thanks for this project!

  2. Skysound says:

    I know what the problem most of you are having with 3c! If you duplicate a layer called “blocks” then you get “blocks copy” on top of it, then if you duplicate it again you get “blocks copy 2” then “blocks copy” then “blocks”. To solve your problem you have to reverse the order of all the layers, so that you have “blocks” then “blocks copy” then “blocks copy 2” ect. Hope I helped!

  3. thuske says:

    colour dodge isn’t worknig πŸ™

  4. CC says:

    Hey Johnson,
    I’m having a little trouble following you from step 2b after creating the pattern i cannot warp it to the face i’m using and also steps 3a to e am having issues with. I cannot seem to cut out the pixel but can only cut out the black filled box. Any help would be great, thanks.


  5. yansek says:

    amazing tutorial, thank you very much.

  6. Hesham Ahmad says:

    thank thank u very much
    i am success

  7. Alex says:

    Im stuck at Ctrl+X and Ctrl+V
    Ain’t forwking for me, I mean nothing happens πŸ™

  8. kris says:

    hi !! wher can i find metal landscape pattern ?

  9. KaYkAy says:

    Johnson, nice tutorial, but getting stuck at a lot of places because of lack of explanation. ( Am a beginner only)
    It could be of great relief & help if you can have a small video demo of the same so that everything gets crystal clear and the essence of this post will get completed. I would love to try out this effect, but help is required certainly!…


  10. Gyn Gyn says:

    Thanks so much I know its really old but I just found it and took me FOREVER but I stuck with it and made it through the whole thing. For those that got stuck on part 3a you should have the face layer selected while working on the paths so that 3b will work. You don’t have to be a pro or an expert but you DO have to take your time and look up other references if you get stuck.

  11. nishtha says:

    hello sir,please can you elaborate step finding it difficult to grasp..Thanks!

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  13. mikeluc says:

    This is a superb and inventive tutorial with an end result that is extremely unique. Thank you so much for posting this. This is what I ended up with:

  14. Patuchi says:

    Hi there!! I agree with the rest!! this is a great effect!! good job!! I am trying to do it right now and I have just found a complication with the step 3c, moving the layer just one pixel…I tried to move them with the move tool, but I didnt get the same result…so my solution was right-click on every “block layer” and in the menu I picked “selection of pixels” (or something like that, my photoshop is in spanish since i am spanish :)) and then I moved a little every layer, but even doing that I am not happy with the result, though it looks better…so, what can I do to get your blocks, please???

  15. Rez says:

    hey your explanations are sux. I am sorry to say that but that’s the true.I can’t understand this tutorial. πŸ™

  16. Nice technique to bring images to a new look.
    Thanks to share.

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    This is such a cool tutorial, right when I saw the picture I knew I had to do it. Thanks so much! Check out my version here

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    Greetings, Vincent

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  28. Nexus says:

    Very interesting effect, but how to remove the grids that cross outside of the face area..? With what method..? it’s not quite clear described and is the main step i guess..

  29. Deko Web says:

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  30. RubyRas says:

    1st of all this is a great tutorial. Im so glad i stumbled on it. Keep up the good work. Im having a problem with 3c. Ive read all the comments but i cant seem to get it to look that way. When i try to move the block layer 1 picel to the left it moves more than one pixel. what am i doing wrong? Someone please help! Please!

  31. Nice tutorial πŸ™‚ Never thought that such an amazing effect could be actually that easy. Thanks for sharing. I surely will try it on my own soon.

  32. eketino says:

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  33. ankit says:

    jus click on the pointer shown on the lowerside of gradient box and then the colour option below will be activated. den u can type the required colour.

  34. Renee says:

    PLEASE HELP!!!! Ok this effect is BUGGING ME TO NO END!!!

    I am stuck on 3c

    “Step 3c – Shattered Blocks
    Duplicate the Blocks layer. Shift the lower Blocks layer 1 pixel to the left. Repeat this for 10 times and you will get some sort of extruding effect. Merge these 10 layers of duplicated Blocks and name this new merged layer as Sides. Right-click on the Sides layer and choose Blending Options. Activate Gradient Overlay and set Blend Mode to Normal, Opacity to 80%, Gradient from #000000 to #D58761 and Angle to 180. Leave the rest as default.”

