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I came across a very nice shot from jademacalla. Reminds me alot on 007. We also need a jail background.

Download REQ15 image.
Download Eastern State Penitentiary image.

All rights of these resources belong to their respective owners.


Step 1 – Setting Up Background:

Create a new document with size 750×550 pixels.

Open up the Eastern State Penitentiary image, drag into the document and resize it like the one shown in the diagram. Rename this layer as Jail.


Step 2 – Adding Lens Blur:

Duplicate the Jail layer and rename it as Blurred Jail.

Select the Jail layer and go to Filter > Blur > Lens Blur. Check on Faster, set Blur Focal Distance to 0, Iris Shape to Hexagon(6), Radius to 25, Blade Curvature to 0, Rotation to 0, Brightness to 0, Threshold to 255, Noise to 0 and Distribution to Uniform.


Step 3a – Cropping Figure:

Open up REQ15 image.

Crop out the figure using Pen tool or one of the extraction methods state here.


Step 3b – Cropping Figure:

Drag the figure as a layer above the Jail layers. Rename this figure layer as Hero. Resize the figure so it looks similar to the one on the left.

Select the Soft Eraser tool with size 800pt, click once at the center of Blurred Jail layer.


Step 4a – Adding Shadow:

Create a new layer above Hero and name it as Shadow.

Fill the layer with #000000 using Paint Bucket. Set the opacity of this layer to 80%.


Step 4b – Adding Shadow:.

Select the Soft Eraser tool with size 800pt, click once at the center of Shadow layer.


Step 5 – Adding Saturation Effect:

Create a Hue/Saturation Adjustment layer above all layers.

Set the Hue to 0, Saturation to -40 and Lightness to 0.


Step 6 – Adding Exposure Effect:

Create a Exposure Adjustment layer above all layers.

Set the Exposure to +0.6, Offset to -0.01 and Gamma Correction to 1.2.


Step 7 – Adding Levels Effect:

Create a Levels Adjustment layer above all layers.

Set the values to 20, 1, 240 and you are done!



I have added another Hue/Saturation Adjustment layer and check on Colorize. Set the Hue to 120, Saturation to 25 and Lightness to 0. Set the opacity of this adjustment layer to 50%

I also included a top and bottom border to make it look cinematic. Hope you enjoy this tutorial!

Click here to view the final image.

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25 Comments | Write a Comment

  1. Miodrag says:

    This is one of my fav ^^ Simple and effective!

  2. mosa says:

    im interested in making movies……action packed movies and i got a lot of ideas

  3. Johnson Koh says:

    @Jonatan: It’s my bad. It should be px instead of pt 🙂

  4. Jonatan says:

    Awesome tutorial!
    I just have one questions, you are using pt and not px, my photoshop (cs3 pro) wont lett me use pt one the eraser tool.
    Is there any other value i could use?

  5. huwaw69 says:

    the sight blur really made the gunner stand out in the photo

  6. Mehmet says:

    Simple techniques and easy to follow with a nice outcome.
    Great Job!

  7. Johnson says:

    Hey Jade! What a surprise to see you here 😀 I love your stocks. Very cool and inspiring.

    Also thanks for appreciating this tutorial!

  8. Jade Macalla says:

    Fantastic tutorial and excellent final image. Very solid technique, and your final (optional) layer really brings it all together. Great one!

  9. Johnson says:

    Haha yea. I did drop him a note on this. He looks cool in the stock.

  10. This is very cool. Did you tell Jade you used his stuff? He’d like this a lot.

  11. Johnson says:

    I should be saying sorry instead for not getting up to your standard 🙂

    Will be working for better results next round.

  12. Krzycho_666 says:

    Ammm… It’s poor to me. I could be done much better. You should blur the backgorund at the end.

    2.5/10 for me – sorry 😉

  13. BlackCow says:

    I can’t find the soft eraser tool, does it even exist!

  14. Kenibatz says:

    awesome tut. very simple yet very effective.
    I’ve a question when it comes to compositing:

    Among other things, is the most important key to making two images blend well together based on getting a good balance with the saturation setting?

    i’m guessing the saturation setting is probably not the magic solution for everything, but it would help a lot. 😀

  15. Johnson says:

    Thanks everyone. Hey Ronald I miss you haha!

  16. Dapet Vampir says:

    jancok torok ethel kontol jembut koyok sing nggawe

  17. Professor says:

    Мог бы долго с вами спорить на эту тему 🙂

  18. sadhu says:

    wa.. this is pretty nice…

  19. Muffenz says:

    I love all of your tutorials!

  20. Ronald Bien says:

    Thumbs Up as always=) keep em coming john

  21. Niyi says:

    AWESOME! Haven’t had time to do the tuts but I will find time for this one!

    Again, great stuff!

  22. Johnson says:

    Thanks Moih60 and Paul, you have done a great job! 😀

  23. Paul says:

    Really nice, thanks for the tut.
    Here is my outcome:

  24. moih60 says:

    thanx ..good effect in the final step …it give some reality for design

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