    When I play with the gradient overlay, I cannot for the life of me get that 3D effect!!!! I do all that u tell me, and when I change the gradient from #000000 to #D58761, the floating pieces go from from the main background colour to #D58761!!!! There is no pertruding effect at all! And I have been trying to figure this out for 2 days! It would be great if I could get this to work so please someone, anyone help me!!!!

    • Renee says:

      how did u do 3c????

      When I play with the gradient overlay, I cannot for the life of me get that 3D effect!!!! I do all that u tell me, and when I change the gradient from #000000 to #D58761, the floating pieces go from from the main background colour to #D58761!!!! There is no pertruding effect at all! And I have been trying to figure this out for 2 days! It would be great if I could get this to work so please someone, anyone help me!!!!

    • Trevor D says:

      you have to keep the original blocks layer seperate and I only duplicated it six times. group the copies only and put the original block layer on top so that the grading is only applied the the layers behind it and so that the original is in front. hope this helps…

    • Renee says:

      hmmm immo try that. i’ll let u know if it works. thnx

    • Renee says:

      hey it worked…thanks so much Trevor D. That was the only step I had issues with. πŸ™‚

  35. Johel says:

    Wonderfull !! Thanx

  36. Ariel says:

    It’s a grate tutorial! Good job! I did it with my face and it results really good… I changed some things a little bit cause I didn’t like the 3d effect on the pieces… Thanks you!
    NOTE: I don’t know so much english…sorry :-X

  37. Cotin says:

    Thanks for this tutorial! I followed it exactly & had no problems. People who had problems need to know two things: 1)You need real Photoshop – not Elements, and not some ancient version.
    2)This is not for noobs. The good & talented author has assumed he does not need to teach you the rudiments of the program. If you need that, go google “beginner photoshop tutorial”. Better still, go slide into a community college class.
    Nice work, Johnson!

  38. Ken says:

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    Got it at last!!!
    Check it out!!! Though not like yours!!!

    Thanks a million!!!

  46. Curious says:

    IÒ€ℒve been trying this 2a for the whole day. After the Ctl+A Γ’β‚¬β€œ Edit (The Define Patter option is not highlighted)!!!
    ItÒ€ℒs not working out!!!

    Help Pls!!!
    CanÒ€ℒt we have a video tutorial???
    I wish i could do this as wellÒ€¦itÒ€ℒs gorgeous!!!

  47. Q says:

    is it possible to do this in photoshop elements 6? I didn’t find some of the menus you listed (for example the paths menu)

  48. seshu says:


    1 big suggestion to u…….many had many doubts and uur asns may not reach dem so….y cant u make a video………………..even mee to stuck wid the 3a….hw to cut the pices and place out………….???plz reply me soon………………………. hope u will mail me…..and dont forget to make a video.

    • AMasala says:

      I have your same issue I just get to that exact step. I haven’t found any additional help. =(

  49. tj says:

    I understood it, this might be too advanced for noobs, you could also achieve the same effect with making selections and masking.

  50. Peter says:

    To bad this is a bad tutorial. Awesome effect, but no one understands it, even not me. To bad. Explain it better next time.. If a video tut isn’t possible use more pics?

  51. Marty Black says:

    Everything is fine until I get to this step. Ctrl+left click, a warning pops up and says “less than 50% pixels have been selected, lines will not show”. What am I doing wrong?

    Step 3a Γ’β‚¬β€œ Shattered Blocks

    Create a new layer and name it as Holes.

    With Pen tool, path out several square holes according to the face grids.

    Go to the Paths tab, Ctrl+left click on the work path layer created. Back to Layers tab, select the Holes layer and fill the selection with #000000.

  52. Malky says:


    Nice to see that others are helping out there with PhotoShop tasks and all.


  53. Daxy says:

    Hey how you create that new document?? what’s you meen?

    • Shawn says:

      step 3d. Where can i find the Metal Landscape pattern you said to use? Thanks and so far this is lookin awsome

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    Please explain: Step 2A

    “draw left and bottom border to form a “L”.

    What do you mean?


    Otherwise great tut!

  55. Sarah K says:

    Hi, i am trying to do this face shattering effect but i have Photoshop Elements and cannot find the Warp tool or the Pen tool. Help?

    • Matthew says:

      That’s because Photoshop Elements does not have the WARP and PEN tools. This tutorial was written for any of the full-blown versions of Photoshop and therefore will not work in Elements.

  56. Pleomax says:

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    So Im pretty new to photoshop so Im sure this is quite easy and Im just missing it but on step 2a when I make the pattern and fill it on my image, the grid squares are super small and I don’t know how to change the size. Ive gone to edit<preferences<Guides, Grids & Slices to try and change it but to no avail. How do I fix this?

  63. Marc says:

    Hello Johnson.
    At first, I gotta tell you that this is much more than good tutorial. πŸ™‚
    But, I have a little problems while making holes. (3a). I set my pen tool as you already told to the others here in comments, but can’t make those ”holes”. Did I miss some part of tutorial? I’m not totally begginer in Photoshop, but also far away from professional. Can you please help me? Some animation or something simmilar might help and I’d be really thankfull for that.

    Thanks in advance, Marc
    [Slovenia-Europe; Photoshop CS3 Extended, Windows XP sp2]

  64. daviz says:

    cousin you did a video for youtube to explain better or not a video for you here brother
    att.daviz from MEXICO

  65. Johnson Koh says:

    @picklet: Sorry for the confusion. What I meant was to create multiple “Block” layers. Each “Block” layer is displace by 1 pixel left against another “Block” layer directly above it on the Layers Panel.

  66. picklet says:

    I don’t understan this step 3c, shatter blocks “Shift the lower Blocks layer 1 pixel to the left. Repeat this for 10 times and you will get some sort of extruding effect. ” Please help me!

  67. Bugham says:

    Great Tutorial

    Hi johnson….i don’t understand some step.

    if you have many time please upload video this tutorial .

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    ps thank you and sorry my english to bad.

  68. vighnesh says:

    i m stuck at 2 a .after the steps i cant follow this one …Back to Jessica AlbaÒ€ℒs document, create a new layer above the Face. Use the Paint Bucket tool and select to fill with Grid pattern….. there is no grid on my face
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  70. jeprie says:

    great. nice effect. cant wait to learn that.

  71. Johnson Koh says:

    @erloisen: I will try to spare some time for it. Just free myself from a huge event πŸ˜‰

    @Malallo: We will improve along the way!

    @Chris: Thanks a lot! Just posted a tut on photo retouching. Hope you like it.

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    Hi that’s great tutorial again! But I’m totally confused on step 3b and 3c. Can not understand it at all. Can you make a video tutorial like with the “Smoke Fading Effect”? I think it will help a lot to understand later other tutorials.

  75. NikolaK says:

    i’m sorry for bothering you, but i have problem with step 2a. i do everthing you said, letter L and everything, and when i go to the alba’s picture, and use paint bucket, i don’t get well shaped square, a got rectangles and squares… can you please help me..? thank you. btw. great tutorial

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    thanks for this tutorial!
    this is really amazing. this would definitely be applicable for our posters for our school organization.

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    “name it as holes…”

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    Good effect thanks

  81. mohit says:

    User Gravatar
    Shan M Says:
    October 22nd, 2008 at 4:01 am

    I finally finished the face shatter effect, it looks amazing. Thanks Johnson. Great tutorial, please post some more. Step 3B is sortof confusing but when you follow new instructions, its much easier

  82. J says:

    Hi all, I seem to be having a little trouble at step 3a: “Fill selection with black ‘00000’ “. I used both foreground and background as black and white and vice-versa (Yes I did load the selection) with the fill command ALT-DEL. What I get is not what you have; I end up with a white screen and my selected block path is left with what ever portion of face is available. Any Ideas?

  83. Ali says:

    Hi again another ? 4 . Okay I’m stuck on 3e which is weird, I did steps 3a-3d fine first time after got help on step 3c, but now when i am trying to do step 3a again its not working. Okay i path out every thing i get that but when i got to the paths section to press Ctrl+Left click the path image being shown is a white background with black cut out squares, unlike how its supposed to be with my black cut out squares on a dark gray background appearing if that makes sense. So when i click Ctrl+Left click on the paths part then going back to holes layer to fill it the thing is outlining my whole picture plus my pathed out areas so that by filling it it is turning my whole picture black except my pathed out squares have i hit something to make it do this?

  84. Ali says:

    Thanks that helped looks great now

  85. Johnson Koh says:

    Hi Ali, it seems you are shifting the top layer.

    After you have duplicated the Block layers, you will have the duplicated copy above the original.

    Rearrange the copy to be below the original, then shift it 1 pixel to the left.

    Then repeat the same steps for the duplicated copy again for 10 times.

  86. Ali says:

    I can’t get past step 3c everything i do to it turns out wrong and it just keeps making it look like there are lines on the blocks any suggestions on how to fix it.

  87. Johnson Koh says:

    Hi Hayls, lets communicate through email. I will find an alternative for Photoshop Elements for this πŸ™‚

  88. Irawan says:

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  92. Angelicus says:

    Now,i did get a bit confused on 3c step….i would be much simple to just press ctrl and letf arrow 10 times,the effect is the same(the duplicate layes will move to the left and there’s no need to duplicate 10 times that layer)I’m i right on this one?

  93. Johnson says:

    谒谒À½  πŸ˜€

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  95. Johnson says:

    Thanks so much MirazTuts!

  96. This is so far my most favorite tutorial i have read on 10 steps love the effect very techi

  97. Johnson says:

    Hi Pawel, the square should be selected the moment you press Ctrl+left click on the path.

    But otherwise if you got the outside filled up instead, you can go to Select > Inverse to inverse your selection to just the square itself. Then follow by filling it with the Paint Bucket tool.

    Hope this works.

  98. PAwel says:

    Hello!I have problem with 3a. When I select path and then Hayes i must to select Paint Bucked Tool. I select black colour but when I try to fill selection everything is colouring without this square which I select.Do you have any idea because?What i can do?

  99. Alexis says:

    So awesome! I just tried it out and my completed pic looks amazing (if i may say so). Thank you so much for this fantastic tutorial!

  100. Debayan halder says:

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  101. Matt says:

    cheers, dont think i read it properly!!

  102. Johnson says:

    @Matt: Hi. The gradient from #000000 to #D58761 actually means the colors on the 2 keyframes of the gradient bar from left to right. You can see the gradient bar by double-clicking on the gradient under Gradient Overlay.

    @Bav: Yes. I meant duplicating the bottom layer that you moved. Each time you moved 1 pixel, duplicate that layer. So there will be some sort of extruding effect on here.

    I wanted to do a video on this. However the trial Camtasia software I downloaded earlier for the other 2 tuts expired. Now still looking for other alternatives. πŸ™

  103. Bav says:

    Hi Johnson. Im a little stuck on step 3c. I duplicate the blocks layer and then move the bottom blocks layer (original blocks layer) left by 1 pixel. Then when you say duplicate this 10 times do you mean duplicate the bottom layer that you moved? So essentially you are always moving the same bottom layer? A video tutorial would be fab!


  104. Matt says:

    ok, dont worry about the above comment as i was stupid enough not to change pen box underneath the menu!!!

    what does this mean??

    Gradient from #000000 to #D58761

    is this a color? one to make up?

    sorry for the mess ive caused!

  105. Matt says:

    Hi Johnson, great tutorial so far…

    im on a mac and am stuck on steps 3a – 3c, i dont see how to set it to paths mode, and everytime i use pen tool it makes another layer (i.e. shape 1)

    also what is the work path layer? how do i create one?

    Thanks in advance!

  106. Johnson says:

    @Liyana: Will do a video tutorial on this πŸ™‚

    @Rahul and Calinus: Thanks for supporting this tut!

    @Irhad: No problem. Glad you went thru the steps.

    @Brad: Great attempt! Indeed some parts of the tut are confusing. I’m learning to explain myself clearer along the way as well. Thanks for giving this tut a try πŸ˜‰

  107. brad says:

    I must say that when I saw this picture, I instantly wanted to re-create it. I havent messed around in photoshop for at least 3 years or so. Getting back into it took a bit of time, but with tutorials by authors such as yourself, its made it quiet simple. A few weeks ago, I started with simple things, and have worked my way up to this level (I think).

    There were definately a few things that confused me, but I found the answers in the comments and made it through. My result came out pretty well, however the 3D blocks left much to be desired. I fooled around with the settings and got to where I was satisfied (enough).

    Finally, I added a few more elements, then a name (which I applied the grid effect to as well), and some background pieces.

    The result is the picture that appears when Heather calls me on my iPhone now.

    Thanks for the help and inspiration.

    View image here

  108. calinus says:

    awesome.. thanks!

  109. Irhad says:

    Sorry. I found it after searching.

  110. Irhad says:

    Hi Johnson. Im stuck on 3a with the paths tab, where is that? BTW This tutorial is awesome!

  111. Rahul says:

    Found you through Hongkiat. Man this is just impressive. Super cool.

  112. -------- says:

    i really like this tutorial and im trying it out but im stuck at step 3b, whenever i do ctrl+ X nothing ever happens and im not sure whats wrong?

  113. liyana says:

    i’m having difficulties doing this.
    consider a video tutorial maybe?

  114. Johnson says:

    @Adie: I think I didn’t explain well on this part. Sorry about it.
    To do the extruding effect,

    – Duplicate the Blocks layer
    – Rearrange the duplicated layer below the original one
    – Shift the duplicated layer over 1 pixel

    Then repeat these 3 steps always on the lowest duplicated Blocks layer for 10 times.
    Hope these helps. πŸ™‚

  115. Adie says:


    But now for step 3C. I’m stuck on the moving the blocks. When you say duplicate the Blocks layer and then move the “lower” (meaning the orignal before the duplicated one?) Blocks layer over 1 pixel. When you repeat it 10 or so times. Do you still keep on moving the lower Blocks layer over 1 pixel? I must be doing something wrong! because I see no extruding effect. O_o;;

  116. Johnson says:

    @Adie: When select Pen tool, set the mode to Paths. See below

    @Steven: You will need to select Gradient Overlay under Blending Options and will see the settings. Angle can be found there. Click on the gradient (default is black to white) and you can change the colors from there.

    Hope these helps πŸ˜€

  117. Steven says:

    Hi, I’m stuck on 3c – I open the blending options and I see where I can change the opacity and blending mode – but I don’t see where I need to change Gradient from #000000 to #D58761 and Angle to 180??? Help…anybody

  118. Adie says:

    I’m having trouble with the pen tool step. What is the pen tool settings set at?

  119. Johnson says:

    Hi ASMH, no problem πŸ˜€ Sorry for my late reply. Instead of using Pen tool, choose the Pencil tool and set its size to 1px. Then create a new layer and draw like this

    The reason for having that half solid triangle is because you are in the Shape Layers mode of Pen tool which is not required over here.

    Let me know if it works for ya πŸ˜‰

  120. ASMH says:

    these comments are acting weird.. the comment which i posted yest. appeared when i posted the new comment πŸ˜›

  121. ASMH says:

    Please help be with step 2a…
    I created a new document of size 20Γƒβ€”20 pixels and
    then create a new layer.
    Used a pen tool to make the left and bottom border but when i unhide the background it appears like half solid traingle and half transparent trianle
    and i cant click on define pattern

  122. ASMH says:

    Hi Johnson
    I have very basic knowledge here and there about the adobe. I am trying to learn more thru the net… could u please help me out with this effect… i did not understand much from the beginning.. when u said
    Fill the Background layer with #000000.

    Place the face at the center of the document and use Soft Eraser tool to remove the other unwanted background

    I have no clue how to do this…so i copied this pic and was trying if i could do it… then i got stuck in the 1st step… opening a new doc. and then the new layer and making a L shaped boundary, hiding the backgroud, i understood but when i hide the background i cant define the pattern… i dont noe where i am going wrong.. and if i unhide it , and do as u say, the grid is apearing like a small triangles…

    Waiting for ur reply… sorry for bothering ya

  123. Kenglin says:

    Hi OyesVeSkit,

    Great idea. I am stuck on 3c. I cannot change my gradient color, all I have to pick from are a couple of patterns. Thank you!

  124. Johnson says:

    Hi OyeVeSkit, how about using the Bloat Tool in Liquify with a size of around 300-400px. It is harder to control but will produce similar effect.

  125. OyeVeSkit says:

    I have photoshop CS and I dont have the warp in my transform section is there another way to do it?

  126. Johnson says:

    Sorry for my late reply.

    @Fraidy: You may use the Rectangular Marquee tool to select those area that you wish to remove then hit Delete. As for the left-click issue, I’m also not sure of how it is replaced in Mac… I apologize.

    @Diane: You can select the Move tool and use the keyboard arrows to move the blocks instead of using mouse. It will be more accurate this way.

    @Yori: I’m glad you like this effect!

  127. yori says:

    wow…….that’s so cool….long time i wanted how to make a photo effect like that….

  128. diane says:

    on step 3c, when I move the blocks over 1 pixels, it moves way more than one pixel, is there another way to move them other than drag?

  129. Fraidy says:

    #1 How do I get rid of only some of the grid?
    #2 I am working on a mac and I don’t have a left click, so the part where you have to load the selection and stuff i’m not sure how to do that.

  130. Blair says:

    Thank you!

  131. Johnson says:

    Hi Blair, you can see Pattern Overlay when you right-click on a layer and choose Blending Options.

  132. Blair says:

    Where’s Pattern Overlay??

  133. Camilla says:

    I found the mistake!!
    Amazing Turorial it really works and looks Wonderful
    Bye And Thank you!!

  134. Camilla says:

    Hi!! I’m stuck on step 3b
    I can’t do that

  135. Jared says:

    To be honest I was actually disappointed with my result.

    I got to the step of making the left over skin — where the black holes remain — look more realistic and to me looked strange.

    I had a really small grid compared to the one you used and when I pathed out the holes, it didn’t look very natural on my person’s face.

    Anyway, great tutorial! Appreciate it very much.


  136. Johnson says:

    Hi Jared, I’m glad you’ve got everything sorted out πŸ˜€ Thanks for supporting this tutorial!

  137. Jared says:

    OK so I just realized what I did before was actually wrong but another way to do it.

    I’m not sure why it wouldn’t work for me before but I went back and read through the steps and did them… This time it acted just as it should. I don’t know why before it was different but I got it the correct way.

  138. Jared says:

    Aha! I got it!

    Before I was selected on my Holes layer. Had not realized when I am creating my boxes with the Pen Tool, I need to be on the layer of my pictures.

    Don’t see how I didn’t think that before..

    Anyway, glad I figured it out. LOVING the tutorial! πŸ˜€

  139. Jared says:

    Ah not quite the answer I was actually hoping for πŸ™

    So I was able to get myself to the step where I have the boxes selected after using the Pen Tool though don’t understand what you mean or how I am supposed to path them out.

  140. Jared says:

    Thanks Johnson!

    Appreciate the quick response πŸ˜€

    Right now I am a bit busy though will later tonight work with my image.

  141. Johnson says:

    Hi Jared, you can draw the paths using Pen tool.

    On the other hand, you can have the boxes selected by using methods using Lasso tool or Magic Wand. I suppose this is what you have done πŸ™‚ It’s correct also actually.

  142. Jared says:

    I am stuck on step 3a where you mention to path out several square holes.

    How is this supposed to be done?

    I have the boxes selected though not understanding what you mean by pathing them out?

  143. Jared says:

    Ah nevermind, I found it.

    Thanks though πŸ™‚

  144. Jared says:

    Hey Johnson — Great work by the way and appreciate the share!

    I am stuck on step 2a where you mention to use the Paint Bucket Tool to place the grid..

    I can’t figure out how I am supposed to place the grid or pattern.

    Not finding an option for it.

    Thanks for your time! πŸ˜€

  145. Johnson says:

    Hi rb, when you select the Pen tool, check on the Paths instead of Shape Layers at the top under the main menu.

  146. rb says:

    john its a nice tutorial but im stuck on 3a.
    when i path out some holes every holes create a new layer.
    how did you do that on one layer only? tnx

  147. Johnson says:

    Thank Ir@n for your feedback πŸ™‚
    I will improve along the way on this.

  148. Ir@n says:

    hi admin,
    first sorry for my weak English.

    its good you learn the lesson in 10 steps,but sometimes the steps are too heavy for who knows a little about fotoshop. like me.
    Please make the lessons easier and simple,and with simple English writing.

    Its the first day i see your site,its very good,and useful.
    Thank you

  149. DiDa says:

    and i cant control bolat tool πŸ™

  150. DiDa says:

    i use PS CS
    in the step 2b
    u said Go to Edit > Transform > Warp.
    i dont have Warp.
    please what i have to do

  151. None says:

    If she’s got a barcode and for sale, I’m ready to buy!

  152. Johnson says:

    Thanks Ali!!!
    Haha I’m getting excited too. Lotsa stuffs to prepare.
    Sigh…getting old πŸ™

  153. Ali says:

    Oii mate, so thrilled to read that you’re getting married <:-p wish you sincerely the best and many happy returns heheheeee.

  154. car sale says:

    awasome tutorial. output is excellent.

  155. It is really cool effect and easy to understand step by step tutorial…Thanks!
    I would like request some more tutorials from you on creating funky and jazzy background effects in Photoshop…. πŸ™‚

  156. Ann says:

    Hi Johnson,
    I just finished the face, it’s great!! Thanks for your respond And your TUT.

  157. Johnson says:

    Hi Ann, Thanks for pointing out this issue.
    How about using the Bloat Tool in Liquify with a size of around 300-400px. It is harder to control but will produce similar effect.

  158. Ann says:

    Hi Johnson,
    I am stuck on step 2B, I use the Photoshop CS but I don’t have the option Edit > Transform > Warp.

    I can’t distort the grids as you did.

  159. billy says:

    thanks for the tutorial… at first having a hard time with 3a but finally done working with it…. thanks again…
    can you post some other tutorials.. =)

  160. Mitchell D says:

    so im on a mac book pro
    so the keys are differnt. im having a hard time with
    the ending of 3a and beginning of 3b
    i dont know if it works. when i hit ctrl left click it takes me
    to a menu saying a choice of delete path or make a selection and i dont know if thats right. and for 3b how do i know it has loaded the selection. what will pop up
    or tell me that i have loaded the selection
    or does that mean just to highlight or be working on that layer

  161. Johnson says:

    @Ali : We always learn through many experiments πŸ˜€ It’s happy to see that you have great spirit in trying out new things!

    @Professor P: I’ll try to follow up with a video on this tut. Probably will be up next week as I’m now busy with my wedding preparations. It’s drawing near lol. Cheers.

  162. Ali says:

    Fantastic tutorial Jahnson, you helped me do something special indeed I never dreamed I will ever be able to make.
    I wish I’ve got such creative inspiring brain like the one you’ve got lol blesses.
    I’ve had a “get-on-nerves” prob. unexpectedly; to define a grid pattern is such an easy task but to my astonishment everytime I apply the grid by bucket tool I get a bizarre grid of a squre with five squres within to build up the entire grid. Have you encountered with this before?
    Anyways, I had to apply the grid without Jessica’s face finally then added the layer underneath grid’s layer.

    Thanks again so very much and don’t stop inspiration please mate.

  163. Professor P says:

    Can you make a video tutorial out of this photoshop project because I get lost after step 2???

  164. Shan M says:

    I finally finished the face shatter effect, it looks amazing. Thanks Johnson. Great tutorial, please post some more. Step 3B is sortof confusing but when you follow new instructions, its much easier.

  165. Johnson says:

    No problem Cmarch111! πŸ˜€ I enjoy seeing others’ success in creating what they want.

  166. Johnson says:

    Hi Narchis, That’s strange then. I will follow up with a video version for this tut and you see if it is easier πŸ™‚

  167. Narchis says:

    Great tutorials… i am having the same problem with step 3b… i did the ctrl+left click to lad the layers then dragged from the face layer and it still draws the black blocks instead of the face coloured…could anything else cause this???? it’s driving me up the wall

  168. cmarch111 says:

    very good job…very easy to understand and i like the fact you actually get back to people with questions…thank you!!!

  169. Johnson says:

    Hi KT, I guess you have selected the Shape Layers option.

    When clicked on Pen tool, select the icon at the center:

  170. KT says:

    I’ve been trying to do step 3b forever now. I use the pen tool and create the squares, but I’m having issues filling them. It keeps creating a new layer with a mask. Help?!

  171. Johnson says:

    Hi Shan, hope I understand it correctly. You will have to select the Face layer to copy instead of the Holes layer.

  172. Shan M says:

    After drawing black shapes, it copies on the block layer as black blocks. How can I avoid that. I followed the steps but still arent able to get it right.

  173. I like especially that pattern path, didn’t think that way..huh..:)

  174. Duong says:

    thank u for the TUT

  175. vaib says:

    thnx a lot but i dint understand step 3b will u teach me more thoroughly.

  176. Bryan says:

    Haha ! I understand the rules !
    You will get the URL after my site set up !

  177. Johnson says:

    No problem Bryan!

    As for the Chinese translation, just put 10Steps.SG as the original creator and add a credit link back here will do πŸ˜€

    Let me know the URL? Cheers!

  178. Bryan says:

    This takes all my afternoon and I just made a mess finally .
    Still thanks . I really appreicate your tutorials and I am planning to translate your articles into Chinese if you do not mind Γ―ΒΌΕ‘P

  179. Johnson says:

    Hi Bryan, You will need to Ctrl+left click on the Holes layer to load selection on the black blocks then ‘select the Face layer’ to drag πŸ™‚

  180. Bryan says:

    Thanks Johnson!

    Now I am stuck on step 3b . When I drag the blocks to the right, they are all black blocks instead of face-colored blocks. Help PLS!

  181. Johnson says:

    Hi Bryan,
    Just in case, clear all selections on your screen by pressing Ctrl+D. Also make sure you are not in Quick Mask Mode then try erasing the grids again?

  182. Bryan says:

    man i am stuck on step 2b “Remove those grids that cross outside of the face area.” How to remove ? with a Eraser ? No,it dose not work !

  183. manchit says:

    Something different finally.

  184. Paul says:

    Is there any way you could convert this into a photoshop elements tutorial? I´m having problems with step 2b…

  185. Niyi Sodipe says:

    Great men…this gave me an idea for a new web design! The weird/cool thing about your tutorials is that, when I’m are following each step I think: “That was a no-brainer, why didn’t I think of that?”

    I guess that’s what sets the pros from the…let me say “future-pros” πŸ™‚

    My problem with photoshop is not that I don’t know the tools or their effects but bringing them all together in one big coherent design…it drives me nuts.

  186. Johnson says:

    Hi Tim, the L shape I’m referring to is the left and bottom border drawn on the 20×20 pixels document which is going to be used to define the grid pattern.

    Here is an example drawn with black lines so it’s clearer.

  187. xxxtim ;]] says:

    well it seems everyone understands it pretty well but im stuck on Step 2a i dont understand when you say draw a L shape border ..

  188. Johnson says:

    Thanks everyone for the nice comments πŸ˜€

  189. Paulo says:

    This is definitely one of the best shattered face effect I’ve seen. Great work~! Esp on Step 4 where you apply inner bevel to the “holes”

  190. Manny says:

    Another good tutorial :]

  191. Yami says:

    Wow ! Look like some movies and commercials effects =D

    I love it !

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